Spicy Semen

So, sometimes when my gf is giving me a bj and I cum, she says that my semen tastes spicy. Has anyone else encountered this? What do you think would be the cause of this?

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Question Spicy Semen

So, sometimes when my gf is giving me a bj and I cum, she says that my semen tastes spicy. Has anyone else encountered this? What do you think would be the cause of this? What can I do to change the consistency/flavor of it?
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Food is the cause. what you eat and drink does change a lot in your body, you certainly have noticed that your urin does change in color depending on how much you have drunk, it also has an effect on the blood thickness and on the ejaculate.
Now taste is always a tough topic to argue about, some girls said a lot of fruit (pineapple seems to be popular) make it taste better, some say spicy food, but certainly what you put into yourself does change what comes out.
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Fruit seems to be popular suggestion to change it to be more pleasant.

The weirdness quotient around here is getting rather high.

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I've used pineapple to affect my own somewhat acrid chloriney cum (anyone want a challenge to beat that for minging?).
Also heard skittles have an effect.

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I had more of a water-y, clear ejaculate. I have been told - and I have personally verified - that taking an ordinary over-the-counter zinc supplement does increase the volume of ejaculate. In my case significantly.

I awoke the other night and needed to masturbate to get myself back to sleep. I was wearing an undershirt. After the splooge, I lowered my undershit and fell asleep again.
When I awoke I definitely noticed a huge cum stain on my shirt. I was happy!

I almost forgot: my ejaculate is now more like a pearly white.
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Shoulda skipped the red curry, then.

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I love red curry
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In addition to food, medications can affect taste as well.
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Ive been told smoking makes your cum taste bitter.
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Yep. Smoking, alcohol and drugs, legal or not. Basically, anything you ingest can make a difference.
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Originally Posted by Nick8 View Post
Shoulda skipped the red curry, then.
Well some like that spicy taste, and the red curry does more than just change the taste, it actually animates the bloodstream of the genital area and is in some way arousing. That is why naturopathic medicine for inhibited sexual desire caused by stress usually contains things spicy like red curry, pepper and chili, along with cacao and green tea extract.

And obviously it is not only food that changes the taste, medicine and cigarettes do it too, it can basically be said every input does change the output. In more or less favorable ways tho.
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semen, spicy

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