Under-the-table sex?

I am particularly turned on by what I call "under-the-table" M2M sex. Has any guy ever done this before? It would be like this: A sexy man is sitting in a chair at a table

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Smile Under-the-table sex?

I am particularly turned on by what I call "under-the-table" M2M sex. Has any guy ever done this before?

It would be like this: A sexy man is sitting in a chair at a table or at a desk. Another man has slipped under the table (either with or without the sitting man's knowledge) and starts to grope the sitting guy and then unzips his pants and pulls out the sitting man's cock and starts sucking it or at least giving him a good hand job--all while he is still sitting at the table.

This stunt is the hottest when there are other people in the room who don't realize what's going on under the table. There have been a couple of X-rated male videos that show something like this going on.

A milder version of this stunt is if two men are sitting at two different tables in a somewhat public place like a fast-food restaurant, for instance. Their chairs are facing toward each other, and each one has an unobstructed view of the other one from the waist down. They both realize that they can see each other's crotches clearly. Then one man, who is wearing very short shorts, very discreetly opens his legs slightly so that the other man can see at least the tip of his dick up his shorts. Maybe the other guy returns the favor by doing the same thing for the first guy.

If any man has done something like this or knows of someone who has, I would love to hear all about it! Thanks!
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the only thing i would change is the genders
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sounds like what you would find at a bj bar
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had a girlfriend give me a handjob under the table. she also liked to sit across from me and tease me with her feet.
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Once was at the bar wearing my kilt, and I guy--after discussing what I was wearing under it--decided to check it out for himself, and worked his way under the table while I was having beers with friends. Was nice getting a blowjob, on the patio, having a beer, shooting the breeze with friends! Although they knew what was going on--but that was part of the fun too--I was getting blown and they weren't! Couldn't go on too long the bar does get alittle nervous about open displays, so they get a little upset with folks who play too long or too obvious. But the few minutes it did go on was great!!
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I sat at a bar table one nite with a couple I just met, he was a slob, fat, drunk but rich, she was considerably younger, very attractive. after awhile, she was jerking him off under the table. we drank a lot, played foosball, darts, pin ball, but they just sat there. she jerked him off again while we were playing games, and then again when we did round after round of shots. he was starting to nod out, and she turned her attention my why. after she returned from the bathroom, her chair was close to mine and after a few minutes, she started feeling me. after a few minutes, she stopped and said, " I was worth fucking" and we should get together. that never happened.

I had a few gfs that would park a hand in my crotch, and a couple who would take a finger and rub my cockhead, since it was sticking over my pants. my wife would do that, and if she sat across from me, rub me with her foot. early in our relationship, she would do that if we around some of her gfs, I asked why. she said sooner or later I would get up to use the john and all her gfs would see she had picked a guy with a big cock. it was true and embarrassing. she stopped doing it after awhile when some of her gfs started seriously hitting on me.

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