Any Straight guys in a MMF before had their dicks touch by accident?

Originally Posted by curiouscam If you are in a MFM situation and you are worried about crossing swords obviously you should not be in a MFM situation. If it's 2 heterosexual men (Like the others

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Originally Posted by curiouscam View Post
If you are in a MFM situation and you are worried about crossing swords obviously you should not be in a MFM situation. If it's 2 heterosexual men (Like the others have said) the last thing on your mind should be the other guys dick. The focus would be the woman and if you just so happen to tangle tea bags then who cares. It's not as if you are in the other guys ass.
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There should be more mfm action in the world....what's the big deal if swords cross? I am all for fluid sexuality, and sharing with straight buds...
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It doesnt have to happen. Put her in doggy, and stand on oppisite sides.
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yes I have been in mfm's and the swords do cross. The female wanted double vaginal so we gave it to her. It was hot listening to her moan and cum like a volcano. We had to get her all lubed up because we werent both going to fit. after long foreplay she took us like a champ and she came multiple times.
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I don't see why it's a big deal if dicks happen to touch. It's apart of the situation so it's expected that it might happen. If you don't want it to happen, then don't get put in that situation lol

I personally don't care if they do

Love Thy Penis, Love Thy Self
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D_Sherman Shinyknob
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Would very much like to try, and I don't think I would mind if I was close to the guy
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It's something of a dark fantasy of mine is well and I definately would like to try it with a bud and a horny girl. The whole thing about ball touching is really pointless.
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I did a 3way with my buddy and some skank off of AFF a few weeks ago, and we made a special point to make it happen. It was after we had already attempted double-vag (we would try it again later on). My buddy I don't think has ever had a homosexual thought in his life, but when I suggested she double-suck he seemed amazingly cool with it. She sat on the couch and we both stood facing her next to each other, hips touching and arms on each others shoulders. She went back and forth, she had a small mouth, and mine was significantly thicker than his, but for a good 10 or 15 minutes she alternated between cramming us both in her mouth, rubbing our heads together about 6 inches from her face, us cockslapping her face together, or her sucking our dicks or licking our balls individually. At one point while she was stuffing us both into her mouth we instinctively put our arms around each others hips to push us both in closer. I kissed her a few times during this activity (only time anybody kissed her the whole night), and it was fun. A few minutes later when we attempted DV again he was on his back, she was on top of him facing him, and I got in from behind, and as we struggled to fill her coin-slot he grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper. I also fingered her while his dick was inside her, and he didn't mind it even though she did. I don't think he set out to do that at the beginning of the night, but when you're having sex you kinda lose the inhibition and just do what feels good.
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If you are worrying about cocks touching each other or hands touching the other guys cock, you're not having a real MFM. It's about two guys enjoying the same woman, it's about a woman and a man enjoying a man, it's about a man enjoying a woman and a man to the highest power. If you're thinking about anything other than getting the sexual energy up as hot and high as possible and the utter pleasure you are getting as you share your energy and horniness with the other two participants,
I'm sorry, you're not having a real three way. You may be two guys having sex with the same girl at the same time, you may be watching your friend fuck his girl friend, you may be being watched while you fuck your girl friend but even in the girl is giving you sexual pleasure in my book, that's not a three way, even if there's double penitration. The sexual experience is the sexual experience no matter who, how or how many its shared with. I understand it takes experience, concentration and come lack of sexual inhibition to go the distance, but like any other experience I believe going the distance is what it's about.
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If you are sharing a woman with another guy and are concerned about coming in contact with him then you should not be sharing a partner with him. My rule of thumb for threesomes is to enjoy all your partners, and enjoy the sex :)
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Sounds like you're learning...when having sex, it all blurrs....and thank god for that....if it feels good, DO IT !!
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This stuff is SO hot to me. I love two straight guys who are curious about eachother. So hot!
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This guy and I tagged teamed this skanky chick in a pool hall after hours. We started with strip poker then progressed, He made me swear I would not touch him. Military boot camp guy, out on leave (We knew each other prior) I was telling everyone I was bi. She stripped him down and his cock was hard. I was disapointed because he had a tight smokin body and his cock was kinda tiny....

Anyway she went down on him and I stepped closer and she got into the doggy position and I took her from behind, I was totally getting off on watching him. She laid back on the couch and wanted double vag, He freaked out and said no, and started to get dressed. She pushed me back onto the couch and started to ride me cowboy. About 5 minutes later he was behind her rock hard. He told me if he was going to do this I could not tell anyone. I agreed and it I felt his cock slide against mine. I swear at that moment I knew I was gay.

He kept slipping out because he was afraid to relax and kept moving. He finally really laid into her and I felt his balls laying against mine. He started to slam her and his nuts were hitting mine so hard it hurt. I came within a minute, but I stayed hard because the contact with him. He said he was having a hard time so I pulled out.

She asked me to eat her out why he was fucking her, I looked at him and he said no again. I agreed to just sit and watch, He got on her again and I moved closer to watch. I put my hand on her pussy and spread her open while he was doing her. I admit I started to close my fingers and befor long I was squeezing his cock with my fingers. He did not notice right away. I pushed the envelope further and repositioned my hand so it was on the bottom. is balls were slapping the top of my hand, She started to ask me to eat her out again. He nodded his head and I went down on her. I hate eating pussy but his cock was to tempting.

I could smell him, so close, I changed position and my hand accidentally brushed his balls, He did not move, I kept moving to make sure I "Accidentally" brushed his balls. I finally got brave and grabbed his sack, He got startled and lost rhythm, He pulled out and started to cum. He said he had never cum so had and held up the condom to show how full it was. I admit later I took it home and put it onto my own cock and jerked off with it. HOT as hell.

Before all you guys say I crossed the line by touching him after I promised, Your right I took a stupid chance. We talked about it the next day and he admitted it was one of the hottest sexual encounters he had up to that point. I promised him I would never tell anyone.

Until now My husband is the only one I ever told, Almost 17 years later and I still fantasize about it. Pool halls hold a special fetish excitement for me. Fuck I miss playing pool.

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A good friend and I were in an MFM with a woman we both knew. The typical things were going on and the three of us were clicking well and really into it. He was the first to cum and as he positioned himself above her, i grabbed his cock and held it as he came on her chest and neck. Seeing and feeling him cum sent a huge rush through me and when I came my orgasm was huge. He and I have talked about that experience on several occasions but we would never be sexually involved on our own. I hadn't held someone elses cock in my hand since high school, and I never held one while it was cumming. Since then I've really wanted to feel a cock again, or jerk off with a guy, or even suck a cock, but I haven't been able to get myself into that situation.
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Any guy who freaks after bumping uglies with another guy should just cut his dick off immediately

before the homosexual germs spread to the rest of his body and turn him gay.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.
- Emerson -
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