buying a HUGE hollow realistic strap on?

does anyone know of a website where I can get a realistic looking hollow strap on atleast 10 x 2. Has any one tried a hollow strap on (worn it, not taken) what did you

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buying a HUGE hollow realistic strap on?

does anyone know of a website where I can get a realistic looking hollow strap on atleast 10 x 2. Has any one tried a hollow strap on (worn it, not taken) what did you think?
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how's a hollow one going to work?

never mind, answered my own ?

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I still need help finding a large, 9+, ultra realistic hollow dildo. I want to put it over my own penis, and treat the lady friend to a big surprise! Please anyone message me or post your rely here where I can buy one. Or if you have done the same or with a normal harness strap on, what did your woman think?
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I use them all the time with my wife however I found that sleeves as oppose to strap-ons are more realistic and has a better fell to them. The cyberskin sleeves are popular and glue to your dick in a nice way but the most popular item in my collection is actually the mega dick sleeve. It is a little bigger than 9 inches in length and girth.

Penis Extension and Penis Sleeves - For Prolonged Erections and More Enjoyable Love-Making

Mega Dick Sleeve
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We also tried the "Mega Dick Sleeve", but my wife can´t take it. She said it is to thick and it felt like it splits her pussy. Normally my wife´s pussy is very wide and my cock to small for her.
Who as also experiences with this sleeve?

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I have an 8" extension I use with my wife. She loves it and it's fun for me, too.

I have a very small penis.
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Tried it.....hated it!

"What's the big deal? I'm very oral, very attracted to men and women, and love making people feel good. I'm a giver and it's just sex."


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This is intriguing. But what do women think of these? I see that two wives seem to like them. Is there a wider opinion?

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Are there any videos of a guy using this on a woman?
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Vids would be HOT
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i occasionally use a strapon on my wife that allows my cock to hang free. she likes the bigger cock in her pussy sometimes. shocking huh? im 6" and the cyber skin dildo is 8.5" and much thicker. i liek that my cock not confined as i can dp her or she will jerk me off as i am fucking her with the strapon. either way its a win win, and i really love the way she fucks and gets off on that big cock. although its not all the time she likes. she says it goes too deep sometimes and it hurts so we only get to play with it occasionally. we still have really great sex without. its jsut a fun toy.
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buying, hollow, huge, realistic, strap

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