Tall people with little dicks

I am 6'5", size 13 shoe, xxl hands and at 9.5" almost the size of my wifes forarm. But a small nose.

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I am 6'5", size 13 shoe, xxl hands and at 9.5" almost the size of my wifes forarm. But a small nose.
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I've heard them all -big hands, or big feet, or big ears, or a big nose, or a large head, means a big dick. Or black means a big dick, or redhead means a big dick, or Jewish means a big dick. I've also heard redhead means a small dick, or Jewish means a small dick. I've worked out pretty regularly for 10 years now, and have seen plenty of cocks on guys at the gym, in porn, on line in places like lpsg or dick.net, during sexual encounters, etc:

There is no predictor of cock size on any particular individual.

I do suspect that *in general* taller guys have longer erect cocks *on average* than shorter guys - it just stands to reason that everything is bigger. I doubt the entire Boston Celtics are below average in the cock department. BUT there are plenty of exceptions to this generalization and therefore no prediction can be made about any one individual.

An earlier point is well taken - that 7-incher looks a hell of a lot bigger on the 5'6" guy than the 6'6" guy. Almost every major male porn star (straight or gay) has been average height or downright short. I met Ralph Woods one time (what a nice guy, btw) and almost didn't realize it was him, because I just assumed he was tall since his cock is so big. He's like 5'7' at the most. Jeff Stryker was supposedly VERY short.

Remember too that flaccid size is not necessarily a predictor of erect size (shower vs grower), and that the cocks we see in porn do NOT follow the normal distribution of penis size in the general population.

6'2", red head, 8" here. I have no complaints.

Smallest cocked guy I've fooled around with was like 6'6".
Largest cocked guy I've fooled around with was like 5'4".
So, go figure.

Oh and by the way - jayprimo, you are super well endowed (which I suspect you already know lol) so don't feel short changed, feel grateful.
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6'6'' here and while I don't have the biggest dick, I'd say that 60% of the time I'm at least as big or bigger than my partner....I live for the other 40% of the time!
Many years ago I took home a guy from the Spike in NYC....he was at least three inches taller than me and had the smallest penis I've ever seen....like a Chapstick. he was really into SPH....
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I'm also 6'6", and I love my penis. I like to think I look proportionate when naked so I can't complain about the length or girth.

I'm a satisfied penis owner!
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I'm fairly short at 5'8" and I have slightly below average sized feet, but I sport an 8" dick.

My gf told me once that the smallest cock she'd ever had (approx 4" x 4") belonged to a 6'4" guy who had huge hands and feet. She had bought into the myth and was expecting him to have a whopper, but was disappointed to find out that he was underhung. Also, like many guys with a small dick tend to be (according to stories I've heard from the gf, my exes and female friends), he was an arrogant, sexually selfish misogynist.

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Originally Posted by jennifer1980 View Post
My ex was 6'4" and on a GOOD day his cock might have hit 6" if he was lucky!
That would seem big to me, How big do you like them?

Don't worry guys size doesn't matter....YEAH RIGHT!
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i have heard them all too but for the most part the larger the guy the bigger the meat
it only stands to logic if you get involved with a guy who is 7 foot tall
he should be at least some what bigger than average in the cock department
anyways i know a stud named collin hot irish boy who works as a bartender
who is well beyond 6 foot tall he was great friend and i had huge crush on him he was pretty with long dirty blond hair and a very muscular body
he had a great big lump in his jeans even though they were uber loose and bigger than what his normal size was anyways he was a sweetheart we usued to play magic the gathering at my local hobby store a fun fantasy card game he was beautiful and extremely tall i loved getting hugs from him lol see i would trade my extra rare cards and stuff for hugs it was my way of getting affection from the str8 guys i liked
he was one of the best guys to get hugs from even as i embraced him i could feel his large limp meat press against my torso sure not all tall guys are huge but i think a good amount of them are it only stands to reason the larger the guy the bigger the cock ;)
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It has been shown that there is a positive correlation between height and penis length, but that does not mean every tall person has a long penis. There is no evidence that there is a relationship between the size of feet, hands, or nose to penis size.

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I've been told by many women shorter guys always seem to be bigger. I'm 5'6" tall and wear an 8.5 shoe size. 7" limp and around 10" hard.
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a few years ago, i met a guy who was 7' something and my dick was massive compared to his (3"-4.5") range. I was incredibly shocked that he was very tall with a tiny penis, compared to me being 5'4" though having 6.5-7" and blessed with girth.

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I love tall men, but not because I believe all tall men have huge cocks. As long as the man has a functioning dick I'm generally content. As I was reading this thread, I was on the phone with a good friend who is 6'3", lanky, and has an incredibly deep voice. His cock is no bigger than 6" long by 4.5" in diameter, and I've always had great sex with him.

It's not always the size of the cock that matters, but who the cock is attached to.

This is my simple opinion; which I am entitled to by law.
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Originally Posted by meatpackingbubba View Post
It has been shown that there is a positive correlation between height and penis length, but that does not mean every tall person has a long penis. There is no evidence that there is a relationship between the size of feet, hands, or nose to penis size.
In my opinion, reports of a positive correlation between penis size and body height really miss the point. The fact, as observed by almost everyone who has posted on this thread, is that there exist human males who simultaneously possess great body height and small penis size, and there likewise exist human males who simultaneously possess small body height and great penis size. Therefore, there cannot be a causal relationship or 100% positive correlation between body height and penis size; the two features are determined (at least mostly) independently of each other.

I suspect that the slight positive correlation that some researchers have observed between body height and penis size is concomitant with population-level differences in the average depth of the vagina. In other words, I think it may be more likely (though not inevitable) for female members of populations in which the average body height is greater to develop deeper vaginas, which tends to cause the average penis size to evolve in the same direction so that it will be proportionate to the average vaginal depth of their female mates. However, it is clear to me that vaginal size is also determined independently of body height, because I know of some populations in which the females tend to have small vaginas (and the men tend to have correspondingly small dicks) despite their relatively great average body height. There must be some other (rather weak) evolutionary pressure that causes females to develop deeper vaginas (and their male mates to develop longer penes), and to which a population with greater average body height is more likely to be capable of adapting.
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I'm 5'8" Shoe Size 8, and well, see profile for "other details" ;)
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I'm 6' 2" and my shoe size is 9.5 and lets just say that I am "blessed" with 8" thick inches
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i met a 6'6" guy in a bar and got a couple of glances at his crotch and said to my self 'THIS GUY is hung like a horse" got the guy home and he was all BALLS. the biggest ,roundest and lowest hanging Balls i've ever seen.i have yet to see anyone even close to his in porn or real life, they were simply beautiful and he loved them pulled.
ps he had a 1" penis soft and 4" hard. he was a great guy and we played many times.
i've met lots of guys with big cocks and they were jerks.
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