Two couples having sex in the same room

nycchris: Been lurking on here a while, may as well start at the beginning about how a small guy (5.5") got somewhat obsessed about big cocks... Back in college I was dating a cute Filipino

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nycchris: Been lurking on here a while, may as well start at the beginning about how a small guy (5.5") got somewhat obsessed about big cocks...

Back in college I was dating a cute Filipino girl Angela, she was roommates with a gorgeous black chick named Sandy. Sandy had a boyfriend, white guy named Neil. We double-dated a few times, got drunk together, had fun. It started when we would all go back to the girls' dorm room after a date and make out, or we would bone in the room separately. Eventually it got too inconvenient and during weekend sleepovers there would be obvious action going on under both sets of covers. Finally, one drunken evening there was a stereo makeout session and things went further. Sandy & Neil started getting into each others' pants on the sofa and Angela & I did too in a chair alongside. Soon Angela (always the mischevous one) dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down and began a nice tortorously slow blowjob. Sandy took her lead, and with a smile, pulled Neil's pants down on the sofa and dropped to her knees as well. Well, neither Angela or I were ready for what popped out - Neil had a good 9" or so, fairly thick, with a lovely large cockhead. As Sandy administered her oral skills, Angela couldn't keep her eyes off the couple and distractedly sucked me while eyeballing Neils massive member the whole time. I was pretty transfixed too; it was like watching a master sword-swallower in action: how is she doing that and where is it going? Both women eventually rode their men to orgasms, again with Sandy enojying putting on a show with her well-hung partner and Angela & I eyeing the whole scene with amazement.

Sandy was clearly experienced in handling well-hung men, she later told Angela that she had dated several men with endowments like Neil previously. Angela, however, later confessed that she had never seen, or imagined a cock as big as she had seen on Neil. She had dated asian men exclusively before me, and everyone was in the 5-6" range. Seeing a cock 2-3 times the volume of that shocked & amazed her (and obviously excited her, although she did not mention it at the time).

This became a pretty regular albeit unplanned event and by the third time the girls were fondling the other guy and the guys were VERY happy to follow that lead and do the same to the girls! By the next morning, both guys had done both girls and vice-versa. Watching Angela take on Neil was a watershed event for me; although I never knew it, seeing a girl I had been with take on a much larger man was the most erotic thing imaginable. Here I was, having sex with a gorgeous black lady and it barely registered; all of my interest was in what was happening across the way, watching my girlfriend getting speared by a very large penis.

When we were alone the next day, I spoke to Angela about the events and she confessed that the sex with Neil also affected her profusely - she apologized if she hurt my feelings, but said that it was like she had never had sex before, it was so physically & emotionally cathartic. I assured her that I really enjoyed seeing her get off on it, and to just keep enjoying it!

The four of us had a lot of fun over the next few months, generally boning ass a single couple all week and then switching off as a foursome on the weekends. Finally, Neil & Sandy broke things off and Angela & I did soon after.

But down to my question - does anyone have similar experiences to share, where you and a lady ended up in the same room with another couple, and you amazed them or even played stud to the other lady while your woman and her man watched? Would love to hear your experience as well.
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Originally posted by nycchris@May 12 2005, 06:55 PM
But down to my question - does anyone have similar experiences to share, where you and a lady ended up in the same room with another couple, and you amazed them or even played stud to the other lady while your woman and her man watched? Would love to hear your experience as well.

Well the whole reason I joined this site is because of an instance like yours and certain things that happened in the years past. I am average guy (6.5, only have ruler dont know girth) and thats fine. However my best friend is very well hung and I have obsessed over his cock for years.

Years ago in we used to go to the Gym together as kids for diving. It was then I noticed how large he was. He had these green speedos with a white stripe and you could see his soft cock all the way down his balls and it just kept going. I used to go over his house and I would change into his speedos just to see how I compare. I even went as far as stealing a pair once. My buddy (Joel) was packing some serious meat. Years go bye and we lose touch cause whe has High School GF and I am out of state.

I come back from school and my freind shows back up after him and sweetheart fell thru. HE comes back into the picture about the same time I am dating this girl Jessy, she has a sister in law (Kelly). Well give it a few weeks and my friend and her hook-up.

One night were at the Bowling joint and my gf whispers "lets go home and have sex". K I am fine with that. The 4 of us go back there and start getting it on in the room. TV was on so there was some light. This was the first night Joel and Kelly were "together". You hear her go "woah" "holy shit Joel." I am on the bed thinking "I knew it". She laughs and tells my GF to look at this. We both look over she kinda doesnt react (we were young) and I am like "I aint looking thats gay" (Mind you I was 15 an ignorant). Damn if I wasnt get in every glance I could. He is 9" or so and nice and thin and very soft with almost no veins, tiny little balls. Awesome night!

About 4 years back I meet up with his X-GF and we end up hooking up. Were on the phone and I mention Joel. She immediatly burst out with "Oh wow Joel had a big dick!" I got so turned onh by this statement. I say 'he is hung I know I am his best bud". We start talking about him and I mention my obsession with his penis (she is freaky and one of the few girls i feel comfortable sharing any info with) she goes on into some detail and I got really turned on by this. It was to the point I had her whisper to me shit about his bick cock. This would alwasy make me climax. I still talk to her were just friend now, she is one of my closest and hates my buddy for leaving her to date a slut.

I am obsessed with my bud. I have always had a GF and love chicks. That being said he makes me question my sexuality sometimes. I would blow my friend and jerk him off for days if he would just let me. Nothing crazy like facial or anything but I would just sit there and stroke his cock until he bursted all over his chest.

He is the only guy I feel like this about and never glance at any other bulges. Something about my freind thou just drives me crazy.
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my first experience with couples was with my college rm and his gf. we'd become good buddies and hung out frequently. they'd often go at it in our room. first it was making out but eventually progressed to where he'd dry fuck her. generally, i'd offer to leave but they'd always say no, stay. so, finally one night they just started taking clothes off and fucked. like any red blooded boy, i watched. in the midst of this she asked if i wanted some and my bud was like ya, that'd be cool, so i joined them. we had a great time and kept it up on a regular basis and sometimes there'd be a fourth (girl). it didn't seem to harm their relationship as they eventually married and are still together. we also remain close friends.

my buddy knew i was hung and his gf also had heard (from him and some other girls), though she hadn't seem me naked until that night. she came easily whether it was him or me. eventually there was some action between me and my buddy and she enjoyed watching that too.

i've done couples and groups numerous times since then. the reactions have varied. some are like the situation with my buddy and his gf where we all get off together. in others one or the other and sometimes both are very enamored with my size and i play the big man for them. sometimes the other guy is intimidated but unless he's a cuckold and is looking for the intimidation i try to draw him in.
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