Is dick size related to ball size?.. Small Cock Guy also had Baby Size Balls

Just curious.. Is dick size related to ball size?.. Small Cock Guy also had Baby Size Balls he said his dick was 5/6 though I swear it had to of been more like 4 -

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Is dick size related to ball size?.. Small Cock Guy also had Baby Size Balls

Just curious..
Is dick size related to ball size?..

Small Cock Guy also had Baby Size Balls

he said his dick was 5/6 though I swear it had to of been more like 4 - 4.5 MAX maybe even 3.5.. and it was super thin.. maybe like an inch or an inch and a half..

don't know how to describe his BALLS but they were super super tiny, and his sac was super tiny..

So the question is, do guys with small cocks always have small balls..

could there small balls explain their small cock size, like due to lack of testosterone or something?...
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Well my experience is that many guys with huge cocks have small nuts!
I do like to see a pair of big low hangers swinging below a large cock.

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From what I've experienced "first hand," and from what I've seen in pix and vids, there simply is no reliable correlation at all. Some guys have dicks and balls that are completely out of whack (in both directions) in terms of relative size. But who are we fooling? There's always that other delightful statistical probability, the lucky guys with the big dicks AND big balls. And of such material is dreamy porn made.
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I think that there is some correlation but not 100%. I have tiny balls/scrotum but am average size when erect, small when flaccid.
I made this post on another thread but I will repeat it here. The craziest thing I ever saw was in a locker room at my gym years ago. I saw this big guy, almost as big as a football player with a huge scrotum and the tiniest cock I ever saw. I had to turn my head away fast or I would have made a face. It had to be an inch or so flaccid.
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i dont think it has any correlation ive got quite small balls and i am over 9inches erect. but i could just be an exception, its even harder to tell the size when its cold.
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I never got my boyfriend madder than when I pointed out that his little balls looked kind of funny next to his giant 9 incher! We were never really the same after that.

Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing.
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A BF of mine had a good 8+ inch thick cock and balls the size of frozen peas. Didnt affect his performance which was excellant- he could fuck me for hours.
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I don't have experience handling other guys' equipment, I always thought there was a correlation.

Mine are pretty big and in proportion.
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I don't think so. They do not seem to correlate.
My brother's nuts are bigger than mine but he has a cock smaller than mine.
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I have small balls but my cock is 6+ flaccid and 7.5 erect. If I'm at a nude beach my balls suck almost entirely into my body but my flaccid cock maintiains its size. If you really want to see what size your balls are, go to a nude beach and walk around in the fresh sea air.
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I had a JO buddy that was over 8 inches and had really small balls. It was always a big issue for him as one of his ex GFs used to joke about his tiny nuts. He even went to the effort of trying to stretch his ball sack to make him look bigger. He eventually found a GF that didn't care about his nuts and just liked getting pounded by his 8 incher.
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Some of the biggest dicks I have seen are attached to amusingly small nuts. The biggest nuts I have seen were keeping a short fat dick company.

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i say yes in the most extreme cases , u may think u have small balls but i ve seen 4x4grith with tuked in balls , no facial hair small hands , small index finger , i think its a symdrome
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my nuts are plenty big, i just don't have a big bag for them, or rather not a lot of loose skin, so low hangers not so often, which is okay by me.

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D_Pemeston Pocketrocks
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I have always felt my balls were too big for my cock.

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