Is this big?

Brenda and Eddie had had it already by the summer of 2005… The couple sat in the mediator’s office in Highland Park signing the papers that finalized their divorce. Although both were sad, they knew

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Is this big?

Brenda and Eddie had had it already by the summer of 2005…

The couple sat in the mediator’s office in Highland Park signing the papers that finalized their divorce. Although both were sad, they knew it was the right thing to do. Brenda was 26 and Eddie was a year older… plenty of time to meet someone new and move on with their lives, although that’s not what they were thinking of as they officially ended their 10 year relationship.

Eddie met Brenda when her dad was transferred to the Detroit area after Ford closed one of their plants in North Carolina. Brenda came into Eddie’s school and shared a homeroom where she immediately caught his eye. Sitting in the back of the room, he saw this new tall brunette enter the room… she was attractive, but not stunning, yet something about her was special. Following classes that day, Brenda was fumbling with her locker as Eddie came up to assist. It was love at first sight… the couple was inseparable through high school and both went on to attend the University of Michigan.

Eddie got a single and Brenda basically lived with him for the three following years and the two years following as he finished his engineering degree while Brenda started work in the marketing department at Ford.

Families in Michigan were loyal to their brands, as generations went to work for Ford, GM or Chrysler… but would never consider working for another brand until recent slowdowns in the auto industry forced people to jump brands to keep food on the table.

Marriage was smooth until the couple grew distant due to pressures as the auto market slowed, causing Brenda to lose her job. Eddie thought that this might be a good time to have children – he was from a big family, with four boys and two girls. Brenda suddenly had no interest in kids and announced that she had decided that she never wanted children…a deal killer for Ed. The marriage went downhill from there, until they sat in this third floor office and euthanized their bond. Love and caring had been replaced with bitterness and anger on both sides. It was tough for both of them.


It was early November when Eddie got a call from a college buddy. Steve had moved out to the west coast to design cars for Honda where he met his current partner, Mike. Steve’s boss wanted to meet Eddie after Steve showed him some design work that Eddie had done over the past few years. The Honda Design Center was expanding and the bosses at Honda admired the work that was shown to them. “Honda’s willing to pay for your trip, bud,” Steve started. “You need to get away for a while, and who knows… it could be the job of a lifetime. You can hang out with me and Mike… we just got a new place in Venice Beach, right near the beach. You’ll love it.”

Eddie and Steve met in college when the two shared a suite as freshman. Their bond was so strong that Steve approached Eddie first when he came out of the closet. Michigan was a pretty conservative place, and announcing your sexuality to the world was not easy.

The arrangements were made for Thanksgiving week. Eddie had never been out west, so this was a real adventure for him. Steve and Mike met Eddie at LAX at noon on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The contrast was interesting. While Steve was tall and thin with a swimmer’s lean body, Mike was broad shouldered, looking as if he had just come from the gym. They threw Eddie’s bag in the back of their new SUV and headed for Venice.

After a quick lunch on their deck that overlooked the Pacific, the couple gave Eddie a tour of Venice and the surrounding area. Having heard about Steve’s friend from Michigan, Mike’s mom invited Eddie to spend Thanksgiving with the family.


Although they had trouble, Brenda was sad that things ended with Eddie this way. Deep down she still loved him, but the ugly side came out of the relationship when we started to discuss kids… and this was something they couldn’t get past. Although she’d never been with another man, other than just fooling around in middle school, she knew that Eddie was good looking. The stares that he got from women confirmed that her inner feelings were not just her own. Here she sat, alone on a Saturday afternoon just a month after the divorce when her friend Julie called to invite Brenda out to a local bar with some friends. “Don’t worry, Bren, they’re not all married,” she offered to assure her that she wouldn’t be the only one without a date. Although she wasn’t really ready to date, she jumped at the offer to go out with some friends.

The group went to Charlie’s, a popular bar in town where they spent the night having good food, better drinks with great company. Half way through the meal, Brenda excused myself to go to the ladies room and was surprised to see one of the single guys waiting outside the bathroom when I finished. “Hi,” she started, “you’re not stalking me,” she continued with a big smile.

“No, I’m not. My name’s Justin Taylor. I am a friend of Julie’s friend Lisa. Nice to meet you,” he continued as he introduced himself.

