Riding horse without a saddle!

My ex gf was a "horse-girl" she used to ride horses without the saddle. She told me that one time she had the best orgasm i her life when bareback-riding, she had only bikinipanties on,

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Riding horse without a saddle!

My ex gf was a "horse-girl" she used to ride horses without the saddle.
She told me that one time she had the best orgasm i her life when bareback-riding, she had only bikinipanties on, she said that she got one of the "lumps" of the spine directly on her clitoris and that warm horse and slow galopp she came like hell!! Any other woman had the same experience??
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ladies riding horses has always been an orgasmic experience, put motorcycles and me up there as well!!! why do you think so many young girls going into their teen years get so attached to their equestrian activities?? trust me, its not the joy of mucking out stables!!!

having grown up around horses i would seriously be careful riding with little or bare assed for very long. you will get a chafe going like you would not believe!!
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I used to ride as well. With a saddle, without a saddle. The rider needs to develop her thigh muslces to stay balanced on the horse and with the 3 point gate called a cantor there's a very steady rythmic movement when you're doing it right. And yes, it brings you to orgasm. heavy stuff for a virgin.
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D_Sue Ellen Brastretcher
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I had no idea. Looks like I need to get me a horse.
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Oh lordy, talk about bringing back repressed memories!!! I was a horse girl from elementary to high school, of course, in Texas! I do remember when I was in middle school how I'd beg to ride just with the blanket. It was awesome!!! LOL! Good gosh, it gives me shivers to even think about it, and I haven't thought about it in a long time! Good, good memories.
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Now men, on the other hand.. While I'll ride bareback with shorts, if we're riding on the beach, it's always with lots of leg muscle and caution.

It's funny how many times I get asked if I like to ride nude. While this may seem like it would look sexy, it's way too risky!!

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
I Love him 100%, and his 50% belongs to me
It takes more love to share my saddle than it does to share my bed
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Man... Suddenly I envy my sister her riding lessons. I guess that's why she was so pissed that there were no affordable lessons in the city, when we moved...
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I can remember riding in the mountains of Colorado behind a teenaged girl. I had gotten between her and her mother during the ride. The teenager turned back to look at her mother with the most intense look of pleasure on her face, I knew what had just happened to her for the first time.
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I thought this was a euphemism for having sex without a condom.

I reject your jackassery and substitute my own.
What I'm looking for may be different than what you are offering.
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Works for boys too. At least it did for me.
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not me, like riding a bike to long. my nuts went numb especially on long rides. but i grew up working cattle, not what you would call riding for pleasure. it was fun, but not in that way.
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horse, riding, saddle

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