Breasts: Perky or Hanging?

Given that the breasts are real and not implants, do you prefer breasts that are firm and perky or large and hanging? If you like when they hang or droop, to what degree? I provided

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View Poll Results: What kind of tits do you find attractive?
I prefer them small, perky, and firm. 11 11.96%
I prefer them perky and firm, regardless of size. 41 44.57%
I serioulsy don't care if they hang or if they're perky. I love tits, period. 14 15.22%
I prefer small tits that sag/hang to some degree. 1 1.09%
I prefer tits that sag/hang to some degree, regardless of size. 7 7.61%
I prefer very large tits that sag/hang to some degree. 15 16.30%
I like them very big and pendulous! 16 17.39%
What I like depends on the woman's body, nipple/areola size, and breast shape. 19 20.65%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 92. You may not vote on this poll

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Question Breasts: Perky or Hanging?

Given that the breasts are real and not implants, do you prefer breasts that are firm and perky or large and hanging? If you like when they hang or droop, to what degree?

I provided a poll, but if the answers are too cut and dry, post your explanation in the thread.

(excuse typo in the third poll option. can't go back and edit.)

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I like them to have a slight hang. But, be full. Large nipples are a turn-on. My woman has all of the above and i can't get enough of it.
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They are all beautiful.
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I can't complain about any of them. The first girl I was with had breasts the size of my head. Then I've been with girls with small ones.

Just to look at, I would say mostly perky and well proportioned. But when it comes down to it, they are all fun.
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Some days I favor a Gianna Michaels type, other days I prefer an Eden Mor.

Other factors that matter to me are the nipples/ areola are large, the rest of the body is in proportion, and the breasts don't sag too much.
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I've been with "A" cuppers, and I've been with an "M" cupper-
I just like breasts- not particularly for what they are, but WHOM they are connected to

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I'm not too keen on enormous hanging tits, I prefer small ones with big nipples. For me, large female nipples are much more exciting than large tits.
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I love firm and perky that's why I love breast implants. This year I am buying my gf some breast implants. This will be the best 4k I ever spent!!
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small and perky :D
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I prefer the left one to be small, perky and firm and the right one to be large, soft and pendulous.
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Huge heavy hangers!!
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breasts, hanging, perky

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