Foreskin chewing

Does anyone else like their foreskin chewed, gently of course?

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D_John Bareass
Foreskin chewing

Does anyone else like their foreskin chewed, gently of course?
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Nibbled and pulled a bit yeah.
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Right on. It's much nicer than deep throat from the giving end.
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D_Boeing Boink

My significant other like to lick mine with her tongue. No chewing though. It drives me crazy. Licks the frenum and strokes my balls at the same time. Sends over the top sometimes.
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Some guys like it a lot rougher than others, but only a very few in my experience were/are discomfited by any attention or focus on his foreskin.

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I can't get enough of someone exploring my foreskin with their tongue, fingers and teeth .... and of course their cock!
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Remington is offline

Nope. Can't say I enjoy it.

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This is my favorite part of a blow job.
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lovenuts50 is online now

unfortunatelty, mine was removed . i'd imagine it's a bit like nibbling on labia.
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sheneeds is offline

Tongue mine totally!
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Harrylondon01 is offline

I love it. Mine is pretty elastic and if I'm turned on you can chew quite hard. Grrrr.
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I feel sad that I will never experience this :(
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baldyboy8000 is offline

Just reading this thread, I am getting aroused big time. Anything to do with my foresking is fantastic. Cock docking, tongue docking, pulling, nibbling, chewing and anything else. If my nipples are pulled or pinched at the same time my foreskin is being played with, it will bring on a huge climax. I am ready....right now.
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Krusader is offline

i like mine chewed. It drives me crazy. Licking the glans and massage my balls at the same time. Damn its my secret wish

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Reese is offline

I'm circumcised but, in terms of being on the receiving end of oral sex, I love nothing more than for my wife to lick, suck, nibble, graze her teeth or even gnaw on the area of my frenulum (pinching and rolling it firmly between her fingertips or scratching it with her fingernails works a treat, too). In fact, enough frenulum play can get me cumming with no further stimulus needed! However, most of the other guys I've seen her give blowjobs to tend to react badly when she gets her teeth involved in the oral action...

~Reese! :~)

P.S. ...have got a video of this favourite flavour of frenulum stimulus in my gallery, too, from which the following vidcaps were taken:
Attached Images
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chewing, foreskin

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