White guys, what was your reaction when you first saw a huge black cock.......

the first cock i ever saw (other than my own) was my best friends who was black. I was FUCKING jealous as hell and felt like i had the tiniest cock in the world for

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D_Wedderelet Wonderwang

the first cock i ever saw (other than my own) was my best friends who was black. I was FUCKING jealous as hell and felt like i had the tiniest cock in the world for about a year or so. Then as other guys in our class started to compare with each other, it turned out i was actually more hung than most of them! i started getting very popular cause of my big dick and then i didnt care so much. i just bragged about the massive meat my black friend had cause he would always brag about mine lol
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Originally Posted by accemb View Post
I was mesmerized, turned on, and sucked on it for days....
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D_Torsten Testosterone

Black and spanish girls have both givin me compliments on my big white penis, I think more about a big fat black booty. I'm not claiminging I'm shane desil or lex steel but thosee guys are in porn for a reason. And when they do interical porn they use the smalllest white girls they can find. A tiny fat bottomed black girl would make my large penis look massive when filmed corrrectly
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I'd seen my friend's dick when we were about 9 or 10. It was bigger than mine, but not huge. Neither of us had gone through puberty though, so it was no big deal, and we were just looking. When I went to military school I was 15 but all the guys had bigger cocks than me - not always longer but definitely thicker and more manly-looking. Then one day there was this Jamaican guy who was in charge of our floor - higher ranked student - who never showered with the rest of us, but I guess he just needed to shower at that time. He stripped down while I was in there washing my hair (amazing the things you remember) and as I was rinsing out the shampoo he was right in front of my eyes. It is to this day the largest cock I'd ever seen in real life. It was soft and hanging down, and thin because he wasn't the least bit excited. I always wonder how it looked hard! I've seen a semi-hard guy on the beach about his size and I always imagine it would look like that. Well, anyway, that picture of that hard cock literally hanging down to his knees has stuck with me for 18 years. I'll never forget it.
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At.your.cervix is offline

The first time I saw a large balck cock in a porn film, I liked it, as I usually don't get turned on watching guys with dicks smaller than mine fucking, but that's just me. The two times I had been with black guys in group (hetero) situations, I sported the largest cock in the room.
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no reaction really white blokes have just as big cocks great entertainment ether way
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Originally Posted by aaaaaa1 View Post
It's no secret that every guy here watches porn, and that there is alot of interracial porn out there. Sooner or later every guy has stumbled upon a blacks on blondes scene or something similar.

White guys, What was your reaction and what were you thinking when you first saw a huge black cock fucking a beautiful white woman?

Were you jealous, indifferent, shocked, disgusted, turned on, etc? What went through your mind?

Be honest.
What this says to me is how did you feel when you first saw the ultimate beast fucking the ultimate beauty? This is why so many black men don't date interracially. It's a double-edged sword to be both admired and vilified based on your skin color and the perceived size of your penis.
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Everyone has obviously seen them in online porn. I remember the first time I saw one in person. I was in my college's communal gym showers, and this black guy walked in while I was showering... It was just us two; and of all places he walked up and started showering one away from me, with all others empty he had to cone right near me lol. I'm almost 8" hard, so an above average cock. However... This dude came up and put me to shame. As he was lathering up I couldn't help but sneak a peek and his dick was huuuuuge - like 6 or 7" soft. As it was flopping around I couldn't help but get jealous lol and he noticed me looking and we both snickered a little bit. That was my big black dick encounter haha
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I actually don't remember the first time I saw a large black cock, though I'm sure I will never forget the largest I've ever seen. As an adult when I've seen larger cocks than mine I've felt a mixture of envy in some part and feeling fortunate in the other part in that my size gives pleasure and rarely pain. As a teenager I just enjoyed the view.
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In the steamroom at my college gym. This guy was short, slight, but had the hugest thickest cock he was dragging along.

My reaction in two words: extreme envy

Also a complete inability to take my eyes off it, and an incredibly strong urge to fall on my knees in front of him and beg for the ultimate privilege of sucking it

[Ooops. I didn't read the full original posting until just now. So I am rather off topic. I had no particular reaction race-based reaction when I first saw all those black on blond videos.]

jacking cam-to-cam: bimmf281 on Yahoo! and Skype

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Originally Posted by aaaaaa1 View Post

Big cock is big cock regardless of race, but there's about 5 black guys in porn that no white guy even comes close to.
Oh please...I've been around the block you ingorant fool, and I could see those 5 black guys and then go through my little rolodex and find a white guy just as big or bigger.

I'm not a size queen- but I do like their boyfriends
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Originally Posted by AlphaMale View Post
White Pony

Casey Wood

John Holmes

Matt Hughes

Barrett Long

Chad Hunt



Not to mention the numerous LPSG members who match up to the pornstars that you mentioned (as well as the numerous people with large cocks that we have no idea who they are because they don't do porn).

Very true, the OP really does... apparently.
Oh holy hell I would love to get fucked by Barret Long. YUM!

I'm not a size queen- but I do like their boyfriends
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i was having a piss after fishing and this old skinny black guy came in wearing overalls. he pulled out the biggest cock i have ever seen, and i did 12 years in the navy. i tried not to look but thought o.m.f.g. that is huge i wouldnt want that thing in a million years. and my wife thinks i am too big......
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B_Hung Jon

It was a tall kid who played basketball in college. My reaction? My mouth dropped open but I didn't say anything. Pretty much a surprised look I guess.
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Honestly? I was jealous at first until I realized that my black friends, and black pornstars (except for Lex, Shane Diesel etc.) werent really bigger than me. I realized a lot of it is hype and a mental thing. Made me feel even better about myself actually in the end lol.

Born in Texas.... And we all know everything is bigger in Texas!
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