Big bulge, do women look?

I would go to garage sales in other neighborhoods away from where I live so I would have less chance of running into one of my neighbors and wear silver colored spandex jogging shorts, and

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I would go to garage sales in other neighborhoods away from where I live so I would have less chance of running into one of my neighbors and wear silver colored spandex jogging shorts, and then mirror surface sunglasses, go cruising for garage sale where I would see a woman sitting outside or more than one woman sitting outside....Then go browsing, I would catch them looking, staring, and even making full eye contact smiling, but it never did go any further, but I got a thrill by showing off, sometimes if I got a woman who would just stare I would allow myself to get a semi erection before leaving the garage sale just to see the look on their faces as they watched my arousal...It was fun....and no I am not some over weight guy either, would not do that if I was not in shape....Also when there was two or more women together, I could always count on one to sit and try to figure how big I would get if I had a full erection, you would see one of the women use their hands to show a imaginary size guess...but I have to agree about what was stated above that women are very good at being sneaky and looking, they are much less obvious than guys when it comes to looking at the opposite sex....
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Originally Posted by christina22 View Post
I notice every time. Sometimes I notice on ugly guys and it grosses me out, lol. I'll try to steal glances (like men with tits) if it's a handsome man, and I try to get it out of my head if he's icky!
hope you are ok with middle ground guys who are well endowed

Originally Posted by Chark View Post
I usually look at a guy in his face not his crotch. Eye contact is very important to me. If the guy is nice looking, I may take a peek and give him a small smile. If he happens to have a semi?...definitely a bigger smile. :D
sidetracking a bit may I ask how you selected your screen name, at first glance I thought it was Chalk heh

Originally Posted by cece View Post
Sure I'd steal some glances. But I wouldn't stare. I wouldn't want him to feel uneasy. Because I feel uneasy when a stranger is staring at my boobs.
I've seen your gallery I'm betting the starring at your boobs t hing happens a lot

Originally Posted by seaside View Post
I look all the time. I look at guys at the gym, I look at any guy who's attractive. If it;s an old man or someone who's unattractive then no I don't look. A decent looking guy between 25-45 yes I look.
they look at you to I'm sure, maybe we should workout sometime and stare at each other lol

Originally Posted by irox19 View Post
I used to never, ever look....but since I've been on lpsg, I now let my eyes wander more and more. I've only made it obvious a couple of times. Do guys really notice I am staring/peeking/glancing? What else am I supposed to do.
yes we notice
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Originally Posted by honeyedlipz View Post
I not only notice, but if the guy is cute, I make eye contact and lick my lips :-)
in that case we probubly likeyou, why not post more then 1x a year lol
is that you in your avatar btw
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like I've said before... hell yeah, both sexes look and salivate... especially in snug uni pants... they go ape shit...
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Originally Posted by Paigexox View Post
The only reason the "guard gets dropped" is to get within striking distance
Yep, I can believe that. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. If it burns the third time, we'd better get tested.

Originally Posted by dougielongfellow View Post
you're correct! 100% in your theory.
alot of times i'm a gotta know the answer to everything type of guy,and as you can guess that doesn't work out too well..LOL
Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

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If the guy is fit and cute, I kind of glance but try not to be obvious, hard not to be curious
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I dated a chick who self professed to check every guys bulge out.

She said she checked me out when we first met and noticed... and couldn't wait. Ha!
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I notice only when it's impossible not to. I love a guy who trys to unsuccesfully hide his bulge by wearing baggy pants. Guys who wear tight pants with a big bulge are probably stuffing with a sock
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Originally Posted by amy_246 View Post
I notice only when it's impossible not to. I love a guy who trys to unsuccesfully hide his bulge by wearing baggy pants. Guys who wear tight pants with a big bulge are probably stuffing with a sock
In my case, guys with chunky thighs can't avoid having pants that are quite tight and for me the bulge is cock not sock.
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Originally Posted by Tintin1 View Post
When you girls notice a big bulge or a VDL, do u look twice, stare or dont think any of it. Is it any difference if the guy is hot or not? If you see a long shlong down a gys thigh is that hot or does the guy have to be a Brad Pitt kind of guy? In general, what do you think of when you see one?
oh yes i cant help but stare.. not a big difference if hes hot or not... all i can think when one is big enough that it bulges "wanna feel that pounding me".. lol
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I generally don't pay all that much attention. But really I guess it depends on my mood. If I catch a guy checking me out, I'm going to check him out right back....and I don't care if he sees me checking him out or not. On the occasions when I've made eye contact, I've been met by smiles or a wink. I dont feel that it's any more wrong for a woman to check out a man than it is for a man to check out a woman.
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I'm pretty oblivious, unless I'm attracted or really bored (like waiting for someone at mall!).

Porn is not real life.

"According to my faith, LaFemme is a Goddess. True story"

~ I only quote Altered Ego ~
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First thing my wife noticed! That and she says I have a hot butt. LOL! I do not wear sweat pants for that reason. Broxers only too. Loose jeans. Can't do the country singer look, even though I live in Tennessee.
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after joining LPSG i turned into a compulsive crotch watcher.

i was totally brainwashed to scope the male crotchal area

maybe being a newbie to the whole picturing men naked thing, and reading about the all crotch watching threads about how to tell is a guy is hung, wearing underwear, intact or cut.. i couldn't not look. even guys i seriously didn't wanna peep, i peeped.

a year or two later and my eye line has been retrained.. still.. every so often... hot dude, in a suit or hugging jeans... i will so ogle his pants off

"Men are awesome", I say.
"NOT ALL MEN", the Mensí Rights Activists chimes in before freezing where he stands.

Iíve got him now, Iíve won.
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The Dragon

I look, but it's discreet and normally when I'm wearing shades so it isn't obvious.

big, bulge, women

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