stripper making him cum?

I'd love to see a stripper making a man cum in his pants during a lap dance. Anyone have anything?

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D_Lycoming Loveshead
stripper making him cum?

I'd love to see a stripper making a man cum in his pants during a lap dance. Anyone have anything?
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ever seen the movie showgirls? theres a scene like that in it
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I had that happen to me when I was in Nashville on a business trip. I finished up early and had a few hours to kill so I went to this one strip club on the edge of downtown. I had never had a lap dance before and all of the girls were offering them so I decided to try it out with this one slender girl.

They had U shped booths opening into the club with short couches in the back of the U. We chatted a bit before the next song started. When the music started she stood up (topless with a thong) pulled her thong aside and shoved my nose into her hairless pussy and rubbed her clit against my nose. She then began to ride me crotch to crotch which made me instantly hard. She then knelt down between my legs, pulled my khaki covered cock away from my left leg and gently bit up and down its length. She then started riding my cock again with her crotch.

I told her she was going to make me cum and she said "It happens sometimes" and continued to grind. I came in my pants and had a giant stain reaching down to my knee. Fortunately it was cool out and I had my leather jacket with me which I draped over my arm and held it in front of me so I could conceal the stain.

I walked out of the booth and sat with my leg covered for a while and then had to leave for the airport to catch my plane. I drove around the airport area and found a nearly empty office building with a nearly empty parking lot. I got my other pair of slacks out my luggage in the trunk and made the change in the front seat of the car. I then drove to the airport and caught my plane.
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wow where can i find girls that good in nyc
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My girlfriend was a stripper for a short time and she actually made a few guys cum within a minute or two. She isn't one of the crazy nasty girls either. the guys just came prematurely and the guys got embarrassed and left immediately afterwards
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i have seen a real spy video a few years ago, it was shot by a stripper inside a club around the u.s. and it shown what happened in a club from the front of the bar all the way in the lap dance area. in one scene it shown a bunch of guys sitting around talking, drinking to several strippers and it shown one of the stripper actually playing with a guy hardon inside his pant while his friends joking and laughing about it. i wish i know the name of it because it was a hot video and still looking for it.
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cum, making, stripper

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