Compare penis size

This is for the guys: do guys start noticing other guys like in the locker room in high school and what did u think? And do u still do it when u get older and

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Compare penis size

This is for the guys: do guys start noticing other guys like in the locker room in high school and what did u think? And do u still do it when u get older and did u ever talk to you friends about it?
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I suspect a lot of guys start noticing other penises before high school if they chance to see their father or an older brother nude. Guys definitely notice penises that are bigger than theirs, and I think most are taken aback when they first encounter a nude adult man or a kid their age who went through puberty before they did.

If some guy in the high school locker room is particularly well-endowed, or just has a larger flaccid size even though they might not be larger erect, it draws attention and certainly other guys might talk about it.

This can lead to some real misconceptions about average penis size. When I was growing up the internet did not exist and porn was not widely available. That which was available typically did not show erect penises. I took note of the size of some guys who went through puberty before I did. Some of these guys might just have been "showers" who didn't get that much bigger when erect. But when your penis is say 3" long flaccid and is 6.5" long erect you assume that every other other guy's cock more than doubles in length too. So when you see a guy who is 4.5" long flaccid you think WTF!

I got the impression from these brief glimpses growing up that I was below average in size. The fact that so many guys spout bullshit about their size helped reinforce that. It wasn't until I had had sex with a couple of girls that I got that straightened out.

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It was not long ago I practiced handball, and in the showers afterwards, we always looked at and talked about our/other's penis sizes. I always thought I was quite big, mostly because the size of men I have sex with, and my handball buddies were quite small. Now I know otherwise. 16 cm is not that big, unfortunately.

Nowadays, openly gay, I always try to catch a glimpse of other mens penises, in the showers, in public bathrooms and so on, not so much to compare, but rather because I'm curious. The men are quite adept at hiding their penises though, so it's not so easy. It's not like I can walk in front of them and give their dicks a long good look, haha! :)
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I started out big and got bigger
I have always loves to be naked from a very young age sex came a short time later
my favorite thing is still to j/o
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I started comparing my penis size to porn and thought "wow I definitely don't match up." I guess I felt bad. And conversation would come up and my friends would always say they were seven inches. In my head I'd call bullshit, but then they'd show me and they would be. So yeah, sometimes I continue to feel bad. And sometimes I couldn't care less.

Average guy here in every sense of the word.
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Mrhangman stop feeling bad. That is a beautiful and nice sized dick. It is surely above average
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Aren't you the girl who asked about jerking off in Woman's Issues?

You really do have an interest, don't you.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman who takes an interest in penises.
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On any given day in a gym locker room in a city like New York, the main difference between a gay man and a st8 one is that the latter covers his penis while dressing/undressing. Funny, isnt it? And they act as if they dont care what is being shown around.. lol
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Originally Posted by aya1717 View Post
This is for the guys: do guys start noticing other guys like in the locker room in high school and what did u think? And do u still do it when u get older and did u ever talk to you friends about it?
I started "noticing other guys like in the locker room in" junior high school, seventh grade. What did I think? Since there were so many ninth graders in my PE class, I was impressed: they looked like men. Until that moment I had no idea what was about to happen to me. "Do u still do it when u get older?" Yes. "Did u ever talk to you[r] friends about it?" No.
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I noticed other guys when I was in jr high as we would change in the locker room and go swimming, etc. Then, the same in high school and we did talk to each other about it. We had a friend that was way hung and liked to show off and talk about it. Women even got involved. Glances still happen in the gym during adulthood.
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I am something of a penis comparison fanatic. There are very few feelings that can best the rush of either seeing another male friend's penis for the first time, or even the simple sharing of various numbers. What it is that attracts me, I cannot say. But heaven help me when a friend begins a penis conversation, or even a conversation I can twist and manipulate until it becomes about penises.

When did it start? I can't say exactly, but it had to have been high school. I actually figured out what sex was when I was five or six, but had absolutely not interest in it. Figured out masturbation through years of trial and error. Finally, upon reaching 10th grade in high school, I came across a boy that we all called Camell (though, to this day, I don't know why). Camell was Puerto Rican with confidence and Crohn's disease, so he pretty much said and did whatever he felt like in those days. I'm not sure what it was that attracted me to him, but he was the first person I ever desired both emotionally and physically.