“For the record, if you must know, us guys have to certain things to do too,” he said motioning towards the men’s room. Brenda decided to wait for him to finish so they could walk back to the table together. We walked back to a group of ooo’s and ahh’s, as if something had happened between us. “That was amazing,” Justin said as Brenda turned red.

Three or four beers later, Justin got up and excused himself, walking toward the men’s room. About two minutes later, Brenda took the phone from her purse and faked a text message as she walked away, excusing herself from the group. She waited outside of the bathroom until Justin emerged. “Hi again,” he started, as Brenda leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. She had to break the ice. The first time kissing another man in 16 years… his lips were thinner than Brenda was used to and she noticed that his tongue was more insistent then she used to with Eddie. Brenda pulled away after kissing for 15 – 20 seconds. “There. I did it, she thought to herself… the first kiss after the divorce. It was different from what she was used to, but it was nice anyhow.

Before leaving, Justin asked Brenda to text her number to him, asking if she was free for dinner the Friday night after Thanksgiving. Brenda sent the text, and a date was set for Friday night.

Thanksgiving without Brenda was a bit weird, and Eddie was glad to be far away from memories of past holidays. As soon as he walked into Mike’s parents house, he was welcomed as family. “Please don’t call me Mrs. Miller, Eddie… Stephanie is fine. And call Mike’s dad Frank. No ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ allowed here.”

Dinner, including a turkey and California wine was great. Luckily (or maybe it wasn’t luck), Mike’s mom sat Eddie next to her friend’s daughter Melissa. Melissa was tall and thin, with straight hips, big tits and long flowing red hair. Mel, as she called herself smelled of expensive perfume and looked fantastic in skinny jeans and an opened top.

Mel worked part time in Mike’s coffee house and was finishing her master’s degree at UCLA. The two joined the conversation at dinner, discussing football, politics and movies with the others at the table. After the dishes were cleared, Steve, Mike and Eddie were standing on the deck of the Miller’s house enjoying some fresh air when Melissa approached. Soon after, the other guys seemed to disappear, leaving Eddie alone with Melissa.

“So, Mike tells me that you’re recently divorced,” Melissa started. Way to not beat around the bush, Eddie thought.

“Yes. Not the way I expected things to end. Brenda, my ex wife… sorry, still getting used to that, is back in Michigan, I guess.”

“No worries,” Mel continued. "So, what brings you out here?”

"Just needed a change of pace, and Steve arranged for an interview for me at Honda Design. I work on GM’s Future Projects Team, but want to see what else is out there for me.”

The two stood alone of the deck for about a half-hour discussing both of their pasts before it was time for the three men to leave. “If you’re free on Friday, I’d love to spend some time with you. Not to be awkward, but I have no idea where to go around here and have no car, so it’s not much of a date,” said Eddie. “Although I do have money with me,” he added, so he didn’t look like a total loser.

“That would be great. I will pick you up at Mike and Steve’s tomorrow at 10:00,” replied Melissa with a warm smile as they shook hands before leaving.

On the way home from dinner that night, Steve said “you’ve been in California for just one day and have a date with the hottest girl in town… not bad!”
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Julie just left Brenda’s condo after helping her get ready for her date with Justin. They’d tried on three outfits before settling pants and an open shirt that showed what Julie called ‘just a little cleavage.’ It had been years since Brenda had been on a date and she suddenly realized with some dread and excitement that she had never slept with another man before, since she and Eddie had met in high school and she never cheated on him. Was she good in bed? Was Eddie? Would another man find her attractive? How would Justin be different… assuming Brenda wanted that to happen that night.

The date went well… dinner and a movie, followed by ice cream. Aside from the Jeep that Justin drove (she was a Ford girl), things were good. Justin pulled into the parking lot at Brenda’s condo and the couple sat in the car making out for about fifteen minutes. Brenda was feeling good. Her pussy was wet and nipples were hard, as Justin explored her body over her clothes. After getting up the nerve, Brenda invited Justin into her apartment.

When Brenda returned from ‘freshening up,’ Justin was sitting on the couch watching television. Brenda’s heart dropped for a moment as she saw her moment slip away. Not knowing what to do with this new guy, she sat next to him, brushing his arm with her right breast. Brenda took charge by taking the remote and turning off the TV as she leaned in to kiss Justin again. It was different than Eddie. Not bad, just different.

