Clothes or no Clothes?

I've been thinking about this for a while and seem to enjoy it a lot more when I see someone wearing clothes and get a little flash of what they've got rather than them just

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Clothes or no Clothes?

I've been thinking about this for a while and seem to enjoy it a lot more when I see someone wearing clothes and get a little flash of what they've got rather than them just stripped completely naked. I dunno, I guess it ruins the fantasy for me.. I can go to the store or just walk by Guess and see basically the same thing every man or woman has underneath their clothes (no matter how big of a suprise they may have).. the surprise isn't always ruined but is it me or do others feel this way? I dont write this saying I'm against nudity because I'm not.. I just like clothes.. it gives you an image. If you're sexing up a suit and tie, you're sexing up that entire lifestyle of a suit and tie.. take it off and you're just sexing up a man in some office with his clothing on the floor.. If you sex up a stuck up librarian, you're sexing up exactly every stuck up know-it-all, enclosed loser that were too tamed even for their own good.. I was just wondering what take do a lot of you guys take on this out there. Feel free to share any of your experiences to see if more than one of you feel the same.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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Clothes does make the man.
Clothes gives a person an identity, and it makes us more curious about what is underneath it, more joy to discover.
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man in speedo much better than man not in speedo!
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Clothes can be a lot of fun. You can't go many places in public naked, yet you can dress in a manner than shows your sexy side. I've always liked athletic clothes and team uniforms. You can inevitably see some hint of what the guy's packing. Watching a guy in the process of undressing is more erotic to me than seeing him already naked.
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One of the hottest times I have had at a bathhouse was a leather night when I went in full leather gear. It was a power trip being in a leather vest, leather pants, and boots strutting around the halls with guys in towels. I got attention for being different; I could feel the subs anticipation to discover what was underneath the leather; the feel and smell of the leather was unusual in this space. It help provide a fun evening for me and my play partners that night!

So I agree some clothing can add to the hotness of a sexual encounter!
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As a nudist, I agree that it is much more sexy to get a peek of some part that is normally covered than to see someone naked. That applies whether the brief glimpse is of part of a male or a female. I am always pleased to see an upshorts or upskirt view and will look at it as long as it is available. On a nude beach that same bit of skin is only of passing interest. If that same person walked onto the beach clothed and stripped off on the beach, I would watch the whole undressing process, taking in the various bits as they become exposed. Once totally uncovered, the attraction is gone.
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Nothing is sexier than a man with a large package wearing jeans.
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