Thinking About Getting a Prince Albert or Other Genital Piercing

hey every1... i've been thinking about getting a prince albert or other genital piercing and i'd like 2 get some input. how much does it hurt(i have 9 other piercings and i know everybody experiences

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Thumbs up Thinking About Getting a Prince Albert or Other Genital Piercing

hey every1... i've been thinking about getting a prince albert or other genital piercing and i'd like 2 get some input. how much does it hurt(i have 9 other piercings and i know everybody experiences pain differently), healing time, peeing after u get 1, ur pleasure during sex, ur partners pleasure during sex.... in general i want 2 know and understand all facets of genital piercings. TIA
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They can look hot, but most people (myself included) will never suck or get fucked by a pierced cock.

No matter how you look at it, a piercing is an open wound and that increases the chances for disease transmission astronomically. Even with a condom, they cause tearing quite easily.

I would look at some other sort of body mod or jewelry that keeps your skin intact.
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I Have had your same thoughts & Questions but upon further reflection, WHY ???? You have a Beautiful, Thick Cock, It really won't add any more pleasure or am I wrong ? Peace. keep us posted. I ""DO"" want to read what the Women have to say.
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Hi, Just had a PA done 2 weeks ago and glad I did. Wasnt as painful as I thought, just a quick sharp pain. A bit of blood after and again during the first night and then fine after that. Had a wank on day 2 which wasnt the best idea but I survived. All healed by now and no problem peeing etc. bit of sting until day 3 but nothing now. Need to be careful pissing as it leaks a bit so either need to stand over bowl or urinal or sit. Love the look of it and the feel. No full sex yet but so far no regrets. Will move up to bigger ring in about a month and plan to got to a 5mm eventually. Go for it.
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hi hi, having a 7mm pa now which is around 1 gauge I think. I don't think I will go any bigger as this is just the right size for it to work for anything.
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PA is one of the few piercings which does not close, or closes very slowly, once it is healed. Just something to consider. If you get it, and don't like it, then it will heal closed if you remove the jewelry within a month or two. So, nothing to lose there. If you do let it heal completely, and then decide to not to wear it, you can put your finger over the hole when you piss. They are a bit messy to piss with. Some guys spray all over the place, and end up sitting down. I found that turning my dick upside down when I pissed solved the problem, as the urine flow then did not follow the ring. Of all the piercings it has the least complications, because your urine keeps it clean during healing. It heals quickly because it is a very vascular area. A buddy went with me when I got mine. He had one already. He was hanging out with me, until I went to piss.... "That's what I was waiting for. I'm going now." The piercing doesn't hurt as much as the first time you pee.

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I had a PA but stretched it too big too fast.it migrated out. I wish that I had it pierced much further back,I think they call it a dolphin.I have a 2ga frenum which drives women crazy.

I would rather die on my feet,
than live on my knees.

The problem is......
Some people are book smart but reality stupid.

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Have had a Reverse PA for almost ten years now, it's great. Send me a PM and I'll try to answer all your questions.

A Boomer who is having a wonderful time.
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Ignore pleasureboy, he obviously is heavily anti-piercing and is throwing some FUD around to boot. A piercing is an open wound till it heals completely, not forever. A PA with the right jewelry is no more prone to tearing condoms than not. And from both experience and readin others experiences, it is far from "most" people turning down a fuck at the sight of a piercing. Some, yes, but most? Don't think so.

If you can handle getting your nips pierced, you can handle anything down below. Get it done, you won't regret it. Worry about initial size and placement. Too thin, and it's a cheese cutter. Not deep enough, and you won't be anchored in the tough urethral tissue and it will eventually migrate out.

Pm me if you have questions.

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I got pierced in 2005. The metal has been hanging off my head ever since.
It is quick pin prick, sensitive for few days, a few dots of blood. Just soak in seasalt. I am now stretched to 2ga.
Dont listen to those who say know one will suck or fuck you. Some wont, and some will. If tbey are closed minded, why would want them sucking you off?
The PA is hot. Do it.
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