Drunk guy gets fucked and falls asleep while still getting rammed!

It was fucking hot, got me off. Love how real it is and you could tell he was really drunk but when he was sucking that big cock he wanted it and kept grabbing it

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It was fucking hot, got me off. Love how real it is and you could tell he was really drunk but when he was sucking that big cock he wanted it and kept grabbing it when it would get away from him. Great video.
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I think this is disgusting - it's rape - and the trouble is it happens all the time to particularly young men who are 'fresh' on the scene or too shy to be out. Plied with alcohol and sexually abused, left with at best an STI or worse HIV. And yes I remember waking up in some mens beds not knowing how I got there or what happened
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Rape is more of a legal term and will vary from country to country, state to state.

However, what is happening in the video is unethical and abusive because he is clearly unable to give valid consent. I'm sure that similar things happen to women and men everyday.

As for falling asleep during sex - I have experienced a former live-in lover who fell asleep as I was pounding into his rectum. He was tired so I wasn't surprised but he had requested me to fuck him before he fell asleep. I was slightly offended at the implied insignificance of my actins. I also lost my arousal as it made me think of necrophilia.

I, too, suspect that this young man wasn't simply drunk but had been using other recreational drugs. I wasn't turned on by it but I wouldn't criticise anyone if they were..
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From the looks of it, I think it may be filmed in Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, or Russia. I looked around and found similar videos featuring the two perpetrators. It seems they pay these people before doing anything with them, so this guy probably did give consent beforehand. Don't take my word for it though.

I am still trying to find the source of these videos if anyone knows anything.

P.S. As to the young man in the video, I think he's kinda cute. The guy receiving the BJ is somewhat hot, but he's a creep.

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Please. I know this series well. The lad isn't drunk and he isn't being raped. 90% of porn is acting.
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Originally Posted by Rikter8 View Post
Isn't this borderline rape?
No. He was a willing participant in a sex film and was filmed guiding another actor's dick into his mouth and ass.

Originally Posted by facetious8 View Post
i imagine u have to be pretty drunk to fall asleep while u have a dick in ur ass
Or very tired.

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D_John Handcock
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yeah... i'd say the guy knew what he was doing/ getting him self into!
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Originally Posted by mikey41 View Post
Please. I know this series well. The lad isn't drunk and he isn't being raped. 90% of porn is acting.
Pray tell me, who is the original source for this series? What are the names of these guys?
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it's abit like staight bait bus... broke straight boys and the likes of ... I mean do you guys really think they are all straight and gay virgins........ plllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseee! id say he knew what he was getting into

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I hope that it is correct that he was fully consenting. There is no doubt that he was commited to having sex with the other guy.
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D_Everette Hunglungfish

Not too into that clip but what a great site!
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D_Tim McGnaw
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TBH it looks nothing like a rape to me, the guy is most likely a hooker (not that hookers aren't raped all the time, because they are and it's a scandal because normally nothing is done about it even if it gets reported) and I've met plenty of hookers who need to be blind drunk to work, he was fully consenting by the looks of it and it looked like he was enjoying himself at various points. The whole thing was probably staged from start to finish, even the practical joke stuff at the end seems like something they probably agreed to before hand.

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Originally Posted by hottyhot View Post
This one is too good. Guy gets wasted and fucked by a hot muscle stud and falls asleep while taking it up the ass. Frat party fantasy!

SpyCamsFromGuys archive: From "for the money" series - Drunk Boy
Have been searching around for this and finally found it!! BUT it says the video is unavailable... any body have any links? Thanks a ton!!!!
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asleep, drunk, falls, fucked, kid, rammed

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