Heard my sister

i overheard my sister and her boyfriend having sex. her moans were really stimulating and i got a huge hard on and was really turned on. i feel weird being aroused my my sister's moans,

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Heard my sister

i overheard my sister and her boyfriend having sex. her moans were really stimulating and i got a huge hard on and was really turned on. i feel weird being aroused my my sister's moans, but i really couldnt help it. is is wierd to get aroused if u hear ur sister having sex?
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Yes and no.
Yes, because it's your sister.
No, because it's moaning and moaning is hot.

For example, if I could hear the most unattractive woman on earth (to me) moaning in the room next to me, I'd get a hardon too, even if I wasn't physically attracted to her. See my point?
You weren't turned on by your sister, just the moaning.

Don't worry about it my friend.

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I over heard my cousin & her bf.... I was disgusted.Also I was mad because it is rude to be loud while somebody is sleep from working all night that woke me up he is the loudest its annoying.
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No, it is not weird. Anyone would get aroused from hearing the moaning from a couple. It's OK.
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D_Rosalind Mussell

Originally Posted by avg_joe View Post
No, it is not weird. Anyone would get aroused from hearing the moaning from a couple. It's OK.
I agree. I tend to think of this phenom as a hard-coded survival mechanism in our DNA, a domino effect of sorts to help propagate the species. Perhaps it's what drives mating seasons among different species?? Either way, I wouldn't give it much thought. Just ask your sister to keep the noise level down next time. I know if my brother approached me about being too loud I would be horrified and probably silent thereafter.
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D_Sparroe Spongecaques

I have never been aroused hearing my siblings having sex nor have any of my friends told me that they have....saying that they just might not admit it.
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It's hard not getting aroused from hearing the sounds of intense passion. Even though it's your sister moaning away, I can understand why you still felt an erotic response--not because it was your sister, but more like even though it was your sister.
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I would cut my ears if that happened to me, thought I don't think you are a pervert.
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Account Disabled

Sexual energy is contagious. You are a normal man, of course being aroused by the sounds of passionate sex, no matter who's making them. A GF's roommate used to complain that I was too loud but whenever she said it, it was with a sparkle in her eye and a lick of her lips!
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I've heard my sister before a couple times, it was not a turn-on at all for me.


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I really don`t wanna hear my parents nor my sis having sex with her bf!
I think I`d need a sleeping pill after that!

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I agree with others. I think you were turned by the sounds (moaning) of sex rather than it being your sister. When I lived in the dorms years ago I used to hear my next door neighbor banging the crap outta his waaay ugly girlfriend. The thing that was arousing me were her screams of passion.

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I was home this weekend, and my sister and her boyfriend were hanging out. We were watching a movie, until my sister went upstairs. Her boyfriend followed soon after. Then about 30to min later, I heard bed creaking noises so I went upstairs. I listened at her door, and I heard her moaning. And I gotta tell you, I was horny as fuck. She had the best sex moan I have ever heard, and my cock was hard as fuck. Unfortunately for me, they were pretty much done and started getting dressed again. So, I ran to my room and stroked like there was no tomorrow.

So, im wondering, is it weird to enjoy hearing your sister have sex? I am not sexually attracted to my sister at all, so im wondering how this happened.

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Probably not.
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It's not weird....just accept that your sibling is an adult and you both are moving into the next phase of your familiarity. Is the boyfriend attractive? Assuming that both are older than 17!

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