Guys with HAIRY asses

I am a hairy Greek (pics of my ass on the profile) and I refuse to shave my ass and body. Some men like it, some others don't, but that's who I am. :-)

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D_Elroy Tucheslecker

I am a hairy Greek (pics of my ass on the profile) and I refuse to shave my ass and body. Some men like it, some others don't, but that's who I am. :-)
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It is nice to run your fingers along a guys back especially as he is fucking you, a hairy back is a bonus and actually despite the misconception of hairy backs it feels quite nice
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i fucking love hairy men. any hair guys out there hit me up :)
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I have a really hairy ass and hate it. I shave once a week. Starting next year I plan to start laser hair removal for it, which I'm sure will just be a joy. It's worth it though. Yuck.
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Your ass is fantastic. Don't touch a hair.
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I love hair, the thicker the better anywhere on a man's body. It makes men such a contrast to women. Whether it's touching a hairy chest or having my tongue assault a hairy crack, I just adore fur.
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Account Disabled

I regularly meet men who get off on my fur. One guy referred to me as a "wolf" and was really digging on the way my ass got that "hair got caught in the rain" look when he was topping me.
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I am mad hairy from the waist down. I used to hate it, but it doesn't bother me at all anymore. I never realized how much people like it. My grandfather who is Italian was super hairy. I assume I got it from him.
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Originally Posted by DozerLA View Post
Does anyone else think masculine guys with HAIRY asses are a huge turn on? Something about a dude's furry ass (both cheeks and hole) that is sexy and makes you know you're with a GUY.

I know a lot of guys prefer smooth dudes, but I personally hate guys who shaved or clips their ass - a naturally furry butt/hole is the hottest to eat and fuck.

Any guys with super hairy asses or guys who've eaten and/or fucked a dude's hairy ass? Italian, jewish, latin, middle eastern?

Any guys who are self-conscious and/or were made fun of cause your ass was so hairy growing up?

Can't be hairy enough in my book.
sorry, yuck!!
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This is something I recently came to realize myself. Honestly, I think there are very few things hotter (to me at least) than a hairy male ass... unless, of course, it also happens to be on a hairy, slightly chubby, slightly older male.
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i agree with all the guys who like hair. it's so masculine and such a turn on for me. I couldn't wait to grow hair when I was a kid. now, with so many guys trimming and shaving, etc., i love it when i meet a dude and he starts undressing and there is untrimmed, natural hair. a once knew an 18 year old mexican guy. his body & pubic hair had never been trimmed, was completely natural, and he had a round beautiful ass. he was one of the hottest guys i ever met. women get rid of their body hair, men need to keep theirs. if i see a hairy ass, i'm gonna want it, and i'm gonna get a hard on.

Everything's bigger in Texas.
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asses, guys, hairy

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