Guys with HAIRY asses

Does anyone else think masculine guys with HAIRY asses are a huge turn on? Something about a dude's furry ass (both cheeks and hole) that is sexy and makes you know you're with a GUY.

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Guys with HAIRY asses

Does anyone else think masculine guys with HAIRY asses are a huge turn on? Something about a dude's furry ass (both cheeks and hole) that is sexy and makes you know you're with a GUY.

I know a lot of guys prefer smooth dudes, but I personally hate guys who shaved or clips their ass - a naturally furry butt/hole is the hottest to eat and fuck.

Any guys with super hairy asses or guys who've eaten and/or fucked a dude's hairy ass? Italian, jewish, latin, middle eastern?

Any guys who are self-conscious and/or were made fun of cause your ass was so hairy growing up?

Can't be hairy enough in my book.
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I like you! LoL...

I like hair! :-)... I totally agree. For me, Hair is the ultimate epitomy of a man = TESTOSTERONE... (I mean, some women have alot of hair on their bodies too but that's another story... LMAO) I love a nice hairy ass. I prefer it if the guy has some hair... It turns me on... Shaved pubes doesn't really turn me on that much...
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Glad to see SOMEONE likes it. I get comments all the time on different sites I am on to "shave that nasty ass" and even more vicious stuff.

The only thing I am really self conscious about is the hair on my shoulders/back. I tend to keep that removed. Other than that, I may trim on occasion, usually when I know I am going to the baths or the like. Queens there are vicious enough to someone of my body type, don't need a repeat of the guys following me around making loud rude comments about my hairy ass.
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I think a man is more attractive when he's got more hair on him. But this usually applies to the arms, legs, pits, butt, pubes, face. I don't really like back or neck hair.

Average guy here in every sense of the word.
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A hairy back/shoulders is sexy too - don't shave it - leave it alone!

Just means you got a lot of testosterone & are a real MAN.

Hairy legs/butt/belly/back/shoulders/chest/face/forearms all good in my book.

Smooth guys are cool too.

Work with what God gave you.
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Definitely a weakness of mine! Among a few others haha.

Nice facial hair, hairy chest, legs are other things that get me going. But a hairy muscular ass always seems to grab my attention! Still haven't figured out why, lol.

It's a very sexy look that seems to not get much love for (guys seem to prefer shaving/waxing any body hair nowadays).

Definitely enjoy it when I get a chance to view it tho!
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I love my hairy ass (photo attached) and I love a hairy ass on a guy. Eating a hairy hole and seeing the wet spit-soaked hair all dark and matted down makes me rock hard.
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Not unless it's been worked on, ie squats and/or cardio otherwise they just look horrible.
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It's always been an extra special thrill to meet a hairy-assed man...furthermore, hairy all over is even hotter!
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trimming is sometimes necessary just for extra hygeine... Americans don't commonly have bidets around
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Account Disabled

I got an hairy asshole, i'm british hindu.

Wish someone would fuck it, 19 and unused!!
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i've got a really hairy ass and i don't consider it as a turn-on (for girls).
i don't really have a problem with it, but if i could choose, i would definitely choose my ass to be smooth
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Love a hairy guy. DOn't mind a bit of manscaping, but just LUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVVV a furry man... ass, balls, hole, chest, stache and goatee... WOOOOOF ! Smooth guys have their audience... but personally, a smooth guy no matter his age, reminds me too much of a prepubescent boy... ick !
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Hell no ill take a hairy ass over a smooth ass any day! Hairy men all the way!

"There is no such thing as coincidences in this world only inevitability", Yuko Ichihara
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Mine's a bit fuzzy (pic in gallery).

asses, guys, hairy

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