The exact situation eludes the weak grasp of my memory, but the "Gang", as I like to call them, must've been talking about penis sizes, and--me being the "innocent and niave one"--asked what all the ado was about. I then came to find out that Camell (who was sixteen) had a 9-inch penis, the largest of the "Gang". The measurment went right over my head, but I could see and hear that the guys were absolutely awed by the number, and so, I grew awed as well. Until that time, I had never even imagined measuring my penis to see how long it was. Needless to say, I did so the minute I got home, and found myself disappointed that I didn't match up to Camell (which is where my odd insecurity first generated, I suppose, but that is a different subject entirely).

I guess that, somehow, that awe towards Camell and his penis transformed into a fascination with penises and their sizes in general, since I had never seen a live one but own. Do I still do it today? Hell yeah. Whenever I think I can get away with sneaking the question into a converastion, actually.

P.S. I am somewhat sorry for the length of this post.
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When I was 14 I had a growth spirt of about a foot in around a years time. I was 6 foot by my 14th birthday. During that time I didn't frequent many change rooms for a couple years as I was no longer in swimming and had no activities where you were changing in change rooms. I found out through a series of mislearned sex ed classes that I was mistaken about average size and I was even at that age well above average size. I actually after that made an effort to go to the pool and change and use the showers to compare to the other people who actually stripped to the nude at the pool (since changing for gym then rarely involved nudity and most were to shy). By high school I was on the basketball team and would shower after games. There were a few who would to but most still seemed to hide them selves. Every now and then someone would make a joke usually teasing someone else smaller. My best friend in highschool had his own pool and when his parents were away he'd through pool parties that usually turned into skinny dipping parties. The rule we had was a guy couldnt come to the party unless he was with a girl. We would usually get more girls then guys but the ones who did come did like to compare or compete usually The girls really seemed to like to compare guys would usually stop at length or girth, where girls looked at bend or colour etc and more. I like to look and compare in the change room now at the gym but less often these days is there any discussion involved. I do enjoy comparing online though.

P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

height 6'3'' weight 145lbs
Soft: 17cm Hard: 24x16cm
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I do enjoy comparing online though.
A man after my own heart. ^_^
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I was about 12 or so, I started getting pubic hair. and that's when I got curious. it was back in the 60's, no porn back then compared to today. at that age & time, you looked around very little, mainly just to see if anyone else had hair down there. we all knew what was going on due to sex education, but we didn't talk about it a lot. in the next yr or so as more guys puberty set in, locker room chatter increased. also, during the year, my penis grew longer, but thin. my body and some facial hair was growing. I was also growing quite tall. about the time I turned 15, my ball size and cock thickness grew very fast, large/thick in just 2 months. our sophomore year, the lockerroom conversation would go to cock size, some, like myself, were 98% full grown. some of the 98% guys were quite proud of themselves. I tried to play it cool cause everybody was in various stages in puberty. heck, at 15 some of us were done growing, swinging some cock, and some guys didn't have a pubic hair yet. the teachers were well aware of this and tried to downplay the sex aspect. we were taught to wrap a towel around ourselves when going thru the locker room. but it wasn't a set rule and some guys were more exhibitionist than others.

I started walking thru w/out a towel after I overheard some gals talking about a few guys cock size. I knew all of them. I figure somebody was spying or talking. either way, I couldn't lose, and I might get a reputation, so I showed my new 'self' also.

and you know, a year later, no one really gave a shit. so many guys had matured, there were lots of big cocks, no big deal. plus, we all knew each other for the most part. we went thru puberty together, woo hoo! and not a one of us had any control over what we wound up with. I wound up hung like my dad, my bro did not. I considered myself lucky, or blessed or both. I thought I was going to have a long skinny cock to match my tall slender stature, and wound up with long & thick, big balls. I never heard too many comments. my black friend said, I didn't get cheated. I heard a few comments the first couple weeks of my sophomore year, cuz I had grown over the summer. showering after PE class or basketball, I heard, "look at XXX, he's big now." in a whisper. but hey, they look, move on.

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