Leaking through clothes

Leak a lot of precum too, I could not imagine being any other way but like everyone has said it can make for an uncomfortable moment everyonce in a while. With the right thoughts or

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D_Colon Farrell

Leak a lot of precum too, I could not imagine being any other way but like everyone has said it can make for an uncomfortable moment everyonce in a while. With the right thoughts or 'scenery' I'll start leaking with out even a semi, had to scramble to the bathroom a few times to clean.

It is the best lube out there for jacking and had more than one GF who was crazy about the stuff.
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if it's how you are naturally made, then it's best not to hate the "gift" you have been given- and just ride it instead.

The use of a paper towel is a pretty good suggestion- easy to pull it out and drop it in a trash can no matter where you are.
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OK I had to share these pics somewhere, most would not get it...

The other day I was watching some Xtube vids and absently rubbing my dick through my jeans and my underwear - when I got up to go to the bathroom I had SOAKED my underwear with precum, without realizing it really. I do love my pre but as you can see I make a ton of it and need to wear something to absorb it all.

Weird, but I find it kind of hot at the same time. Check out the pics. Smells great, too!

Would love to see similar pics from others.
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"I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea's face, and a grey dawn breaking."
- John Masefield
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Huge precummer here too. I really like it, its something unique and the last two people I have been with have loved it. It really turned them on when they would pull my jeans down to reveal my briefs completely soaked with precum.

Although the last time it happened was a little embarrassing. I was on a date with a guy who I had only recently met, it was our second date and he said he would cook dinner and we could watch a film, so we were at his house watching tv and then we started kissing and did so for about an hour, I knew I had a hardon but I didn't realise that I had precummed quite so much. It had gone through my boxers and through my chinos and made a patch about the size of saucer with a big glob in the middle. I hadn't even noticed until I got up to use the toilet and was like 'Shit!'.

There was no way of hiding it and when I came back into the room he saw, but it acted as some kind of green light because then he literally straddled me and started kissing me a lot harder and was telling me how turned on he was! So all good in the end!
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Huge pre cummer here too. I think it started when I was about 15 or 16, and I remember having to untuck my shirt out of my khakis to hide the wet spots.

Never been in a terribly embrassing situation with it, always dicovered and recovered in time. It happens sometimes when I get massaged, so always ensure I have a towel handy.

One time the regular therapist, with whom there was never any hanky panky in the ten yrs or so that I have visited him, had a massive wet spot after massaging me. It was confirmation that some aspect of the undraped nude massage was arousing to him. He is straight, married, but I think we can all be turned on by semi sexual sights , sound and touch....
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Originally Posted by LibrarianBoy28 View Post
Those last 2 pics are me! I posted them somewhere on here forever ago.
I can assure you that its all precum. I'm a huge leaker.... took those 2 pics after edging for a couple of hours. I don't think I've met anyone else that leaks as much as me.

Sometimes I really like it, sometimes it can be a little embarrassing. (Most of the time I like it though.)

I never need lube, I just make my own.
Damn, I have cum in my pants before (rubbing my cock thtough my shorts while driving back when I was a horny teen) and it didn't leak through that much.
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I leak pretty bad, esspecially when I'm making out with a girl or rubbing her down. It can get awkward if she sees it, I actually have worn two sets of boxers to soak it up so it wouldn't make it through my pants. I stop doing that when we start having sex and I actually tell them what I had to do in order to keep from leaking through my pants. I have only had one tell me that it is gross that I leak that much pre, whereas the rest really wanted to see it. Then I tell them how great it tastes...
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I don't piss precum, or soak through three layers of clothes, but yes, I leak quite a lot of precum as well. If I am standing with a hard on or semi even, I have often noticed I leak in ropes that extend to the floor.
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Happily, I'm a big leaker (and it sometimes even squirts in little jets) - I can get through my jeans very visibly within about 10 minutes of getting turned on.

When I was growing up, I started making precum about 18 months before I first shot a load. Until I came properly I thought pre-cum was cum!
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Really heavy precummers turn me on like nothing else on Earth. Seeing soaked boxers or a wet patch on jeans brings out the animal in me!

I don't produce quite that much, unfortunately, though I do ok for myself once I get warmed up (see pic) - the best time was a night at London's Heaven nightclub - me and this guy were getting extremely intimate and ended up both soaking through to our jeans.
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Originally Posted by greengrass_89 View Post
I am a big leaker here. I really should take/post some pics of some leakage. I love it. I don't mind being seen with a spot. People can look and be turned on/jealous, and I don't mind at all. It's great for jacking off and I can even fuck without lube. Just humping and rubbing my dick in a hot ass crack and I'll get it wet enough to just slide on in :)
here's a couple pics of me leaking. hopefully take some soon of it soaking through my pants.
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you men that leak heavy are so very lucky in my opinion. I hadly leak at all...maybe a few drops after a while of excitement. but seeing a man dripping wet in excitement is one of the biggest turn ons I know of! I had a buddy growing up that leaked like a faucet. it was amazing..he could sit there in class and leak for hours till he was soaked. many times we would say things to him to get him going and there was no stopping him once his mind and glands went to it. he didn't just drip, he flowed constant steam of precum. I would do almost anything to drip like that.

question for all you heavy leakers.....my bud that I was talking about would flow like crazy but when he came his loads were smaller sized. but I didin;t leak and had huge soaking loads. just wondering if yours loads where big or small and does that heavy precum take away from your load volume?
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I too leak like a faucet, but I cum alot too. I have never noticed a loss of volume when I leak so much. Each guy is different I guess.
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Originally Posted by jasonunlv View Post
I too leak like a faucet, but I cum alot too. I have never noticed a loss of volume when I leak so much. Each guy is different I guess.
Same here jasonunlv.
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I used to be a heavy leaker into my early 30s not so much now about to turn 40. A real problem for mea t high school. I would line the front of my briefs with toilet paper, and as an senior would wear a condom all day to stop the precum stains.

Two of my sons have the same problem (both adopted). The older one would wear two pairs of briefs or briefs and boxers to save the problem, he shared the same story with the younger one when he noticed him with a wet spot one night. LOL. When I questioned why so much underwear int he wash they came clean, so to speak, I suggested condoms.

I find it a real turn on when I see guy with a wet-spot. met a guy last night that leaks like tap. It took me back watching just sit there naked and leak a continuous stream of precum.

It's a blessing and a curse.
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