Do you like balls slapping during sex?

Great gif Silvertip. How do you make gif's?? Craig

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Great gif Silvertip. How do you make gif's??


How much horsepower can I have and STILL go to heaven??

I love HUNG guys!!!!
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Originally Posted by BigDallasDick8x6 View Post
This is way hot. I'd fuck more women if they responded like this. I have pretty decent low hangers, and that guy is hot, even if he does look like the HULK when he's fucking.
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I don't mind hearing my dick slap when I am fucking my girl. I also like that swish, swash sounds when she has cum and extremely wet.. I am getting hard right now.
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I think hearing my own balls slapping is really hot, and REALLY love hearing another guy's slapping up against my wife

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Should this thread be tagged as Sex with large balls? hmm... Well yeah, what's not to love.
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My balls pull up so tight when I get horny that I've never experienced the slap. But it's hot to see it in others... just reading the posts in this thread has got me going!
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I love it when mine slap. I even love it when mine slap around when I'm jacking. It's a great feeling when they sway back and forth. It just adds to the whole experience.

Bless your little racist hearts.

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I have to get a good rhythm with my balls bouncing or else I don't really cum.

Average guy here in every sense of the word.
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I've always been told I've got good hangers, & they do tend to SLAP when I'm pounding. It sounds awesome when I'm building up a rhythm (no matter if its a guy or girl I'm penetrating), & it seems to make my partner(s) more enthusiastic & gets them wet. I produce a lot of precum myself so between my length, my pre & the sound of my balls cracking off someone's ass or vag I'm pretty happy with what I've got. It's great I can make both men & women wet with pre or squirt with such a combination.

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I tend to fall in the "too tight to slap" category when I'm penetrating, but I absolutely love the feeling of my partner's hung balls slapping my ass every time he pounds! I love grabbing his balls, especially when in doggie style, and then just letting them go! Very hot!
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balls, sex, slapping

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