Guys with the big ones

I don't really think about it. I've had this dick for a long time so I'm pretty used to it.

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I don't really think about it. I've had this dick for a long time so I'm pretty used to it.

Too big to allow to fail

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I don't usually realize how big i am,especially when it is soft. I always think i am small, but i notice from how guys look at my dick in public situations (urinals,showers,locker rooms etc) and then i think: "I should really put a pair of glasses on,cuz i'm bigger than most of the others". But for me being big would mean having a 9-10 inch cock on me. I have a different perception of my cock from the one others have on me, or from the one i have towards the others. It's weird, i know.
Anyway, i just piss. I wonder about measures only if it is very cold outside and my cock becomes small with tight balls, which i hate showing.
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Usually I'm just thinking about how nice it is to take a piss. I don't use the fly/penis hole (the majority of my underwear doesn't have a fly anyway), I just whip it out over the waistband, do my thing, and then tuck it back into my boxer-briefs. I have noticed that when I tuck it back in, I usually spread my thighs a little wider so I can get it back into my underwear properly. I wonder if other hung guys do that as well, do a slight open-legged squat to get their cocks back into their underwear.
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Originally Posted by Magnus_Phallus View Post
standing there at the toilet taking a wizz...

I think, "Geez, thats water is cold!" think about it
The old joke...Two black guys are taking a piss by the side of a river. The first says the water is sure cold. The second replies and it's deep too.
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big, guys

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