Woman with three breasts

she has 3 tits free porn video Is this shit real?

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Woman with three breasts

she has 3 tits free porn video

Is this shit real?
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can't be, it doesn't bounce properly like the other two. If it was that shit is just wrong. lol
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D_Wally Walnuts

No way, man.
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two hands.. one mouth.. i dream the dream

i think the for true and for real of accessory breasts are more likely to sprout up in the armpit or under the umm normal? regular? main? breast. lil ittty bitty mini-me boobs.

i watched good luck chuck.. *shame face* kinda reminds me of the three-titted-hygienist
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I didn't wait for it to download, but I know that they do indeed exist. I have never
seen them on a woman, but I have a male friend (we were in the Navy together) who
s 4 tits...
Two regular ones of normal size and in the normal place, and 2 others that are very
small...one under each of the large ones. The extra ones have nipples and an aereola,
although they are very, very small and light in color. He can flip the little nipples and they get hard just like the big ones...

By the way...Mark Wahlberg has them...http://www.skinema.com/Act8Birthmark.html

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ROFL... and the entire scene is fuzzy because why? IT's fake! You know if they were real the camera would be all over those puppies up close and personal. That's my opinion.

I hate porn with a heavily made up, stripper shoe prancing, screaming fake woman that shows off her ass while talking to the camera man for fifteen minutes then gives a ten minute blow job, while gagging till she almost vomits with black make up smeared every where ending with cum in her eyes and a smile for the camera.

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We don't often see this kind of stuff in North America and stuff because of our medicine and stuff. Not everything works the way it's intended in nature, sometimes we are sick, have deformed limbs, or three boobs. Are these fake? I dunno, maybe. But I so believe it can happen. And no not cuz I'm one of those "anything is possible" people, because science has proven not anything is...

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I could not get the vid to load, Im not downloading any player software from porm sites ty. If this thrice boobied lady has one in the middle than its utterly and totally fake. Having additional nipples on the milk line isnt that rare. So its only natural that a brest could grow under the extra nipple(s).

There have been other posts on here purporting to show a woman with an idditional breast it was fake because hers was between the natural two. The milk line can be anywhere between the chest and I believe as low as the knee, both lines run symetrically in a vertical line.
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I had a girl with three nipples once....

Well actually it was....well, you know the little bumps on the areola. Yea well one of those was wayyyyy larger than it should have been - hence the three nipples thing.
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For those who couldn't load it, the third is a full sized breast with a full sized nipple and areola between the normal two. Three C up maybe in a vertical row across her chest.
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Could be real, theres little information on wiki and a link to a news report or something with an example is on there aswell
Multiple breast syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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breasts, woman

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