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Question at what age should I be getting my first prostate exam from my Doctor?

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Question First Prostate

Question at what age should I be getting my first prostate exam from my Doctor?
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Age 40 is the figure that I've heard.

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what he said ^^^
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I had my first at 22..prostate infection...passed out colder than fish...heck did not even know I had a P...Bud..its not an issue...have it regular done..some doc's are easy..some are through..unless u are having issues/family history....35-40 is good...and when they say RELAX....do your best.

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Thanks for the responses, I google it and found the age to be 50 and as low as 40. I am 37 so I was wondering when I get to have my lady Doctor give me the finger.
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40 to 50(the experts are leaning more towards 40) unless there is a family history, or you are having trouble urinating/pain when urinating, low urine flow, ect. If there is a family history then you are looking at 10 years before you would normally have gotten one (so 30-40)
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I got my first one at 18. I just got another one today actually LOL. Prostate cancer runs in my family, so I get them done yearly.
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You are never too young if you suspect something. Doctors are recommending it as part of a routine physical exam for adults.
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There is no single correct answer. The first consideration is family history.

If you have a family history of genital cancer then the examinations should start by age 25-30. This is particularly true if it is on both sides.

Genital cancer is defined as:

Female: Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine and defined as adenocarcinoma which is a hormone dependent tumor

Male: Male Breast, Testicular, Prostate, and defined as adenocarcinoma which is a hormone dependent tumor.

The closer the cancer gets by relative to you personally the more cautious you should be.

In the case of my Stepbrother his Father, Aunts and Uncles and several other relatives on that side all died of adenocarcinoma cancer. On his Father's side, the family history was for the record books with this variety not only in his Father but taking the lives of multiple aunts and uncles as well.

On his Mother's side there were three documented cases with the people all losing their lives to the disease process.

He started monitoring at age 25. He should have gone to six month screenings at age 40 because of the history.

Look at the numbers on this one and also remember that regular PSA tests are also an indicator of where you are headed. I have a PSA every couple of years. I am on male HRT and I also do it because of that. My PSA levels are extremely low and far below average for my age which considering the HRT is a great thing.

If there is a family history that is "bad news" every year from 25 on.
If there is a distant blood lone relative that is a single then every 2 years to age 40 with every year after that. If the family has an extensive adenocarcinoma history then every year from 25-40 and every six months after age 40.
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You guys might be confusing prostate exam with a colonoscopy - when the doc shoves 6 feet of tubing up your butt to check for polyps or other intestinal disorders. I had my first prostate exam when I was in my 20s but my first colonoscopy when I was 45 and every 5 years after that.

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tekken4493 wrote:

You are never too young if you suspect something. Doctors are recommending it as part of a routine physical exam for adults.

During the 1970's and 1980's, in Atlanta where I lived at the time, it was usually a standard part of a routine physical for any biologically mature male, say 16+. I say this based on my own experiences, friends' comments, and having worked at a psychiatric hospital. Then I moved to Florida in 1989 and there the medical consensus seemed to be that there was no need younger than fifty and starting younger was kind of suspect.

Tekken, is there a new emerging medical consensus? Links would be appreciated.

btw, I have since heard of three cases of prostate cancer diagnosed before age 40, one was at age 35 and was my massage therapist's workout partner.

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Been told if prostate issues aren't too much of a problem in the family lines, one can usually hold off unto 40's often up to about 50. If there are prostate issues in the families it might be recommended alot sooner.
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Even with what I have been told as mentioned in a previous post, I did have them when have physicals as a teen and in my twenties.
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I had a DRE (digital REctal Exam) done as part of my annual physical because of the industry I worked in starting in my 40s. This is not as important as having your PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen) tested when you have a blood test done. Tracking PSA is vital because not only is the number value important but the rate of rise is critical.

Believe me, when the doctor calls you and says that the biopsy from your prostate is cancerous, you do a lot of research. The web is a wonderrful thing for this. Use it.
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Certain cancers are much more genetic than others, supposedly. These are:


So, if you have a family history, get checked out.

And you thought you had a big johnson!
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