Anal sex better or vaginal??

How many women like Anal Sex more than pussy?...and do you like that your boy friend lick your ass hole??

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Smile Anal sex better or vaginal??

How many women like Anal Sex more than pussy?...and do you like that your boy friend lick your ass hole??
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I have been lucky in the anal arena. Every partner I have had, except one, has enjoyed anal sex with me. My wife's favorite position is to be DPed with her laying face to face with a buddy in her puss as I penetrate her ass with long slow strokes. A slow passionate DP make my wife hyper-orgasmic.

I had a girl friend in college that had a very difficult time taking my large cock in her puss. I could only penetrate enough to get my cock head in. After she talked with some of her friends, that I had previously screwed, she decided to try their advice and try anal sex with me. The first time took a ton of tube, foreplay, and time but she loved it and was hooked. For the rest of that school year we had anal sex at least daily, often multiple times in a day.

The girlfriend that turned me on to group sex in college also loved anal sex. She would start climax as soon as I started to penetrate her anus and would not stop until I withdraw my cock. We once did a gang bang with her, myself and four other guys. The five of us guys did her ass & DPed her repeatedly for a few hours. She would have one orgasm after another until she passed out from exhaustion. When she woke up she would do it all over again. It was an incredible weekend.

So there are women that love anal. I have been lucky, I have know a lot of them. I think being a swinger and hanging out with other couples that swing I have been exposed to a higher percentage of women that like anal than probably exists in the general public. But as with any type of sex if your partner does not know what they are doing it may not be as enjoyable as it could be.
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For toying about it's great, for lager partners.... not so much

Definitely one area where sensations are very different, but smooth and slender plastic is greatly appreciated.
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Vaginal for me,only because i'm not into anal sex,and i've never had it.

Get with the program,don't send me a friendship request just for the sake of it.If i've never heard from you before at least say hello first, and don't ask me for my msn,yahoo,etc,etc...

And no i don't cam and i have no pics here because i don't want to,but i'll send them to whoever i feel like.THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU?
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After trying forever, we finally got anal sex "right" about three months ago. If I play with my clitoris using a vibrator or a massager at the same time, it feels absolutely incredible to me, much better than I thought it would.

However, I still prefer vaginal sex. Mostly the reason is that it takes so much work. Preparing for anal sex requires that I use a few dildos that I have to use to dilate which takes time and there's clean-up after, there's the toy I use on my clit during anal sex, and I usually feel the desire to make sure that I'm clean inside (although we haven't a few times and it wasn't a problem, TheBF insisted that it wasn't and he really wanted to have anal sex with me!) It takes so much more work and preparation that vaginal sex is just more convenient. Anal sex is still a "special treat" for us to enjoy some variety in our sex life, and it's not on the regular menu.

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Depends on the partner. I am more partial to vaginal sex, but have had partners make anal sex incredibly hot. Their skill (w/ tongue, cock, fingers, toys) made anal something I would ask for before vaginal or to finish with, which is almost unheard of as I prefer feeling him finish vaginally.
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Anal is great, but vaginal wins by a mile.
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If he's big enough and you do it face-to-face, there's no practical difference except that everything gets stimulated.
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I'd rather have a dude's face in my ass rather than his dick in my ass. True story.

I reject your jackassery and substitute my own.
What I'm looking for may be different than what you are offering.
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Originally Posted by DasLeezard View Post
I'd rather have a dude's face in my ass rather than his dick in my ass. True story.
i'd like to volunteer for either!!
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I've never had anal sex, so I cannot vouch for it one way or another. It's just not something I would ever like to try. Sorry, everything else is just too good.
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God... what to choose... what to choose...

It surprises me to say this, but vag is better day-to-day because it doesn't take as much time to prepare, you don't need to flush out at all (let alone 3-5 times), it isn't as messy with all the lube, and a skilled girl with a pussy with well-developed muscles can make me see stars. But anal is still AMAZING, no matter how you look at it. But no matter what kind of sex I like, it still takes lots of time and patience to squeeze in because of my thickness. I just love stretching a girl for the first time and hearing her make sounds she's never made before.
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vaginal> anal!!! ive tried anal sex and i dont like it all the time and energy that it takes to do anal sex can be used in vaginal sex
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I don't really have a preference, it depends on the partner and the mood I'm in.

Please do not add me as a friend if I do not know you.
I was katt once. It was horrible.
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anal, sex, vaginal

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