Skinny Dipping stories

I've long wondered about the definition of the word skinnydipping. The image I've always conjured was a group of intoxicated males running bare-assed into ice cold water after triple-dog daring one another. The more romantic

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I've long wondered about the definition of the word skinnydipping. The image I've always conjured was a group of intoxicated males running bare-assed into ice cold water after triple-dog daring one another. The more romantic female version has a couple under a star-filled sky, disrobing to the thrill of first discovery, and stepping into balmy Carribean waters in the moonlight. What the hell is skinnydipping anyway?

Most of the skinnydipping tales seem to involve rural places like Bug Holler "Crik" and such. Most erotic skinnydipping tales culminate with a beautiful woman being overwhelmned at the first sight of her man's huge endowment. Most actual skinnydipping tales end up with no sex and freezing testicles. So much for skinnydipping tales.
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Originally Posted by thirteenbyseven
I've long wondered about the definition of the word skinnydipping. The image I've always conjured was a group of intoxicated males running bare-assed into ice cold water after triple-dog daring one another. The more romantic female version has a couple under a star-filled sky, disrobing to the thrill of first discovery, and stepping into balmy Carribean waters in the moonlight. What the hell is skinnydipping anyway?

well, that's part of it.
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Then there's the one about the guy collecting aluminum cans who was swept down the L.A. River during a flash flood. The force of the water tore his clothing from him until, after repeated attempts by the fire department over a 2-hour period, he was finally rescued.

He was promptly arrested for skinnydipping.
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My friends have a cottage near a village on a lake. Their local tradition was to go swimming after midnight via the small public wharf. About a dozen of us went for a swim and took up the challenge of swimming bare-assed, much to the consternation of the Asian guys fishing along the wharf. Oh well. The tradition was in place long before they started fishing there.

After we have our co-ed swim, as we were getting out of the water to get dressed, a brilliant flashlight is aimed at us and we are suddenly being interviewed by two provincial police! Seems someone (a fisherman no doubt?) reported beer drinkers were about the area. We got dressed quickly, wondering what was coming next.

The only one of us who actually had a beer bottle was our pretty blond friend who owned up to the offence, then sweet talked the cop for about 15 minutes. The married cop enjoyed flirting with our friend, lectured her (she was 29) and appeared to be writing a citation, when we pointed out to him that the beer was still completely full. Therefore no beer had been consumed, it was simply open.

He bought that excuse because of her charm, took the bottle and emptied it, and let her go. He had a story to take to the guys back at the shop. There was no concern from the cops about the skinny dipping at all.

We had a laugh teasing her about the obvious unfair advantage some dumb blondes enjoy.

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I was forced to go on this church get away when in highschool and was joined by a number of my classmates from school. When walking back from supper, a girl suggested our group skinny dip, but it was way too cold so everyone bailed. I would have loved to show off my junk, but a large dick fantasy can not always come true.
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Originally Posted by Katiecav_34D
I've been coed skinnydipping a few times, boy dos cold water have a bad effect on you guys*L*
only happened once, then warmed up and everything was back to usual.By the way there, Katie, skinnydipping with someone like you would always keep me free of the cold water efeect, IE, shrinkage.
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Originally Posted by Flyin' Owl
I was wondering if anyone from this Forum has gone skinny dipping ?

First time in 9th grade.
She was the Hotel Cartagena receptionist.
In the hotel pool in summer, after dark.
Exquisite young lady.
Built like "Lil Annie Fanny".
A little kissing and underwater bumping.
Great time.

Second time in 12th grade.
Martinez, outskirts of B.A.
Her backyard pool, summertime again.
She was built like Sophia Loren.
This time we chased each other in and out of the pool.
Kissing and bumpin' and fondling....
Wow !

How you do it without being caught.
Don't worry about getting caught.
Just do it.

Heed the advice of "Love-It".
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For me the first time skinny dipping was not a romantic one but just a bunch of young guys out hiking to a designated spot in the middle of July out in the heat of the desert. I was 14 as were most of us. I think about 7 of us. After finding the camp spot we still had a long hot evening to wait out so we went exploring and found a very secluded mountain lake. I felt real bad after convincing most everyone that we were old enough not to be embarressed but to just get in and cool off for a while. The bad part was that I at 14 was already about 6 inches long soft and about as hairy as I am now, but there were two other boys who had not even started puberty yet and looked smaller then my two year old son does now. They were already undressed by the time I got in and I clearly saw many of them get uncomfortable. Well the only reason I am telliing this first story is because the just one month later my family takes over a job of caretaking a dude ranch up in the same mountains. One day in late August I went for a walk with my dog and I found that same lake! I have actually mention this before in another thread but under different circumstances. Well I was hot and exhausted so I went in by my self the moss growing in the water was smooth and cool and I got turned on so I did as any 14 year old might do and completed the fun of it. Anyway as Iwas getting out of the water I spotted someone at the other end of the lake. Now this was not a big lake more of a large pond. SHE was clearly watching me and noticed me. I initially thought she was too far away to have seen anything but a few weeks later just before school started a family came to the dude ranch they claimed to have been refered to come there to stay off other private ground near by, so we got to meet them. As it turned out they had a daughter she was 15 and she had been the one watching me. After a very short time our families were good friends and they allowed us to talk more. We were both very quiet and shy teenagers but as it turned out she recognized me right away and really wanted to talk! Now I am sure it could have led to something more had time allowed it too, but after she openly asked me about that day we had to "explore" things together!

