Jewish guys hung?

yes, sorry Whitezilla is home to the biggest white cock ever seen…Watch him try to stuff it all the way in little white girls! Whitezilla is on the loose, wreaking havoc and wrecking ladies with

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yes, sorry

Whitezilla is home to the biggest white cock ever seen…Watch him try to stuff it all the way in little white girls!

Whitezilla is on the loose, wreaking havoc and wrecking ladies with his whopping ramrod! He’s a Jewish Jawbreaker, who’s only got game because of his name…WHITEZILLA! This white boy may be a giant dork, but wait ’til you see his massive pork. Yo yo yo, you know he’s gonna blow, go go WHITEZILLA!!!

He’s a dork with HUGE PORK!!

The Jewish Jawbreaker!

About | Whitezilla
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Ol' uncle Milt was the 'biggest' in Hollywood back in the 50's - so the gossip goes, whether Shelly Winters was the source or not, more than one woman knew. Was he jewish, or italian?
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Whitezilla is huge though, damn!
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D_Dubley Nadsack

I don't believe it can just be generalized.
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Originally Posted by Bueller79 View Post
Wow...I'm gay (and Jewish) but I found that super hot!
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I am Jewish and am hung like a hamster...a kosher one at least.

I bring shame on my religion.
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i would be hung if i was to loose my jelly roll. and im a jew
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D_Everette Hunglungfish

I don't think all Jewish guys are hung. I think some are hung... like some of every type of guy.
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D_Curley Poobs

I'm sure there's variety among Jewish cock, but my friend David, who is Jewish, and I hooked up once when we were in P-town in the winter. We were friends and hadn't ever hooked up before this night. We were staying at a B&B with a hot tub. It was mid-January, so we went out into the winter air, ran to the hot tub which was under the stars in the back yard, and dropped our clothes. He was staring at my already hardening cock and said, "Oh my god, you're huge!" I guess the light from the nearby street lamp had given him a glimpse. I laughed and jumped into the tub. He sat on one side, I sat on the other. I couldn't see his cock yet, it was so dark, but fairly quickly we started playing footsie in the water and eventually I found his cock with my foot.

My jaw dropped. It was enormous. It was easily nine inches and extremely thick. He said, "Yeah, I know. It's big." We laughed. I said, "I can't believe you think I'm big." Dave is a short guy, like me, less than 5'8. We ended up making out and rubbing our cocks together in the hot tub and jacking each other. Not cumming, just jacking. Then we moved to the bed inside the B&B and jacked each other off. I loved seeing his thick one shoot cum all over himself.

Wish I could live that night over again!
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Originally Posted by luvguyz View Post
I saw a comment somewhere on here about Jewish guys being hung and I just wanted to share my story/experience:


I just find it interesting that the 3 Jewish guys that I happened to find out about are all larger than average. Anyone else have any similar stories?

I disagree totally. Were these jewish guys Orthodox? Of course they are uncut. (It's such a shunda. Never buy garibinas from a Mohel.)

I find that most, MOST, jews are pretty small. Search for "frum porn".

Oy vey!
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Originally Posted by QueenBea View Post
In my humble, but richly diverse experience, the largest cock I've thus far encountered was on this 6'5" tall Jewish fella whose frighteningly massive cock was bigger than my forearm! In contrast, the smallest cock I've ever encountered was also attached to a rather tall, muscular Jewish guy whose cock was literally the size of my pinky finger. Both were incredibly sexy men with great personalities.
Interesting. I have NEVER met a Jewish guy who even came close to approaching a height of 6'5". [I hang out in West L.A. and Beverly Hills, btw]

My best friend is Jewish. He's about 5'9" and has an average sized penis. We've tag-teamed a couple of women together in the past. However, is endurance and ability to maintain an erection even under the most drunk of conditions was incredible.
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In my experience, for whatever reason, Jews cluster at the extreme ends of the penis-size spectrum. Usually either huge or tiny. But probably 1/3 huge to 2/3 tiny. My high school was about half Jewish half Italian so I saw a lot of variety.
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Thanks for all the responses everyone!
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D_Tully Tunnelrat

I have a bunch of Jewish friends, whom I played sports with, and only one of them is larger than me. Stereotypes don't work.

guys, hung, jewish

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