Guy getting fucked by a 14 inch dick

He Fucked Me with His 14 Inch Dick in the Tatoo Shop I have never seen a dick that big, does anyone know who he is or if they have more videos ?

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Guy getting fucked by a 14 inch dick

He Fucked Me with His 14 Inch Dick in the Tatoo Shop

I have never seen a dick that big, does anyone know who he is or if they have more videos ?
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thrilling :)
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He couldnt even get it all in, the rest of the dick was a waste
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Looks closer to 12". I have played with at least one dick at least that big, possibly even fatter than that also.
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I was thinking about 9", but is has been awhile.
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this site should be called the large penis debunking group. show 'em a whopper, they try to tell you it ain't all that.
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To the best of my knowledge, there's never been a confirmed 14" dick so I think, yeah, that was closer to 11-12". But in any event, it's one of the largest I've ever seen that looked real.

Instant gratification takes too long.

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whoa fkn hot

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Good God but that music Sucked!!!


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OMG!! who fucks to Miley Cyrus music. *shivers* tattoo guy is weak... balls deep man!!!

""I'm so evil...and skanky....and I think I'm kinda gay" - Willow Rosenberg from "Dopplegangland" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 3)"
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idk i thought it was hot.
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It's a huge and magnificent dick but to keep a sense of perspective you need to compare it with things you know the size of. The top holds it several times at the beginning of the vid so they'll be the same distance from the camera. He's a lanky guy and his arm will be roughly 10" from his elbow to his wrist on the inside and 12" on the outside. His hand will be about 7" - 8" long and a bit less than 4" across the splayed palm. I'll let others do the calculations.

It must be true, I read it on the internet.
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First time I've seen a bed in a tattoo parlor!

Adam-the first man-did not have a navel.
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why would anyone have sex to that music
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here's the longer version boys...

Supplice du pal

and it's 11" and goes balls deep

You may call me Tony

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dick, fucked, guy, inch

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