Biggest at Glory Hole???

I've been cruising gloryholes for a couple months now and only had a couple really big dicks. I was just curious as to see who all has had some monster cocks at gloryholes and how

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Biggest at Glory Hole???

I've been cruising gloryholes for a couple months now and only had a couple really big dicks. I was just curious as to see who all has had some monster cocks at gloryholes and how big do you think they were?
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Glory holes still exist outside of dark rooms in Barcelona's and Madrid's gay bars? Quelle 1960s!

Back in the day, I distinctly recall running into only one person as big as myself in the famous little T-room that served as blow job central for more than 90 years in Pioneer Park (because of it's perfect location between the Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroad stations). He was a rather distinguished looking gent and owned a pseudo German restaurant north of SLC famous for mormon brides booking the space for their receptions. "It" was a nice, giant, veiny, uncut piece of meat very fun to play with and very well known among the "visitors" to that particular spot. After we played around with one another we recruited a handsome and muscular 40-something Mexican/American (big moustache) to alternately suck us off as we made out. We eventually finished our encounter by taking turns fucking that beautiful, smooth-skinned brown hunk. The hunk definitely seemed to enjoy the attention.

I rather miss the halcyon years of T-rooms, glory holes, and famous truck stops along I-80 from Wyoming to Sacramento. Oh, and the old restroom/changing rooms below the cliff area of Long Beach. And the San Diego Yacht Club. Buena Vista Park in San Francisco, the tiny Woolworths mens room (packed sweaty body to sweaty body) one passed to get to the BART Station, on and on and on and on. Oh, and a particularly sweet place in Mill Valley where mostly husbands showed up to suck cock because driving into the city would take too long and their wives would become suspicious.

Ahhh, sic transit gloria mundi -- or in this case "Sic transit gloria holes!"

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Back in the days before HIV, I went to an ABS (adult book store) here in my city. They didn't have glory holes, they had curtains instead of doors on the booths. Guys would walk up and down the row of booths and peek in or guys would stick their cocks out between the curtains. Guys would just drop to their knees and suck off guys right in front of everyone. If a guy opened his curtain, it was an invite for someone to come in. As long as you kept feeding the quarters, no one said a word. The cops wouldn't even say anything. I saw this guy who looked 12"+ sticking out. I didn't do him, but the guy who was sucking him could only get half down his throat and he still had enough to wrap a big hand around it. Honestly, it was so long, it was scary.

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My glory hole experience is pretty limited, but, just last month I was blue balls horny and needed some quick relief. Went to local AND and set up in a budy booth ready for action. After a couple of minutes I see a nice looking business type walk into the booth next door. The guy was probably 6' 4" tall. He started watching some straight porn while peeking at me through the hole. He starts stripping down to his shorts. I stripped down to my jock. He pulls down his shorts and slips this monster through the hole. It was an easy 9" cut. I got to work and we took turns until he asked me to play with his balls and ass. I sucked on his balls and fingered his hole for a bit. He pulls out and said it was my turn. I slip my dick through and feel a condom being rolled on. Next thing I know he's backed onto my cock and starts slamming his ass against the partition. I'm ready to cum and pull out. He sticks his face in the hole and asks for a taste. I obliged with a load on his face. He sticks his condom covered cock back through and says its his turn. I backed down on his cock and felt it go past my second ring. This guy had the biggest head I've ever had up my ass. I felt him getting bigger in ass and figured he was getting close. I'm getting hard again. He starts hammering my ass and then pulls out and asked where I wanted it. I needed to see if this thing tasted as good as it felt. Put my face in the hole and got blasted with a huge load. He got dressed and left. I had to jack off again . I've been back hoping this guy would be back, biggest cock I've ever had.
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I lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in.
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Back in the day, there was an adult videostore in Dallas that was next to a strip club. Guys could pay a couple of $$ and watch girls strip through a glass wall in a closed booth. when the guys would run out of money they would go into the video room that had glory holes and get their dicks sucked. All of the csuckers would hang out and just take care of all of the cowboys that came into the video...non stop after late night.
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biggest, glory, hole

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