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I went to the beach yesterday and got to observe a good looking, lean, fit young guy playing with his skimboard at the water's edge. I tried to be discreet, but I'm sure that he

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I went to the beach yesterday and got to observe a good looking, lean, fit young guy playing with his skimboard at the water's edge. I tried to be discreet, but I'm sure that he knew that I was watching him. At one point, he had a pretty good tent in his boardshorts on the right side. He looked down at it, obviously knowing that he was hard, and gave it a quick adjust. He continued playing with the skimboard, and I got to watch his boner flopping as he ran to jump on the board with each approaching wave. Even after the boner subsided, he would look down occasionally knowing that he still had a visible bulge on the right side. Good times!
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Originally Posted by passiveboybigcock View Post
I was in the supermarket toilets taking a piss and this guy was trying to unzip himself, it was obvious he was having trouble pulling his cock out and I soon realised why when it sprang out rock hard. He stood there for quite some before the piss started to flow. I find it very horny when men get those sort of lazy impromptu erections that just sort of spring up uninvited and unintended.
This one was certainly not a lazy impromtu, but I'm reminded of it. When I was in my early teens, maybe even 11 or 12, I often walked to town, just a couple of blocks away. As I walked pass one house I kept my eyes on this young couple standing at her door, obviously telling each other "bye" by hugging and kissing. I was on the opposite side of the street, but J.C. (the best looking guy in town) ran across the street and caught up with me. I immediately looked at his crotch and knew beyond any doubt that his dick was hard. To this day I remember how it stretched up his left side ending close to his belt around his waist.

We got to an empty building and he asked if I wanted to 'explore' in the building and led the way. I followed. In a back room we stopped walking and he ssid: "Do you want to see this?", and began to unbutton his fly. This was really new to me and I was scared to view such a weapon as this and hurried from the building as fast as I could.

Always been sorry I did. Even makes me hard telling it now.
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I get my teeth taken care of at a large dental center which is training future dentist. One day I'm waiting in the reception area when one dentist walked out in those dr scrubs and he was fully erect. Gorgeous looking guy with a nice hard cock.
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Originally Posted by bigboy20 View Post
check out some of these!

public display of erection

Really fun site. Wish some of them had the related stories posted with them

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
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I am 33 and I wrestled in college. When you are you, muscular and horny all of the time getting a hardon it always there.

Several time while wrestling, I got a boner I am almost 9"long and about 5.5" to 6" thick then and now. When you wrestle in a skimpy, thin singlet, that leaves NOTHING to the imagination, my boner was very evidence.

I won the match. When I stooduo for the referee to raise my hand as the winner, my 9" cock was standing also. I was not really embarrassed because I have seen this happen to a lot of guys. Afterwards a couple of guy mad jokes in the locker room, but several told me not to worry because it has happened to them.

I have also gotten a hard on while lying in the sun at a nude beach. Not that I was walking around with a hard on, but I fell asleep and when I woke up, my cock was fully extended.
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Originally Posted by krispdx View Post
Mass transit is a great place to see boners straining against clothing!

One place I used to live, I rode the light rail trains to and from work. I still jerk off to mental pics of the stuff I saw, like:
  • This guy got on the train wearing work-out clothes, and his dick was straining against his grey shorts. He didn't have any good way to hide it, standing in the crowd, so he just looked straight ahead, and looked concerned until his hard-on faded. It was pointing at 2 o'clock, sort of up and to the right, and making a major lump in his shorts. Not especially big, just nice and hard.
  • This young couple, obviously hot for each other, got on the train once, and had trouble keeping their hands off each other. They didn't do anything inappropriate, but they cuddled up together, and kissed each other off and on. They were standing just a couple of feet from where I was sitting, and I saw the guy's cock stiffen up in his pants until it was obvious he was having a full-on boner. He had jeans on, and you could see the outline of his cock head up where one of his pockets was! I found it hard not to stare, and I went home and jerked off twice!
I agree, nearly all the public hardons I have come across have been on the NYC subway. I have actually gotten a few snaps/vids (faceless) on cam. Would love to find a site/forum where I could share some of them. Funny thing is that a couple of the public hardons were been because the guys where watching some form of porn on their phones.
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Had a public sighting today on the NYC "C" subway line...

I go on at W72nd street and was lucky enough to get a seat from someone
leaving. There was a guy siting across from me wearing shorts...with very wide and
baggy legs openings. He was slumped down with his butt almost on the front edge of
the seat......texting on his cell phone and completely oblivious of the world around him.
Like a lot of selfish guys, he was sitting with his legs spred wide open and taking up enough
space for 2 persons. It was very obvious he had nothing under his shorts for he was showing...hard to tell, but what I could see was about 4"...there had to be more out of sight.
It had a fat head and was jumping up and down as he texted. At the time I don't think he
realized he was showing....for he was too involved with what he was doing.

