cum shot distance

How far can you guys shoot your spooge?

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How far can you guys shoot your spooge?
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Originally posted by Jonny12inch@Sep 25 2005, 08:00 PM
How far can you guys shoot your spooge?
Unfortunately, I'm uncut and I have a fairly tight foreskin, so I can't shoot unless I really focus on it and having it pulled back just right when I cum...tear...
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most of the time when im real horny i shoot my load up to my chest/neck. but one time when i was fucking my girlfriend, i was standing up at the end of the bed and she was on her back laying at the end of the bed, i pulled out to cum and it shoot all over her and all the way up to the top of the bed were the pellows are.
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i have a couple of time shot my load up to my face or past it....once when i was laying on my bed i shot it up past my head and it hit the backboard of my bed.
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i have hit my face many times, and a few have been further.
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I have shot while laying on the bed jacking and it's landed on the pillow above my head. Once I was fucking my now ex-girlfriend and pulled out to cum on her tits and it ended up shooting into her hair (as you could imagine she was not a happy camper)
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Old 09-26-2005   #7 (permalink)
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typically just tomy upper abs....if im having a real good time ... to my chest/shoulder area
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it depends but useally i almost always shot like a foot or more i have hit myself in the face a bunch of times, and sometimes in the shower ill shot from one end of the shower and hit the wall on the other side a few times

No one should dictate to me what i can and cannot do to my body.
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typically to my upper chest/neck

once when i was super horny, i did the "stop and go" all day and ended up shooting like 12 or 13 feet... to be 14 again... those were the days


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Well, when lying down, I usually go over my head. When sat up, it usually just splashes all on my chin.
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many many times over my head, shoulders, face, mouth. I may not be hung and young, but not bad for 6c and 47 years old
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Old 09-28-2005   #12 (permalink)

Had a real hot j/o session a couple of nights ago and ended up wiping cum off the wall above my headboard.
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When I was younger - upto about 40 - I could shoot my spunk over 7 feet from a standing position to the ground. A lot less now!

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From a standing position, I shoot about 10-18 inches on a GOOD day. Sitting, it just pops up and falls back down on my base (as the my vids show).

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After reading the previous posts I'm feeling freakish, but here goes: At my most powerful I have spritzed a wall eight feet away. I was standing at the time and actually hit the wall at a level somewhat above that of my dick ... so obviously had there not been a wall in the way the total distance would've been much greater, based on my hazy recollection of trajectories from Physics 101. ;)

This kind of distance is NOT typical for me (thankfully ... my bedroom would be a splattered mess!) but it's what I am capable of at the extreme, when I am super-aroused. I have shot this far within the last few months, at the ripe old age of 31, and if anything my distances are much more impressive now than ever before. I started a thread on this once but nobody seemed to have a good explanation for why I'd be such a geyser today relative to when I was in my teens or 20s. Guess I shouldn't complain, huh?? :happy:

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