Whats the best lube?

Alot of guys find it difficult to take me.....its quite frustrating! I'm thinking that if I got my hands on a really good lube that this might help matters. Any suggestions of a really good

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Whats the best lube?

Alot of guys find it difficult to take me.....its quite frustrating! I'm thinking that if I got my hands on a really good lube that this might help matters. Any suggestions of a really good lube? Do any of ye guys have a similar problem and what advice would you give?

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I highly recommend ID Millenium Silicon.

Don't use water-based lubes. They dry out and get sticky - worst possible outcome for ass-fucking.

One other really great lube I can recommend: patience. With a cock that big, you gotta give the lucky fuck on the bottom a lot of time to adjust.

You ever been fucked yourself, Sporty? Because I say the best top is a good bottom - you have to have taken it to know how to give it right.


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thanks joeweekend! i'll check them out!
yes i love getting fucked....alot of guys dont let me fuck them so i end up getting fucked! ha
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I swear by coconut oil. It is all natural and stays slippery for a long time. Better than any manufactured lube that I have ever used.
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joeweekend's advice is spot on. Silicone-based lube is clearly the way to go. There's a brand called "wet" that normally produces water-based lube, but they have a perfectly good silicone lube that sells for a bit less than others. I'm not sure if it sells in your neck of the woods, though. Regardless, you definitely, definitely, definitely want silicone based lube. It's as slippery as an oil-based lube but it won't wreck your condom.

Also, after you've got a bit of your dick in, pull it out and reapply. Repeatedly. You're basically using your dick to apply lube to the inside of your partner, so the more lube you can get in there the better. You can make it fun, turn it in to foreplay. It doesn't hurt to tell your partner how hot it is that he's taking your cock, and how horny and happy it makes you. There's no lubricant out there like feeling as though you're doing a good job, and the last thing you want is for your partner to feel like it's hard, tedious work mounting your cock.

And don't forget to enjoy trying. Even if it doesn't work you're still fucking, and fucking should be enjoyable, no? :)
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aside from it being a little messy, i recommend j-lube. just mix up a good batch, inject directly into rectum, apply some onto cock, work you way in and enjoy!

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I tend to use water-based Astroglide or ID Glide, despite having to re-apply it over and over and over.

Silicone-based lubes like "Gun Oil" work great, but for me clean-up is a bitch. I can't get that stuff off!! Soap & water just don't get it done.
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There is so many, but ID Millenium is one of the best. Gun lube is good. Boy butter, etc.

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Aqualube is the best for me.
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K-Y lube for me... always used when topping and in the rare occasions when needed lube while being bottom and it was very smooth and fun. :)
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My partner is a big guy too Sporty, similar to you and ID Milennium works the best for me. Anything that causes the least bit of friction and it will either "burn" or hurt. Make sure he is ready for you too. The best thing for me is the ability to relax when I kind of know he wants to fuck me. If I can relax, get enough of the Milennium up inside of me and around the outside and enough on him, it almost always works! The ID Milennium is a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way! It doesn't dry up and it doesn't get sticky. I don't find it hard to wash off at all, nor does my partner when he is the botttom.

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I have a bf that's very thick like you Sporty. My favorite lubes are olive oil and Wet platinum.
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I reckon this lube STR8cam Lube I like the pump bottle as well as it looks like real cum!
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Saliva :)
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Try pjur EROS! Better than anything youever had
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