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Originally Posted by BIGdkluver How much M2M sex action really goes on at highway rest stops? I'd appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks! Quite a few years ago when I was what you

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Originally Posted by BIGdkluver View Post
How much M2M sex action really goes on at highway rest stops? I'd appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks!
Quite a few years ago when I was what you might call "in my prime", I was traveling across Ohio on I-70. I had waited too long, and the rest stops were far apart, and when I finally came upon one I had to hit the urinals. As I went through the doorway a middle age guy was at the mirrors watching who came in. When he saw me pulling my cock out he moved back to the urinals, coming right next to me. Those were days when partitions weren't installed, and the guy made a clear effort to watch me as I held my cock and pissed. My size was obvious and he was interested. He finished and went back near the door while I finished and shook mine off. When I got to the door he looked me in the eyes and whispered "want a blow job?" That wasn't on my mind at the time so I passed by him and exited without a word.

On other occasions I have stepped up to Rest Stop urinals and noticed guys who were obviously jacking off in their urinal, apparently trying to attract attention and get a partner.
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About 12 miles north of Brigham Young University there used to be two rest stops; one on either side of the I-15 freeway. As soon as I got my driver's license I made them my second home. I'd sit in my white 1960 Ford Galaxy Starliner (convertible) and do my home work while keeping an eye on who and what was going on.

I picked up my fair share of hot anonymous tricks until the day I was disinherited and sent packing for being gay.

But those rest rooms remained in place and attracted loads of action until sometime in 1990 (maybe earlier) when UDOT showed up with heavy equipment and bulldozed both sides of the freeway back to the swampy wetlands that had been there for millennia. They even scrubbed away the entrance and exit asphalt.

Their destruction was requested by the authorities at BYU who had a special "calling" to eliminate the evil and unsanitary magnets for clandestine gay sex. The Ewetaw Highway Patrol had long ago quit bothering with policing the rest stops and handed that particular job over to BYU Security Police. BYU had the county Sherif deputize the best looking men they could recruit for the sole purpose of entrapping the throngs of unsuspecting BYU students, occasional truckers, and crowds of local mormon husbands on the down low who had taken over the T-rooms.

However, something the brethren never figured out was why, despite years of arresting and persecuting poor souls at those rest stops that they remained so popular. The answer was too easy. Those who never were arrested simply never approached men who didn't smoke. A lit fag between one's fingers was just as verboten as a fag's raging hard on between one's lips. I can assure you that lots of BYU return missionaries learned to carry around a lit cigarette as a signal they were approachable for mutual sexual activity, even though they never actually smoked the cigarettes.

Yup, so many stories.

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Restrooms (sadly enough) were where I had my first sexual encounters at the tender young age of 15- always told people I was 17. I grew up in the gay part of San Diego, but I honestly didn't know where else I could find gay sex. The family computer was in the living room, and I hadn't yet discovered gay chat rooms. I just remember thinking looking at a bunch of cocks at Padres/Chargers games at Qualcomm Stadium, so maybe I could see the same at bathrooms in Balboa Park. First time an adult man touched my cock, I remember bolting out of there like someone had killed a kitten, and ran all the way home. But I was back in 2 or 3 hours haha.

I'm not a size queen- but I do like their boyfriends
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Thanks for sharing these great stories, guys--both the "hot" ones and the cautionary ones too.

I appreciate your input!
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This didn't happen to me, but I've heard the story a few times.

One of my best mates was driving from Houston to Jacksonville along I-10 in his Miata with the top down. He said somewhere in Florida he was following this huge conversion van. He noticed that the curtains were moving back and forth almost violently. Then he saw an arm then some hair. It was two young girls play fighting with one another, a blonde and a brunette. The brunette spied him first and smiled and waved. He waved back, and then the blonde waved. Ian is a pretty good looking guy, kind of cocky and rugged.

They get real friendly driving down the road together. Pretty soon the girls are teasing him pretty good. They start to flash their underwear then finally flesh. Yep, girl tits out the back window. Then butts. That was about it. They tried to get him to flash them but he wasn't stupid, he said.

He finally had enough and waved goodbye passing the van. He stopped at the first rest area he came to. And guess who pulled into the same rest area. Ian was parked at a picnic table and the van pulled up to the welcome center. There were about five people in the van all going inside.

Before he could even fantasize about anything the two girls came skipping out of the center and crossed the street to his shelter. He said they looked 18. Yeah, right. He also said all they did was talk. I've known Ian since I was in college, and he and I have been involved in many many escapades with the fairer sex. I have seen him with three women at once and later said "we just talked and had a smoke"

So if he did indeed just talk to the girls it would have been a rare moment of for him.