At W59th street, the car filled up and my view was blocked.......but then at the
next stop the crowd shifted a bit and I could look through the swaying bodies and again
see the show....

I had not realized that since I could see him that he could possibly see me looking at him. I happened to look up and saw that he was no longer using his phone and he was staring at
me. I guess I looked embarrassed for he gave me a grin...sat up straight in the seat (thereby
ending the show)...then he gave a shake of the head along with a feigned frown. At that time the crowd moved and when I could see the other side again he was gone...

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long long ago I stopped on my way home from work at a Union 76 station. that was before self service. I got out of the car to use the rest room. the attendant came out from the office with a well packed boner in his Levi 501s. as I walked out of the rest room, I saw a Playboy on the desk opened to the centerfold!

what made it even funnier was that in September he was going off to Brigham Young University.
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Last May I was at Haulover Beach (nude beach) in Florida. It was about
8am before the lifeguards come on duty and there weren't many people on the beach yet. There were 2 naked guys walking along the waters edge. They were carrying their board shorts with them. They looked like they were probably military (dog tags and buzz cuts). There was a voluptuous women setting up her umbrella and towels on the beach about
30 ft. away from them. They stopped to watch at she started to strip down. She knew they were watching and she was giving them a show as she oiled up her tits and fingered her pussy a little. The guys were starting to bone up. One of the guys ran into the water but from the water you couldn't see the show. The other one didn't want to mis the show and he was struggling to put his shorts back on. Before he succeed
he was fully erect. So was I. I pulled a towel over mine.
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Originally Posted by unabear09 View Post
opps, my bad.

Didn't type the right web address.

It should be www.awkwardboners.com

Good site man, now I have my own boner to content with... hope my boyfriend appreciates it... when I'm not supposed to be looking at porn and stuff whilsts hes nipped up the shop lol
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D_Melvern Nutter

Originally Posted by bigboy20 View Post
check out some of these!

public display of erection
Great blog!
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Guys, best times to see PDEs (public displays of erections) in mass transit is in the morning. Nearly all the hardons I have caught have been on the way to work in the morning.
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Originally Posted by jackaroos33 View Post
Guys, best times to see PDEs (public displays of erections) in mass transit is in the morning. Nearly all the hardons I have caught have been on the way to work in the morning.
True. All those guys who woke up with morning wood who were unable to take care of it before leaving home. Also, I like PDE. We'll have to add it to the LPSG lexicon alone with VPL/VDL (visible penis/dick line), etc.
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When I was in prep school, my best friend was a day student and I lived on dorm. 90% of the time we spent weekends together it was at his house where I could get off-campus and have a home cooked meal, but one warm weekend towards the end of my freshman year he stayed on campus with me. It was Friday afternoon, we had just finished our sports assignments (me tennis, he cross-country running), and we were in my dorm room hanging out before dinner.

A huge storm developed...and we watched out the window as the rain got dramatically heavier and heavier. It was soon a torrential downpour, and in a moment we looked at each other with the same idea - to run around in the rain! My friend was in a flimsy pair of Union Jack running shorts and a t-shirt on. We ran outside, kicking through massive rivers of water flooding the streets...lightning bolts striking all around. I remember it vividly still today.

After the storm calmed down, we were walking back through some woods to return to my dorm room. My friend was carrying a thick stick, using it to swing at weeds and limbs along the way. Then movement in his shorts caught my eye...he had a raging hard boner going in his running shorts, and it was bobbing up and down as we walked. He noticed me looking at it...and instead of covering up, he held the ends of the stick in each hand and wedged the middle in between his jutting hard-on and his body, so that it became even more obvious. He did this for a while and it must have felt good to him, forcing it down, letting up, and back down in his wet shorts. I'd never seen a guy as open about his hard-on as he was...and could only make a lame comment like "I wish I was able to do that now" or such. He quit as we got closer to the main part of campus and somehow it wasn't an issue anymore (obviously I had a short attention span as a kid).

One of the things about this guy that I found so attractive and enjoyable was his openness about nudity and sexuality early in our friendship. He became somewhat less so as we got older...but we remained pretty close well after college. Obviously that day is seared into my consciousness still today. Half of me kicks myself for not having the balls to leverage the moment into something more...but we were out in the open and anyone that might have been out would have seen us.

O yeah...almost forgot, he had a great boner! Maybe 6 1/2 long, enough to get a little past his waistband. ;)

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