Embarrassing erection.....

What's the most embarrassing erection you've had?

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Embarrassing erection.....

What's the most embarrassing erection you've had?
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when I was a teenager my mother used to cut my hair. I would usually wear underpants, but for some reason I was naked. I was about 15yrs old and was starting to mature. Whilst having the haircut I got a massive erection, not because I was turned on or thinking about sex, it was just one of those spontaneous hardons. I should have said I needed the toilet or something but I just sat there and she carried on and neither of us said a word! Very embarrasing.

Another time was when I was at boarding school, same sort of age (14 or 15). They made us wake up and go straight to the showers so everyone's nightmare was waking up with a morning glory and being forced to go to the showers with just a towel (and the showers were open)
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After I cum it takes me awhile to completely get soft again well I was in my room one night when I was younger and just pumped out this nice size load and my dad calls me. I was trying to find a way to cover it up whether I could tuck it under my under and have it go down beside my leg. I didn't know and couldn't figure out how to cover it because it was still quite hard. So I carried a towel with me and had it in front of my shorts.

*Wheeeew crisis averted* :P

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It was Christmas and I was in my long pajamas that didn't have buttons on the fly. So I got hard, figured I had concealed it, got up and started walking into the other room. Got in, people started staring at me, looked down and my cock had poked out of my PJ fly. A "Christmas to remember."
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When I was in high school and sitting in class, minutes before the bell sound to go to another class. I would have a massive hard on and so not to be late for class. I have to hold my books in front of me and walk as fast as I can. Embarrassing

Ooooooohhhhhhh wwwwwwweeeeeeee........
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Mine was in open, public showers. There was a queue to use them - a busy swimming pool changing rooms - we queued nude. Nothing unusual at first with guys showering with their penises towards the wall. Until one guy turned around with a full erection - my penis sprang to attention - I just grabbed hold of it to try to hide it and started to try to distract my thoughts. I hadn't masturbated for a few days - that'll teach me!
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embarrassing, erection

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