Like I said, I've known Ian for a couple of decades now, and trust me, he would have no reason to make up such a story since his real life is much crazier.
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Originally Posted by Captain Elephant View Post
This didn't happen to me, but I've heard the story a few times.

Well, I've heard that same story from Ian, and he told me the truth!

He's such a lovable asshole!
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Back pre-std had the same 'so many stories so little time' amazing how you could find an excuse. Remember once we drove out of state, late at night wife and kids sound asleep and literally only went into pee and get out, walked into to find/hear a big beefy guy fucking someone in the stall (he was tall enough to see over the top), I got hard instantly (and still had to pee dammit) got a great blow job from teh guy getting fucked but hard to keep my mind on it (pun accidental) knowing I had a car full of sleeping family) was glad for the release tho (pee and cum!).

Nerve racking but relaxing
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At a reststop on highway 9 in Wetumpka, AL (going into Montgomery) a friend and I stopped one morning. At one of the two urinals (no divider) there was a nice-looking guy playing with himself. My friend had walked in first so he stood at the other one.
Eye contact was made and the next thing I know, this guy was down on my friends cock. I stood back and watched through the window for anyone coming down the steps. My friend climaxed first and stepped away. I took his place and as the guy was going down on me, my friend told me someone was coming. I backed away but went in the toilet stall area, closed the door and finished getting myself off.
As we left, the guy was still standing at the urinal. I often wondered if the other guy who had come in as we were leaving got serviced. BTW, best I can remember, he was pretty decent looking - evidentally a family man since there was a car in the parking lot with a woman and a couple of kids. No one behind the steering wheel.

Had it not been so far a distance, I'd be going back regularly.
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Originally Posted by BIGdkluver View Post
How much M2M sex action really goes on at highway rest stops?

Now that the summer travel season is here, I always wonder how much hot man-to-man sex really goes on at those rest stops that I drive by.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had some hot experiences while at a rest stop. Was it with a big-rig trucker or with another car driver? Is there more man-to-man sex late at night than at other times? Is the action inside parked cars or in the rest room or in the nearby wooded area? And how well and how often are these rest stops patrolled by the police?

I'd appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks!
I have been approached several times in rest stops esp at night or early morning. Usually the guy comes out from no where at the sinks and strikes up a conversation.
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When I was in grad school, I traveled back and forth to see family often along the I25. I always worked out stopping a couple times on the trip hoping for action and often got it. One night I remember well, I was traveling south and stopped at a rest stop outside of a college town, have had several fun encounters there and hoped for one. Well one stall was occupied, so I took the stall next to it. Not to obvious as there was only three stalls.

We got playing toe tapping and grab dick under the stall, guy invited me over, and he was a college kid--could have been a football player back in high school. Butch, muscular, very hot. Took turns sucking one another, had to break a couple of times as other guys came in to piss, but no on waited long so we just waited, one with our legs up so not too obvious.

Finally after a few swaps on sucking, he moaned, I want to get fucked. I spit on my cock, spit on his ass and fucked him over the toilet. He moaned and groaned, I played with is cock while fucking him, he shot off a huge load all over the toilet, I did the same all over his cute jock ass.

State patrol built an office at the rest stop going north, so place gets patrolled more now, so no action there--as far as I know, but always get a hard on going by it now.
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you can usually find action at rest stops
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Once, in the late 1980s, before the state highway patrol stepped up the patrols, I walked into the rest stop bathroom between Burlington and Greensboro and found a trucker stripped down (naked as a jaybird) at the sinks washing his crotch with a washcloth.

He wasn't "prospecting," as he put it, but he did admit it'd been a while since he'd last come, so we went to his truck and he moaned and groaned and fired one off in my mouth while one of my hands played with his balls and the other tweaked the sensitive nipple over his heart (difficult to find in all that hair until it stood up and made itself known).

Quite a memorable experience. I'm hard as a rock thinking about it. He was one of those who moaned with excitement when you pushed back his foreskin with your tongue and just touched the head with the tip of your tongue.

NCbear (who was actively seeking out big cock as a late teens guy )
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Thanks a lot for these HOT adventures, guys. I really appreciate your honesty in sharing them. Love to hear the ones involving truckers!!
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What about those rest stops/truck stops along the turn pike east coast FL?? I drive there frequently.. But never occurred to me to stop.. Seen a French guy and his family were buying breakfast in line infront of me. Guy was checking me out from head to toe and his wife was standing right there. lol
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Originally Posted by bodybuilder1980 View Post
What about those rest stops/truck stops along the turn pike east coast FL?? I drive there frequently.. But never occurred to me to stop.. Seen a French guy and his family were buying breakfast in line infront of me. Guy was checking me out from head to toe and his wife was standing right there. lol

Would you blame him? DAMN!!
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