Celeb Fantasies

Share a pic, write out your evening, say what you'd do in bed ;) I would be working on a backlot in Hollywood, just after Christian Bale had his furious filpout. He'd be in the

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Celeb Fantasies

Share a pic, write out your evening, say what you'd do in bed ;)

I would be working on a backlot in Hollywood, just after Christian Bale had his furious filpout. He'd be in the showers, cooling down. I'd walk up behind, kiss all over that AMAZING body, then let him let out his rage by fucking me with a hugely thick uncut cock.



Your turn!
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Bradley Cooper! We're both out for a run on a trail at the same time. I see him coming from the other direction - shirtless and clearly freeballing with a big bulge bouncing around in his shorts. As we pass, he gazes straight into my eyes with those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes of his and I feel a connection. We both keep running, but a couple seconds later we both look back at the same time and make eye contact again...

In an instant, we've turned around and are all over each other right there on the trail. Kissing, grinding our bodies together - I'm biting his nipple on that HOT chest!

We move off the trail into a woodsy area and pull our big cocks out as I drop to my knees and start sucking his monster meat. After a few minutes of me sucking him, he pulls me back up and we kiss again before he goes down on my big thick cock and gets it even harder than it already was!

Then I spin him around, bend him over in front of me, and start fucking that nice tight ass long and hard! After a good long hot fuck, I finally pull out and shoot a huge load all over his ass and back, then get on my knees and finish him off with my mouth until he shoots a load all over my face and then kisses it back off.

And then we go home together and live happily ever after. LOL! :-)
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Enjoy ;) http://cafeflash.sauropol.com/public...sv_400x411.jpg

I've got another one.
Hugh Jackman. I'm on vacation in Australia, walking on a beach. He's there, swimming in the water, those gorgoues pecs rippling and nipples all tight. I walk up to him, saying how I love all his movies and how amazing I think he is. He thanks me, and thanks for me visiting Australia. I say the view is amazing, and then he says "I know" while looking at me. He asks if I'd like a walk.
We hike up a cliff, where we finally just fall into each others arms. Making out, my hands running through his hair. I put my hand down his pants and pull out a veiny, thick dick, and start sucking on it, while he's moaning and groaning.
Then we start flip-fucking on a rock, all getting sweaty and dirty. Eventually, he cums inside of me, pours the cum out of the condom over my ass, then I make him suck my load down.
God, I have to go jerk off now.

Hugh jackman nude image by Cicero1789 on Photobucket
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Christian Bale's rage made me incredibly horny. I share your fantasy, m lucas! I'd love to relieve his stress and drain his big, alpha male balls!
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When i watch Britney's Video "womanizer" i wanna take her place in the sauna and watch Brandon Stoughton showering...for hours and hours...bathing myself in pure desire...


When Jared Padalecki tells us to "join" him in Room 401, my fantasy does overtime!
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D_Rory Ramsbottom
Account Disabled


Id be massaging him all over cuz im good at that his moans wud turn me on so i spin him round and massage his chest tempting my hands under the towel a little bit at a time and then my mouth wraps aound his piece until he explodes down my throat
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Jennfier Lopez for me!!!
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Mike Rowe tells me he's got a Dirty Job for me, before me makes me rim his perfect butt. Then I work my way to his massive hard cock, edging him for hours before making him cum...
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Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
Mike Rowe tells me he's got a Dirty Job for me, before me makes me rim his perfect butt. Then I work my way to his massive hard cock, edging him for hours before making him cum...
That's so great. Hilarious/sensual opening, love it
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Zac Efron. We're both using the urinals, and he notices that my dick is bigger than his. He only gets about 4.5x3, as opposed to my 6.5x5. He shakes me off, then grabs me and shoves his tongue down my throat. I pull him off shove him to his knees and begin to feed my cock to him, thrusting as I grip his head with both hands. I cum down his throat. I then take him into the urinal, pull out a condom and put it on, and then I suck him off to make him cum so as to use his spunk for lube. I then pound his tight hole like a high-powered piston, and then 20 minutes later, I pull out and cum all over his hot, hairy, well-muscled chest and lick it off. And then still insists he's straight.


Others soon, not now.

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Originally Posted by m_lucas89 View Post
That's so great. Hilarious/sensual opening, love it
Glad you enjoyed the thought! It certainly puts a smile on my face!
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Chris Evans

I'd be in his trailer on the set of a movie, he'd head into the back while we're talking, but I'd stay in the front. I compliment him on his acting skills and his hot body. I tell him that how he's one of the few exceptions to my smooth-chest fixation. He asks why and I explain that muscles always felt sexier than chest hair, but luckily he has the kind of chest hair that perfect accentuates his buff body. I also tell him that another thing I find hot on a muscular physique is leatherwear, or to be precise, torso harnesses, crotchless vinyl pants and cock-and-ball rings (like this one). And then, he says "Today's your lucky day", just as I described... buff, hairy, and with some leatherwear (kinda like this).

He's got a big, FAT cock the size of a beer can and a pair of fat, meaty balls just teeming with spunk and testosterone. I get a hardon in an instant. He tells me to strip, and do just that without though. He brings me to my knees, grabs my head and skullfucks me, blowing his thick, salty load down my throat, and pulls out a few minutes later, after he shoots the last shot down inside my gut.

He then throws me on the couch, puts me in a spread eagle position and just rams my hole non-stop. And right before he cums, he stops. He then tells me to stand up and face the wall. I do, and then he takes me from behind. Just before cumming, he pulls out and tells me to turn around. He pushes me against the wall and lifts my legs and shoves it back inside me. "This is it," he says about 10 minutes later. "I'm gonna cum," and he does, flooding my hole with his spunk. He pulls out, and I drop to the floor. He cleans me up, dresses me and sends me back out. Two hours have passed and no one was the wiser.

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Mine is uber cheesy

I have a fantasy with Clark Kent - Smallville's Tom Welling...in the barn. He's shirtless and wearing tight jeans -fly and button open revealing his white briefs.

He 's suffering Kryptonite poisoning... he's sweaty, he's weak, he pants heavily -and needs to be orally resuscitated --with out my help he could die..


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