Would my wife like a bigger dick??????????

My wife and I have been together for 18 years. We love sex, and have it approx. 2-3 times a week. I'd like 3 or more times weekly, but that's a diff. story. There are

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Would my wife like a bigger dick??????????

My wife and I have been together for 18 years. We love sex, and have it approx. 2-3 times a week. I'd like 3 or more times weekly, but that's a diff. story. There are times when we have sex 3-5 times. My wife is pretty hot, 5'5" Double D's, small waste, nice firm ass, long hair, nose ring, very tan, approx. 180lbs. (Yeah i know what you're thinking...180 @ 5.5)??? She use to body build, and still works out 5 days a week. 3 kids later, getting back in shape. Everyone that sees her, thinks she can't weigh more then 140lbs. (Everyone knows Muscle weighs more then fat). she doesn't look like a yoked man, but firm, and thick muscle legs.

Anyway, when we have sex she really appears to enjoy sex with me, and have told me many many times that i am pretty great sexually. I don't think I'm bad, but i do have an issue with my penis size. I'm a little longer then 7" (barely), and approx. 5.5" thick. When we fuck, she Ogs. multiple times, and does the hold verbal reinforcement thing pretty loudly. We had a pretty serious talk about faking Ogs, and feeling better then it really is at the beginning of our relationship. i told her that if she faked it, i would think i'm doing a good job, and never get better...she would continue to suffer. Don't get me wrong 1 out of every 7-8 times we fuck, she does tell me "No, i didn't cum, but it felt great though." So it appears that she's keeping our agreement. I'm pretty sure she doesn't fake with me, as a matter of fact she talks about how ridiculous it sounds when people fake sex (e.g. Porn). She contently tells me that I'm a very good size for her, and really isn't interested in a bigger dick, because she couldn't imagine it being too much better. Although she's told me that, I'm not stupid, i know there's 1000s of guys out there better then me. She too has admitted that yeah, that's probably true, but insists she is very very satisfied. She's only had one other guy in her life (First BF) approx 4times. and insists it wasn't even close to us now. I love sex, and do know that i satisfy her pretty well, but i can't shake this feeling that if i were bigger, she would just scream with pleasure. A couple of times we experimented with objects in the house. During those times she really seemed to be able to take much more, and also enjoyed it very much. About 9 months ago i fingered her, and got more agressive...i got four finger in (i have big hands) she got wetter then i've ever felt her get, and came as loud or louder then with my dick every before. Obviously as much as she love my dick (according to her repeatedly) I have to be right that she would want and enjoy a bigger dick then mind RIGHT???

We have and awesome relationship in every way. Because i love everything to do with sex, and we talk about everything very openly, i asked her "the question?" Out of all my friends, who would you want to fuck if it were okay with me? Of course she acted like she really had to think hard, but we know better right??? She finally came up with three guys names...I was cool with knowing. Of course i would kid her about it for the next couple a years referring to the guys as # 1, # 2, and # 3 in the order she said she would want to fuck them. Also for years she has known, that I've always had a fantasy of seeing her fuck another guy (With a bigger dick)About 8 months ago a asked her seriously about fucking # 1, which we had and 1000 question dialog for weeks where I asked every question i could think of, and then some, and she was as honest as she always is with me. Example:(I asked things like if his dick is bigger, and you like it better will you tell me so? She very clearly said "Yes, but that won't mean that i won't want to fuck and still enjoy you after." I asked her if he fucks her better the me, will she tell me so? Same reply) Everything a couple about to do something like this could discus we did. I know this whole thing comes from me not thinking my dick is big enough. Even though deep down, i know it's not small (when erect), but i wish it were bigger. I would love my dick to be at least 8" solid, and if i am 5.5" around now, i would want to be at least 7" around. When i stick my dick inside her, i want to se the reaction of OMG. like the porn guys. I see all the other reactions during sex like those guys, but it would be nice to pull out a dick that would make her say Damn! or Fuck!