Slowly clothing melted away. First came Justin’s shirt, then the couple’s socks and shoes. Next, Justin slowly unbuttoned Brenda’s shirt, exposing the dark purple bra that held her firm B cup tits. Tilting his head to the side, Justin teased Brenda’s nipples through her bra, leaving wet spots on the areas that covered each of her hard nipples. To Brenda’s delight and surprise, she felt her pussy get wet… ready to accept her second lover. She smiled to herself as she thought of Julie and others who had been with 20 or more other guys, while this was just her second.

Justin removed her bra; taking each nipple in her mouth, one at a time… sucking each like it was a tiny cock. Then, moving lower, Justin left a trail of kisses that ended where her pants remained. Justin took the button of her jeans and pulled it open with his teeth while he pulled the zipper down on her pants.

Once Brenda’s pants were off, Justin caressed Brenda’s pussy, moving a finger slowly inside her tight opening. Knowing enough to move his finger gently against the front of her pussy to find her G-spot was enough to tell Brenda that this guy had some experience. As he worked her pussy from the inside, Justin gently teased Brenda’s swollen clit. In just a few minutes, Brenda erupted into one of the biggest orgasms of her life. It had been several months since she and Eddie had been together, and she really wasn’t into solo performances.

Brenda got a bit nervous as Justin unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles before kicking them off and leaving them next to Brenda’s. The couple kissed deeply as Brenda massaged Justin’s cock though his boxer-brief underwear. Brenda was about to touch only the second cock of her life and her heart was pounding as she reached into Justin’s underwear.

Before taking off Justin’s last piece of clothing, Brenda went between his legs, teasing him by slowing licking and kissing his ankles… then his calves and finally his thighs as she sucked on the outline of Justin’s penis while it remained in his underpants. Finally, she took the waistband of Justin’s boxer’s and pulled them down with her teeth until his hard cock came into view.

Justin carried Brenda into the bedroom and rested her on the bed. His cock was rock-hard and dripping pre-cum as Brenda took him in her hands and kissed and teased the tip of his cock. Descending down the length of his cock, she noticed that she easily reached his torso without any discomfort. She pulled her mouth off of him as she stroked him, examining this new toy of hers, noticing that it wasn’t nearly the size of Eddie’s cock. She went back to sucking and teasing, licking around the head and going up and down with ease, leaving her own saliva to mix with the sweet taste of Justin’s generous pre-cum.

After several minutes, Justin could take no more. He pulled her off of his cock, leaning her back on the couch as he entered her in one full stroke as he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Going from position to position… him on top, her on top and finally doggie style and finally back to missionary before coming together as they kissed deeply before falling asleep joined as one. As she fell asleep, Brenda thought that although Justin may not be the man for her, it was reassuring to know that someone other than Eddie found her attractive.

Justin awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen as Brenda came into the bedroom wearing only a tee-shirt that accented her prominent nipples. “Care to join me in the shower?”

Being a smart guy, Justin didn’t need to be asked twice and followed her into the bathroom, led by his morning wood. Eddie entered the shower as Brenda was enjoying the spray of the hot water with her back turned to him. As he stepped into the steamy area, Justin glanced down thinking what an amazingly tight ass she had. Justin picked up a second bar of soap that was in the dish and lathered up her hands before gently massaging Brenda’s back. “MMMMM,” was all she said as she enjoyed the feeling of the deep massage.

Turning around, she grabbed Justin’s cock and glanced down, seeing Justin’s hardened penis for the first time in full light. Her only experience was with Eddie who loved blowjobs in the shower… how different could Justin be, she thought to herself. Bending to her knees, she took Justin in her mouth noticing again what an easy fit he was. She backed off and started stoking him with her hands. Although not tiny, he was no where need the length or girth of Eddie. It had never occurred to her that penises come in different sizes. Regardless, she was enjoying herself and the fact that she was attractive to more than one man. Justin came a few minutes later splashing her tits with a hot load of cum.

At lunch that afternoon, Brenda told Julie and her other friend Meg about the date. Justin was a nice guy… the movie was good and they went to that new hot restaurant that everyone was trying.

“Blah, blah, blah,” started Julie. “Who cares about all that? What happened later,” she asked.

“Well… let’s just say that Eddie is no longer my ‘only one.’ It was a bit strange kissing another man after all this time. Justin is a good kisser and is very good with his tongue… it’s been a while since I, you know… so maybe it was just a pent up need,” Brenda replied.

