hot sex talk

one time this guy was blowing me, and suddenly he looked me str8 in the eye and said, "hurt my ass with this fat thing!" and flipped over. one of the sweetest and hottest things

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hot sex talk

one time this guy was blowing me, and suddenly he looked me str8 in the eye and said, "hurt my ass with this fat thing!" and flipped over. one of the sweetest and hottest things a boy ever said to me... of course, i just had to oblige with a hard fuck and a shattering orgasm

you guys (gay or str8) got any favorite bit of hot sex talk you wanna share?
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Ahhh last Thursday night went out with 2-neighbors. One single, good neighbor, out of shape and 50, the other I found in an open DADT relationship, good neighbor, inshape and 27. Started with drinks, after few drinks headed to the head which was very private. Next thing I knew was the 27 reaching over to help me. We slipped/moved to the one huge stall for touch feel. Back to table for now more touch feel under table. Few minutes later was asked by the now hottie 27 to join him on the restaurant deck. We started to enjoy each other a bit more. Flash forward forward to front door, we kinda slit up heading towards our respective homes - a few mintues later a knock on my door. Greeted with a deep kiss and hands down each others' pants. We fell into bed, he asked to be fucked or would I like to be fucked. The 27 yr was hung like a horse so I deep throated with that need to be fucked by his long, fat dick...twas wonderful. Now we seem to be developing a discreet, friendly neighbor relationship. Understand he and his partner have an open relationship without sharing details so less guilt on my part but keep actions low key from the other neighbors. We all have enjoyed being social around the pool for months splashing each other. Now there is more going on besides the afternoon pool splash away from the 'other' neighbors.
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There's nothing I love more than hot talk in bed. When it's genuine.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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I love to be talked nasty too as I am sucking. Being told what a good cock sucking faggot I am, what a slut I am,--all sorts of nasty things!!! Love it when I am doming a guy that gets into being called names too--know some people dislike it, but for me a great turn on.

Another one was on Saturday ended up with a nice young guy (26) in my bedroom and we both got into my boy/son talk and his daddy talk. He liked being daddy's nasty boy--

I guess I like the power dynamic in sex.
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hot, sex, talk

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