She hasn't fucked this guy yet, but we both have agreed to make it happen by the end of the year. I know many relationships break up after something like this, but we both are pretty sure this won't happen with us. My wife says she really doesn't care if she gets to fuck this guy are not. She has admitted that yeah it would be cool to experience someone else, because she's only had BF # 1 in High school, and me, but she says if it happens, great, if not who cares. she's pretty admit about that, and never brings it up, and i think a little tired of me talking about it.

If anyone is interested in something like this, i have a fucking awesome Survey I typed up for after she fucks this guy. All the questions anyone could want to know after his wife fucks someone else.

So all that being said, i have two questions:
1) Is it okay that i let my wife fuck another man, if we're sure it won't affect our relationship, and really are only interested in it being a one time thing?

2) Am i right in thinking my dick is pretty small compared to what she could take and would rather have? Yeah she loves my dick, but come-on if she had a huge fucking dick in her, she would fucking love it. She's taken Shampoo bottles before.
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Dude you don't have a small dick. and again if you continue to persist in this you may loose your wife. CONFIDENCE is what women admire and find attractive ... do you want your wife enjoying a confident mans 6" dick?
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It would be nice if i could get some women views on this or perhaps wives views.

Everyone response however is very welcomed.

Thanks Bigsmile
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maybe she is already married to one.
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"My wife says she really doesn't care if she gets to fuck this guy are not."

This whole scenario is YOUR agenda, so don't go blaming your wife when it all blows up in your face.
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What if she has sex with him and he is smaller,and he is a better lover than you?What if she ended up leaving you for him?Same if he is bigger.Point is do you want to lose your wife over something that you want ? Use your head you been together a long time and if she wanted bigger she would of already went and got it.
So be happy with what you got,or you will be home stroking alone,for a little while!
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D_N Flay Table

Send her over. Ill let you know. ;)
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7 x 5.5 is a big dick in the "real world".

If I don't know you from the forum, please write me before sending a friend request - THANKS
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You ask for a female response, so here it is. You made the whole problem up in your own mind. Your dick is above average and your wife is in love with what you do. Why are you feeling inadequate?

Listen to the others who have posted, because I agree with them. It is a dangerous thing to add a stranger to your bedroom, the most private place in your married life.

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i think this is all in your head. you are very, very lucky to have a wife who can be open and straight-forward honest with you (which is a real blessing). take it from me, my wife is the same. i personally think this is all in your head and you're feeding it way too much!

this can go one of two ways: it goes great and you two continue on with your life or it goes way bad and you end up losing everything you've had with her. i won't get into the specifics, there's too many.

you're way above average in the "real" world. stop comparing yourself to porn. we all can't be mandingo and if we dwell on that premise then none of us would have anything to work with. porn = big cocks on purpose. porn is in business to make money and feed on fantasies.

you're obviously doing well with what you're doing so quit fretting it.

Life is like a hard cock, when it gets hard... fuck it!
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If she married you, I'm sure you're fine. :)
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go back to fingering her with 4 fingers or whatever you did that she really liked, and fuck her with your cock. do a little stretching and jelqing and you will gain a little length and girth, be patient, and don't expect to gain inches and inches. realistically if you gain an inch in both dimensions you will be lucky.
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I have to say, aside from Redcell (who is gone from LPSG now) - who was both huge and great in bed, the biggest men are not my best lovers. The best lovers are the ones who pay attention and learn how my body reacts. Truly size is NOT the most important thing.

I have a friend who brought a hot sexy little vixen into her relationship to spice up her marriage. Thought it would be a good thing to have a threesome with her and her husband. Well, you can guess the end of the story...her husband is now with the cute sexy little vixen and she's divorced. So, be careful you really think you'll be okay with your wife fucking another man. Can be ugly.

Narcissists need not apply....Seriously!
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Originally Posted by sexcraz1 View Post
Everyone knows Muscle weighs more then fat
This is one thing you are unequivocally wrong about...a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh, well, the same...drum roll please...a pound.
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Dude, you ask more questions of your wife than insecure chicks do.
Have you really thought that it might be you that wants to play with a bigger one than yours? YOU WILL EVENTUALLY RUN HER OFF because this insecurity is affecting your performance and her moral with you whether you both realize it or not.
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bigger, dick, wife

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