She went on to tell the other two how he spent the night and that they showered the next morning.

“Sounds nice,” added Meg. Having done this many times in her life, she was accustomed to this and it was no big deal for her.

“You have to remember that Eddie and I met back in high school… and as tempting as it was sometimes, I never cheated on him,” offered Brenda.

“NEVER,” the two asked in unison.

“Well, we broke up once for a few weeks way at the beginning and I made out with two other guys… one even got under my shirt, but Justin’s was the second… um… cock that I’ve seen in person. I had no idea that they came in different sizes. I guess that hands and feet vary. I never really thought about it.”

“You never watched porn with Eddie,” Meg inquired.

“No. I hate porn. Eddie was good at satisfying me and the subject only came up once. I shot the idea down so we never watched together.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,” started Julie. “You’re 26 and only on your second penis. I’ve had four so far this year.”

“Hell, I lost count a few years ago,” offered Meg, before becoming embarrassed at what she just said. “How much smaller is Justin than Eddie?”

“I guess since we’re divorced, I can talk about this,” said Brenda. “Eddie is about this big,” she offered holding her hands about 9 inches apart.”

“You never measured,” asked Meg.

“Why would you do that,” replied Brenda.

“If I was fucking a monster cock like that, I’d probably faint, started Meg. “I’d want to know how big that thing was.”

“As I said, I had no idea that dicks came in different sizes. I guess I have a lot to learn.”

“You sure do,” answered Julie. “And something tells me you’ll have a lot of fun getting your education.”
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good so far...keep it coming
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I love it so far. I can't wait for Melissa to meet Eddie's "monster".
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This is good writing, but I still can't believe that a Billy Joel song could get Rule 34'ed. :P
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Originally Posted by fsboo15 View Post
This is good writing, but I still can't believe that a Billy Joel song could get Rule 34'ed. :P
i was thinking the same thing..
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I thought you guys would like the Billy Joel reference... maybe more to come.
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very nice beginning!! keep it going, please!

6'1'', 8x5.75... Young and ready!
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Great to see you writing again Iscream :D
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nice start... keep going. I'm enjoying the story.

that Avatar is a big white cock...
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awesome start and well written, looking forward to some more!
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After an early run on the beach and a quick shower, Eddie was ready when Melissa picked him up at 10:00. The gleaming forest green Mustang GT was great contrast for any redhead, he thought as she came up the walk to Steve and Mike’s place. After spending a few minutes with Steve and Mike, the couple headed north to a beach in Malibu.

The ride was amazing… Eddie had never been to the Pacific before, and only had memories of summers at beaches along the Atlantic when his family lived in North Carolina. He was in an amazing car with a spectacular woman looking at an unbelievable view.

Eddie loved sitting with Mel all day… the conversation was great, and he loved that all the guys around them were checking out the woman he was with. Melissa’s perfectly firm ass sat atop her long legs… Her arms were toned and stomach flat. Her one piece bathing suit only hinted at the body that was hidden beneath… something Eddie wondered about throughout the day.

When the day was over, the couple went to shower at the house of a friend of Melissa. “My friend’s away on business and I have a key. We can shower there and get ready for dinner.” Hmmm “we can shower.” Eddie’s cock jumped in his board shorts.

The house was amazing, with broad views of the beach and ocean beyond. At Melissa’s suggestion, Eddie grabbed two cold bottles of beer from the refrigerator as she took his hand and led him into the bathroom. “Gee, this shower looks big enough for two or more,” she purred. “It would be a shame to be in there all alone.” Eddie got a kick out of this… the shower was nearly the size of his first dorm room!

Taking her lead, Eddie took Melissa into his arms and kissed her. For him, this was the first kiss in many years. Her mouth was insistent and aggressive. As the two kissed, Melissa ran her and across his lightly haired chest, feeling his muscles. “Lean… not too muscular, just what I love,” she thought as she moved her lips away from his. “We can’t shower in our bathing suits,” she added as she moved the straps from her shoulders.

Ever so slowly, Melissa pulled the top down across the wide expanse of her firm tits. Her milk-white tits were topped by tiny dark red areolas, each capped with an eraser sized firm nipple. Eddie stepped back and admired Mel’s curvy top as the bathing suit revealed her flat stomach and thin trail of red hair that led between her legs.

