I want to get a massage....

So, I am in college (22yearold) and I wanted to go to a local salon/spa to get a massage. The main reason I wanted to go is because I want the embrace of a woman's

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I want to get a massage....

So, I am in college (22yearold) and I wanted to go to a local salon/spa to get a massage. The main reason I wanted to go is because I want the embrace of a woman's touch. On their website, they have a picture of their staff and they all seem to be very attractive woman ages 25-50. I am not looking for anything sexual, like a happy ending, just a normal swedish massage.

I know this spa caters towards woman. I'd say 95% of the customers are woman. Do you think it would be weird for me to get a massage there? Should I wear underwear during the massage? I think I'd rather be fully naked, but I am scared I will get an erection and the massuese may get upset with me. I also like the idea that a woman might get a chance to see my penis.

I was also interested in getting a "roman bath" before hand. Do these kind of places usually have private tub rooms for each person, or will I likely be in there with other customers?

Any answers or discussion on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Go for it. I always wear a thong or g-string and my massage therapists see me in them all the time. They examine me wearing just the thong, and then ask me to get naked for the massage. Don't worry about the erection, they're used to it. I often get erections and sometimes it's laying right out in the open for them to see. They never remark on it. When they ask you to get on the table, just remove your underwear and act natural. If you ask if you can take it off, it may get awkward.

If you're lucky, she'll brush her hand against your cock or balls during the massage. I see a couple who seem to do that more than others and love it. I even ask them to massage my perineum and they have no problem with that. I especially love it when they massage my ass and get really close to my asshole.

Massages are very enjoyable.
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call and ask... if the spa doesn't take men, ask for a referral to one which does. in areas where police crack down on prostitution, the spas may not want male customers because of law enforcement attention.
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No, I know they do male massages but I just think it may be wierd, because the men they normally do are probably older men not a 20 year old.
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No need to worry. You can get nude because I imagine they use draping, or the sheet that they use to cover the parts they are not working on. I have been going to spas since I was 20 and nothing there is nothing weird about it.
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Are you looking for a massage or a happy ending with a female masseuse? If it's the massage you're after you can find a female practitioner almost anywhere. If you're specifically looking for a happy ending, you might as well go to the place the older guys frequent.

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If you want a good, quality, healthy massage that is great for your back and will leave you feeling great, go to a legit place like The Setai in New York. If you want some "professional" to tug on your dick, go to the cheapest, seediest Asian (sorry, the stereotype is true) massage parlor. The dumber the name the more likely they are to do the "happy ending." New You Too Massage and Nail Parlor, Yummy Foot and Rub, Magic Spa, that kind of place. They are everywhere.
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massages are awesome. i have worked in spas for the last 10 years and they are for EVERYONE. As for wearing underwear....you don't have to but it is ultimately your decision. I must say though that you will be missing out on some of the massage if you wear them because they will not massage your glutes (butt) due to the oil and fear of messing up your clothes. Just DON'T call the spa and ask for an attractive womn to massage you. It will send off a warning flag that you may be a predator or scumbag looking to get off. However you can tell them that you prefer to have a female massage you.

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if you wanna have a massage,just go.
once you have the experience,you will not guess
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D_Edwin Eatser

Try it - you'll like it, I'm sure. Have had non-sexual massages from women but have to work hard at not getting an erection; I prefer massages where I end up fucking the masseuse, one of the "extras" on offer from the girls in question.
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Originally Posted by thickjohnny View Post
Are you looking for a massage or a happy ending with a female masseuse? If it's the massage you're after you can find a female practitioner almost anywhere. If you're specifically looking for a happy ending, you might as well go to the place the older guys frequent.
In San Francisco there are many massage parlors offering anything from handjobs to full sex. I have spent some time staking out a couple of places for research, and the majority of men are early 20s to mid 30s, with some in their 40s, and very few older than that. Most of them well groomed, attractive men. I was very surprised to find that, as I had always believed it was older men that frequent these places.

As for the OP, he seems to be conflicted about what he's looking for. Nothing sexual, and yet he's intrigued by the idea of an attractive masseuse seeing his penis. It sounds as if indecent exposure is what excites him.

My advice is to go to a certified massage if that's what you want, but if you are looking to flash your goods you would be better off finding a place that gives extras. There's no rule saying you have to accept anything other than a massage. Many of them are attractive, give a good massage, and are much more accepting of seeing a naked penis.

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never wear underwear, it takes away from a good massage. don't worry about erection, their use to it. most don't have baths except for asian massage and it's called a body shampoo, but they don't give good massage and will jack you off.

I think these days many places will give more sensual massages to get you to return. they will let you expose more and know us men are horn dogs, but everyone is looking for money and stretching the laws a bit for your enjoyment.

i found that the chinese ladies give great massages and don't worry about draping. i'm sure you can expose yourself and even get wacked off.
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I want to get a full body massage myself but the erection thing has been an issue for me. I will be honest I equate nudity with sex, be it man or woman. As soon as I am naked I think of myself as a sexual being in a sexual state and I love it. I know others don't but I do. Having this mentality makes it extremely easy for me to get hard when exposed.

Choosing the gender of the masseuse is also an issue because of my mentality because in my head I don't want to offend a woman but I don't want to disgust a man. I think I will flip a coin when I final find the courage to go get one.
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Not sure why you equate nudity (I guess you meant being naked for a massage) with sex. There's no comparison UNLESS you're going to a place specifically geared to the happy ending clientele. A professional massage will be an incredibly relaxing, therapeutic experience. Yes, you might get hard. I was scared of that the first time but it didn't happen. THIS has nothing to do with sex or sexual feelings. It's about be areas of the body being touched which might not be touched regularly (I hope I described that correctly) especially if it's your first massage.

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THICKJOHNNY, I have just always just felts sexy, lol when I was naked and when others are naked as well. It just instantly makes me horny. Now I am not a happy ending kind of guy but I was just saying that because of my view on nudity I don't want to give the masseuse the impression that I want a happy ending.
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