homemade insertables?

Does anyone have a dildo-replacement... something that you re-purposed but that now is reserved basically for insertion?

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homemade insertables?

Does anyone have a dildo-replacement... something that you re-purposed but that now is reserved basically for insertion?
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Don't substitute something like a carrot. Get online, buy yourself a proper dildo. It'll come in an unmarked package. Don't worry.

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

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Not used for insertion, but I've re-purposed an electric toothbrush.
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I have a number of plastic bottles (old shampoo and conditioner containers) that i have saved for insertion. They feel good to fill with warm water. Various sizes ranging from 6" to 8" in girth.

My favorite has been a shaving gel can... the rounded cap makes for nicer insertion ( I have permanenetly secured the cap so it cannot come off inside!) It is 6.5" in girth and has given me enormous pleasure over the years.

I have also made my own dildo from time to time by rolling up a chamois cloth around a stiff tube and covering with a condom. I can play with size and stiffness depending on how I roll it and what I use as a core.

There have been a number of vegetables that have been repurposed over the years as well! Cuccumbers and butternut squash come in so many size variations that make it fun to experiment!

my ass has been a great pleasure center for me!

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I used a weiner once. And no....I didn't eat it afterwards.

Of course, it wasn't homemade.
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i wasn't asking for myself- Even in this economy, I prefer to treat my body well.

I thought it might be fun to know if there are "around the house" things that other people use.
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no one was too embarassed to buy a proper toy and so they use something else?
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homemade, insertables

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