“My turn,” offered Eddie, as he turned around to tease Melissa. “Don’t look,” he said as he hooked his thumbs on the waistband of his board shorts and pulled them down over his ass. “Mmmmm,” purred Melissa as she cupped his ass cheeks in her hands. Still facing away from her, Eddie could feel the fullness of her tits pressing against his back as she kissed his neck.

As she reached around Eddie’s naked torso, she moved her hands lower… slowly passing Eddie’s neatly trimmed hair as her hand encircled his fullness. “This is a nice surprise. Where have you been all my life,” Melissa asked aloud.

Eddie watched her as wrapped her hands around his shaft as she massaged his full length. “This is gonna be a lot of fun,” Mel added as she led him by the penis into the shower.

Once the water was on and warmed up, the couple went into the shower as Melissa took Eddie’s hands and guided his hands to her full tits. Eddie massaged her full tits as she sat on the bench that was part of the custom shower. Grabbing the soap, Melissa started to soap her upper body. “Let me,” offered Ed as he took the bar of soap and took his own sweet time covering every inch of Melissa’s exquisite body.

“Come here,” she said as she took his cock and placed it between her amazing tits. “I bet with a cock this size, this is one of your favorites.” Eddie wondered what this comment meant as he slid his fat penis between her tits, fucking slowly as she held her breasts together.

Next, Melissa stood up, taking the hand-held shower head in her hand as she washed the soap from her body and his cock. She needed this python in her mouth. “Watch this,” she offered as she sank to her knees and swallowed the entire length of Eddie’s cock. Brenda was good at cock sucking he thought, but could never take him entirely into his mouth. Eddie took the shower head from Melissa, switched it to massage, and moved it back and forth over her pussy, causing her to moan loudly, which in turn caused a vibration though her mouth and on his cock that made him cum in ropes as she removed his cock and sprayed down her tits with his hot load.

After finishing the actual shower, Melissa said “you have one amazing cock. I’ve never seen one that big before.” Not wanting to appear naïve or ballsy, he just thanked her for the compliment.

Once dressed, the coupled headed for a restaurant that Melissa had recommended. “Anthony’s has the best Italian food in the area. The guy used to own a grocery store in LA. He saved his money and finally bought a restaurant and realized his dream.”

Melissa obviously knew Anthony, since she gave him a kiss on the cheek and introduced Eddie to him. The place was great… and Anthony waited on the couple himself, describing the menu and the specials with great pride. After reviewing the wine menu, Eddie offered “A bottle of red, a bottle of white, perhaps a bottle of rose instead.” “Red or white is fine. I hate rose,” answered Melissa.

Eddie stared at her… she was freshly tan wearing a white dress that showed her ample breasts and great legs. It had been a tough few months with Brenda… being out with a beautiful woman at a great restaurant was really nice.

After dinner, the couple drove back to Steve’s place in Venice. “It’s been a long day, Eddie. It was great to meet you, but I need to get some sleep,” adding besides… we have to leave something to the imagination,” as she squeezed the bulge between his legs as she leaned over to kiss him good night.

During breakfast with Steve and Mike the next morning, Eddie said “I have a question for you guys…”
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Great! I love the idea that he never realized that he was hung. I can't wait to see the conversation with Steve and Mike.
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The conversation at lunch was interesting… Brenda never thought she led a sheltered life, but she realized that she had never seen another man naked aside from Eddie until the previous night. Women had discussed cock size, but only in terms of a cock being nice or thick or something like that… never the fact that the cock was so big or fat or anything.

Brenda arranged to meet her high school friend Jack for dinner that night. At 6’2 with ice blue eyes and long blond hair, he was considered quite a hunk by many girls in school. The two became friends when Jack’s dad was brought in from Indiana as the plant manager where Brenda’s dad worked. Both were new kids at the same time, which gave them something in common and an instant bond.

Although he often talked about his girlfriend back in Indiana, Jack and Diane had broken up right after Brenda and Eddie had married. As far as Brenda knew, Jack had been dating a few women lately, but nobody special.

The two kissed politely on the cheek before ordering and sitting down. Conversation with Jack was always easy… he was more like the big brother who Brenda never thought of in a sexual way, although Jack had asked for dating and other pointers from Brenda… especially since he had split up with Diane. Dinner was great… catching up on old times and hearing details about each others’ families. Afterwards, as Jack walked Brenda back to her apartment, she leaned in and asked a question – trying not to attract the attention of anyone who might hear.

