Waking up with my wife's boyfriend

My wife & I had gone up to visit her boyfriend for the weekend and ended up all falling asleep in his bed after a long night of talking and drinking. The next morning when

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Waking up with my wife's boyfriend

My wife & I had gone up to visit her boyfriend for the weekend and ended up all falling asleep in his bed after a long night of talking and drinking. The next morning when I awakened, I found it was just him and me left in the bed as she'd already got up to make coffee and such.

Not feeling like getting out of bed just yet, my mind began to wander toward thoughts of a sexual nature (as usual). I knew he had a big cock, a wee bit longer than mine but much thicker, so I began to wistfully wonder if he'd mind me fulfilling a long-held phallic fantasy and he continued sleeping soundly naked on his back next to me (after all, he'd fucked my wife often enough!).

I cautiously reached under the covers and gently rested my hand on his hip just to see if he'd awaken to my touch. He didn't so I carried on letting my fingers do the walking and softly traced my way across his shaved pubic mound down to the base of the flaccid penis at rest as it was between his legs. I then gripped his now soft yet still girthy cock full in my hand and began gently squeezing and fondling the soft phallic flesh held firm in my genital grip. Needless to say, it began to grow into a stonking great erection throbbing in my hand.

I then let go of his cock and waited patiently for it to return to its soft, flaccid state, as there was this unexpected feeling of power in stimulating a limp penis to erection (other than my own), and I wanted to explore this erotic experience again in greater genital detail.

This time, I gripped the even thicker base of his cock (he's got a nice taper going on) between my thumb and index & middle fingers and used my other hand to stroke up the underside of his penis, lightly pinching and rubbing his foreskin between thumb and forefinger for frenulum stimulation - something I quite enjoy myself, but had never done it to an uncircumcised cock (thus my earlier question).

As his cock began growing to the sexual simulation of my slow, stroking touch, I could feel blood in his penis pumping with my other hand as his huge cock engorged encircled by my fingers. At the other end of his swelling shaft, I could feel his foreskin retracting until his dick-head was fully exposed.

Wanting to go even farther this time than I had before, I shifted my base grip upward until I felt the resistance of the flange of his glans engorged in my grip and began slowly jacking him off with my other index finger rubbing up and down the slit of his penis hole until I felt the precum emerging from his moist meatus. Sliding downward from his slit, I began spreading his precum around the flange of his cock head for lubrication and launched into a full-on, hard-squeezing handjob.

I so wanted to make him cum as stimulating ejaculation must be the ultimate feeling of power over a penis, knowing how much I enjoy giving girls orgasms, but felt it would be unfair making him cum in his sleep rather than being awake to enjoy it, so I stopped short knowing that surely my wife would "finish him off" later.

That is all, just needed to share. Now, if I just had someone with whom to repeat the fantasy, this time extending the handjob to completion or, better yet, doing it all over again but with a limp penis in my mouth to experience the erection from a flaccid cock blowjob, I could tick off another one!

~Reese! :~)

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Your description has my nipples tingling. I think I'll use your method. Thanks!
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Wow - very hot story. Thanks for sharing. Do you honestly think he was asleep the entire time? It's hard not to think that he was at least partially awake (and obviously enjoying your sexplorations). I'd be curious to know if either of you brings it up later.
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20% gay huh?
I find my self skeptical.

I do have a question for you though. How does the marriage + boyfriend thing work?
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what a crock of bull SSSS

Please do not send a friend request if you're not verified.

And before you call me a slut I already know
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LadyHalo: Hmmm, anything I can do to help with your tingling nipples?

buzzrider7: I'm really not sure whether he remained totally asleep the whole time but, since he "woke up" shortly after I'd stopped, I suspect not. I've not talked to him about it, though - my wife being the only person to whom I'd told the tale until now.

Gecko4lif: You're right, 20% might be a bit of an underestimate. I've been bi- since my teens but, since I only do oral and manual with guys, 50/50 seemed misleading. And, besides, I don't want to scare off any on the straight blokes since at least my wife might get some action from them.

The marriage / boyfriend thing? Well, we use the term "boyfriend" loosely since he'd simply been the guy she'd fucked more regularly than most of the others. Although both of us enjoy having sex with other people, it's far from what you'd call an "open marriage" because fucking around is something we only do together as a couple, never separately.

cannycrumpet: Hey, I think you sprang an air leak after the "bull"!

Is all true, though, as he's the guy I'd subsequently sucked off whilst my wife distracted him with her tits (see my gallery for the pornographic evidence).

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Oh I see
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