Questions about head sensitivity after cumming

When I was younger and uncut, after I would cum the head of my penis was so sensitive that the slightist contact or movement was painful. Now that I'm older and have been cut for

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Questions about head sensitivity after cumming

When I was younger and uncut, after I would cum the head of my penis was so sensitive that the slightist contact or movement was painful. Now that I'm older and have been cut for nearly 20 years I can pound away for awhile after cumming with no discomfort at all. My question is, was the EXTREME sensitivity after cumming due to age or circumcision status? Has being cut for 20 years caused the head to change? Do all uncut guys have this sensitivity after cumming, but not cut guys? Is the extreme sensitivity just part of being young? Is it just one of those things that some are and some are not? Why have I changed?
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Cut and head is also hyper sensitive after ejaculation sometimes but not all the time.
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The first time I was able to retract foreksin during erection, (I was 10.5 years old), I had my first wank. I reached perhaps my most intense orgasm. I didn't ejaculate, so I didn'T really know when to stop, so it got to a point where it was so sensitive it hurt.

When I was 20, just before my first circ, this was nowhere near like that. But then again, ejectulation would provide the hint the time to stop was coming, so you'd avoid the stage where it is no longer pleasurable because sensation is too intense.

I think that with time, one learns to control the wanking to avoid reaching the post-ejaculation spot where it is too sensitive to be pleasurable.

Consider this: whether circumcised or not, the increased sensations during/post orgasm are in the head only. The glans doesn't suddently grow more nerves just for the orgasm.

So I would think that the brain simply learns to moderate the excessive sensations post orgasm to avoid uncomfirtable levels of sensations.

Going from semi cut to fully cut, I switched to rubbing head/shaft instead of sliding skin/up/down and I find that I can get stronger orgasms because I have more direct stimulation of head than when I was semi cut.
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when I'm getting a blow job and I'm ready to cum whoever is sucking it has to stop bobbing their head and just be still while i cum in their mouth my head is real sensitive and now i tell whoever sucks my cock if they want me to cum in their mouth when i say stop they have to stop sucking till i finish cumming
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head area is sensitive after ejaculation. have to wait a few minutes to resume activity. I know I had a few gfs that wanted to start sucking my cock too soon after cumming, and you got to stop them.
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Head is very sensitive right after I shoot, but as long as action isn't too vigorous I love to have my dick cleaned up / hardened up by talented lips and mouth!
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I prefer a nice warm mouth on my balls after cumming. Head is too sensitive right away.
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I'm also Cut and when I cum my head is also very sensitive..
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im cut and my head was never sensitive after cum, i could do what i want after cum, there was no pain or stuff like that!
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Cut here. My head is only super sensitive after cumming only when someone else is working it either with their hand or mouth.

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Always been cut, & my head used to be far more sensitive right after I cum when I was younger-not nearly as much now. Experience or just plain old age...???

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So cut/uncut to be the reason. I've lived with the lack of sensitivity for so long I had nearly forgot how sensitive it could be until the other day. Most of my encounters have been with cut guys around 50. They seem to have no problems with sensitivity after cumming. Recently, I was with an uncut guy in his mid 40's. He was so sensitive after he came that his knees buckled when I "gentley" gave him a few extra strokes. Got me to thinking about how I use to be, but no longer am.
Most of the guys who have responded have not mentioned their age. Have you older (40+) guys noticed a decrease in sensitivity after cumming as you have aged, or has it remained pretty much the same?
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Uncut here, I've always been extremely sensitive during and after cumming.
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Cut here too since birth. My head is very super sensitive after cumming!
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I've been cut since an infant. Never have had the sensitivity problems after cumming.

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