“Hey Jack, can I ask you about your… cock?” She said. Jack nearly passed out.

Brenda told Jack about their date, skipping over some of the specific sexual details of the night and next morning. “So here’s my question… I guess it’s not about your cock, but cocks in general. Let’s go inside so we can have some privacy.

“I can’t wait to hear this,” said Jack with a smile. “This is going to be good.”

“So we’re doing… you know, the next morning and I reached out to touch his, um, thing and noticed that it was smaller than Eddie’s.” Brenda’s face was turning red as she added “ya want some coffee” to lighten the subject.

Jack refused the coffee but asked for a glass of water to wet his dry mouth. “Well, cocks come in all sizes. I’ve seen lots of guys in locker rooms when they weren’t at their, ah, full potential and all guys are different. WAIT. You’ve never seen another penis other than Eddie’s,” asked Jack.

“Until last night, yes… and before you ask, we never watched porn and I’ve never been to a male strip club. I’ve heard women discussing a boyfriend’s ‘nice cock,’ but never related to size.” As Brenda said this, she looked over at Jack who was sitting at the counter in her kitchen and could see the outline of his penis against his right pant leg. She quickly decided not to mention this to save him the embarrassment.

“I’ve only seen one other hard cock… back in college I shared a sorority girl with a frat brother. My cock was bigger than his was by a bit. Several women, including Diane, commented that I had a big… um, cock.”

“So they’re bigger as in longer?” she asked.

“Cocks can be longer, but also fatter – kind of like fingers can be long and skinny or short and fat or whatever. Jack said. I can’t believe we’re having this conversation,” as he turned red with embarrassment. “I need a drink,” he concluded.

The two moved on from the cock discussion, talking about everything from movies and television to their pasts, describing how they grew up. At some point, Brenda went into the kitchen and brought out a bottle of wine with two glasses. As the evening proceeded, the first bottle was gone and then the second. “So what happened with Diane,” asked Brenda. “You seemed like two American kids doing the best you can, and then you broke up.” Brenda interrupted the break up explanation suddenly:

“I want to see it,” she blurted out “ok, I want to see your penis, Jack” she repeated as she unbuttoned her blouse revealing her firm tits and ever-hard nipples.

Jack thought he had died and gone to heaven. Not only were her tits amazing, he had been trying to figure out away to have ‘show and tell’ and she served it up on a platter for him.

As Jack removed his pants and then his boxer briefs, Brenda looked at the sizeable cock sitting atop two hairless balls. ‘Where was the hair,’ she thought as she looked at his hairless chest and lack of any pubic hair.

“I shave,” Jack replied, matter-of-factly.

“Shave? You shave everything?”

“Yup. I love it, and so do all the women who have seen it. You mean you’ve never seen someone shaved… which means you’ve never shaved or trimmed either?”

“Sure I trim so I look good in a bathing suit, but that’s it.”

Changing the subject, Brenda leaned over and cupped Jack’s balls in her hands. “These are big,” she commented as if Jack was not in the room. This turned Jack on so much that he grabbed his own cock and started jerking off. “Let me, she said in a soft voice. It’s one thing I know I am good at.”

Between her expert hands, the view of her tits and the excitement of the moment, Jack lasted for about two minutes before shooting a load all over Brenda’s tits and legs. Brenda stripped off the rest of her clothes and gave Jack a warm hug of thanks.

“So is it… big,” he asked nervously.

“You’re bigger than the guy last night. Not as big as Eddie,” adding “you have a great cock and body. No need to worry, Jack.”

“Bren, would you like to try the bare look? It’s the least I can do after you turned me on so much,” Jack offered.

The couple wasted no time going into the bathroom and filling the tub for Brenda. Within minutes, she was completely bare… and was rubbing herself, feeling all new sensations. Jack took his chance and leaned over and tweaked her hard nipples with his mouth, hands and teeth.

“This is my favorite,” he said as he dove between her legs to taste her warmth, bringing her to a crashing orgasm. She wondered how this would change their relationship as he leaned over and kissed her, sharing her juices in an open mouth kiss.
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very good!! keep it going!!

6'1'', 8x5.75... Young and ready!
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big, inches, surprised

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