I have not even told my wife of this not because I did not want her to know but because I had almost forgotten it out of shyness. We never did actually have sex but we did play around with each other. She was the first girl I ever kissed, the first breasts I every touched. We had gone back to that same lake for just one hot day and learned about what to do, our first daring exploration into our own sexuality. Her family left just the next day and mine did the following week. We moved to Oregon, and I never heard from or about her again!

I am sure NO ONE really wanted to hear all of that but as I sit here my mind races to where my body can't go!;)

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nice memory Mr Stout
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When I was in the Boy Scouts, the troop sometimes went on canoing trips. We'd go skinny-dipping on remote stretches of the river (although if girls were on the trip with us we'd wear our suits). Nowadays, my wife and I will go skinny-dipping in secluded places along the coastline, and we've done it a couple of times in her mother's backyard pool (although always at night so the neighbors won't see us). I prefer to swim in the nude, but unfortunately I don't have the opportunity very often....
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About 30 years ago a couple and I went skinny dipping in a small hot spring pool on the side of a cliff in the Sierras, she had recently graduated from medical school as a GP. When she saw that I wasn't circumcized she asked if she could examine my penis as she had never seen an uncut cock before. Sad to say she was clinical in her study, retracting the foreskin, etc. and nothing more came of the experience.
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Originally Posted by Katiecav_34D
I've been coed skinnydipping a few times, boy dos cold water have a bad effect on you guys*L*
:p Yeah, but it's offset by the effect that it has on you gals. :D
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Not really a skinny dipping story but in the same vein: Last year I spent the winter as a 'pisteur' (piste police and ski rescue service, wicked job!) in a French resort. I was staying in a really cool apartment block with a swimming pool and gym complex.
I got back pretty late that day, after a really long emergency session which had taken until well after dark (try skiing off-piste down a 45 degree slope in minus-20 conditions in the pitch-dark, dragging a guy with a broken leg in a sled--no experience like it) I was knackered and emotionally drained so I decided to go and have a swim and a workout. I swam a few lengths and did my usual evening weights, then slipped into the jacuzzi. As I was starting to relax an absolutely stunning girl with waist length black hair, wearing a tiny black bikini walked thorugh towards the swimming pool. She gave me a smile and I think I probably grimmaced back (I got severe back cramps after pulling the sled for any substantial amount of time) and I remember noticing she had really blue eyes, like she was wearing coloured contacts.
Sorry, I'm going on a bit here! Anyway, I slid into a really relaxing sleep after that, but I did glance back and saw her doing powerful breast-stroke lengths--it was obvious how she kept her body so lithe! When I woke up she was gone. I didn't think much of it because I still had cramps, so I decided to go and try out the steam room for the first time, to see if that helped. Anyway, I got in there and just sat down, closed my eyes and fell back into a doze. Which is why I nearly had a heart attack when a voice whispered into my ear, "on doit tre nu ici, nous sommes en France, n'est-ce pas?" (you should be naked in here, we are in France, you know?) I looked at her and she was sitting next to me, smiling, completely naked and unselfconcious. Having drunk her in I decided that when in Rome, and besides I was suddenly turned on like never before. I stood up and dropped my trunks. I've never really cared about these things, but her reaction was pretty memorable: the bench in the steamroom meant that her eyes were at crotch-level. Her eyes widened and she gasped and put her hand up to her mouth, just staring. It was unbelievably sexy...
Anyway, the situation was already pretty porn-scene-ish, and I'm not (despite evidence) a complete manwhore, so I sat back down and we chatted a bit (her eyes were pretty glued to my crotch for parts of the conversation. I didn't mind, it gave me time to drink in what she had to offer!) She massaged my back and it turned out that she was the daughter of one of the local hoteliers. We left together and exchanged numbers as we parted and it actually turned out to be quite a fulfilling relationship, containig some of the most explosive sex I've ever had She's married now, the lucky bastard!
Kind of an essay. There you are, though, a skinny dipping story!
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Growing up by a river made swimming as normal as riding a bike in the summer. It wasn't until age 12-14 that skinny dipping took on a different meaning. As kids being naked was kinda normal but once the girls bodies changed and well as ours skinny dipping was more "difficult". At 12 I wasn't much to look at. Those of us that did get erections were teased beyond belief! At 14 to 16 getting hard was either an impressive site to show off or a reason to stay in the water. Being larger than most but not necessarily the largest I was picked on more than anything. I was a skinny little guy with and extra appendage. Erections were more of a curiosity still at that time. Inspecting the differences in thickness and length. Foreskin and pubic hair as well as moles and who had the most veins. Looking back it was more educational than sexual. I wouldn't change that experience for nothing.
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We use to have reunions on my dad's side of the family, usually at some old country church. People I knew and didn't know always attended and some of the men would take us male kids to a creek where we would skinny dip. It was the first time I saw an un-cut dick and I kept wondering what was wrong with it.
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