My Marine Neighbor... True Story

The following is a trust story. Names have been changed, location, and age (but only by a few years). For privacy purposes... of course! _________________________________________________ My Marine Neighbor: A Back Story Over the past few

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My Marine Neighbor... True Story

The following is a trust story. Names have been changed, location, and age (but only by a few years). For privacy purposes... of course!


My Marine Neighbor: A Back Story

Over the past few years mother and her good friends bought about 50 acres of land. We bought it five years ago, with the intention of soon building two houses and living on the land.

My family has my mother and myself. She has been a single mom since I was five, and works her ass off every day to provide for herself and me. I love her dearly, but I also know when she finds out I am gay, we will no longer have a relationship. She is super Christian. As are her friends.

The friends that bought the land together are a couple and their three daughters. The wife is a school teacher, her name is Julie. Her husband's name is Jeffery. They are both 38. He works at a refinery plant, but he is also a retired marine. Infantry... he will ALWAYS tell me about it. Quite annoying actually. Their daughters are Miley, Kristen, and Suzie (16, 14, and 9).

I guess I should tell you my name... my name is Nathan. I am 21, and living at home while I am a pre-med student. Though, lately I have been into flying. Maybe I will try to be a pilot after I get my BS? Who knows.

Anyways, I am 5'11, 155 pounds, swimmers body, six pack, nice bubble butt, and a well defined eight inch cut cock. All true. I tan infrequently, since the sun is bad for you... but I guess you can call me white with a light golden tan. My hair is dirty blonde, and my eyes are green.

Well, I am 21 as stated before, and over the past six months my neighbors and my mom and I have finally started building our homes. We built them together to save money on cement and wood and what-not. On the weekends, Jeff and I usually go out to the land and pick up wood chunks, and whatever other heavy stuff that is on the ground or stuff from the houses. Basically we keep the land clean and ready to use. In fact, we go out daily and do most of this, but weekends are when we get everything together and either trash it, burn it, or save it. All the girls do is clean the inside of the houses... saw dust and such.

Well, this particular weekend, memorial day weekend to be exact, the girls all decided they were going up to Colorado for the weekend. Jeff and I stayed behind since we had to work on the house. The land is located in New Mexico, and surrounded by trees and mountains. It is a nice paradise, about 15 miles from the nearest town, and 30 miles from the nearest city.

Anyways, Jeff and I decided that we were going to camp out at our land. Mostly to save gas since fuel was high... but also because we would be here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We wanted to see if there were any coyotes, and people, that would wonder around in the dark.

So, here we were... Friday. The construction crew had the day off which meant we had wood to pick up. Jeff and I got there around noon with BBQ sandwiches, our sleeping bags, and a tent. We had canned beans as well, and water. The BBQ was the treat for the weekend. The rest would be filled with beans and water, to my distaste. Jeff says, "That's all we need! Be a man!" Ugh.

I doubt we would set up the tent, since I have heard Jeff talk about loving the outdoors. Jeff has been a sexual fantasy of mine... since I was 13. He always stays in good shape, probably because of his military training. He is alittle on the 'buff' side but not too buff. He is hairless, naturally. I am jealous how he can't grow a beard, or body hair. I have seen him shirtless many times. I am already 21 and have to shave daily, and I have a bit of hair on my chest, abs, and a happy trail. Anyways, he looks alot like David Boreanaz to be honest. However, he has a bit more of a bubble butt, I think. Here is what he looks like... though, he is alittle more tanned.


I on the other hand, probably look like Chris Evans, just slight less hair and no tattoos. And, my hair is alittle more curly, but just slightly.


Anyways, back to the day. The girls were in Colorado until Monday, and we were here... probably until Monday as well. Depends on how long the beans last, how long I can handle them, and how much we get done. Since it usually takes two days to pick up all the wood from both of our houses alone... and we also have to clean the inside of both of the (two-story, 4,000 Sq Ft) houses... we have alot of work ahead of us.

Just do you know, we have a 1 acre pond in the middle of our houses in the land, man made. We also have a out-door grill that we built quite a while ago, with a bathroom, storage, and most importantly, two shower heads on one side. We built it three years ago because we always throw parties out here and get dirty. The water was supplied through a well we had dug.

Anyways, we ate our sandwiches and began working. We started off with my house. It took from 1PM until 5PM to get all the wood from the front yard. You see, we either take the wood to a burn pile, which is on the other side of the property, or we put it in a re-usable pile... located by the garage. Not many pieces are reusable. Some of them the builders can't use, but we can... so we take those to the barn on our side of the property, about 20 acres away. We use to have horses out here... had one too many accidents on them and got rid of the horses.

Well, 5PM roles around, and we are both extremely hot. Jeff, surprisingly being lazy (which never happens) says, "How about we call it a night and jump in the pond to cool off?" Me, not passing an opportunity stop working, agreed quickly. However, I only brought working clothes. I had three outfits, and didn't want to get any of them wet.

"Hey Jeff, I was planning on re-using one of my outfits so I'd have a clean one in case I end up going to meet my friends." I told him.

"What are you, a girl?" He asked. Whenever he could he would make fun of my manliness in a backhanded way. I think it's because of his military background... but often wonder if he suspects I am gay. "I have two outfits. One for today and tomorrow, and one for Sunday and Monday."

Jeff took off his shirt, and I had to instantly go into my old highschool looker room state of mind. He looked at me and said, "I'm just going in my boxers... I know you young-ins are scared of nudity... but boxers should be fine."

Damn. Honestly I'd get naked and skinny dip. I hang soft at 6 inches. Unfortunately I only grow to 8 inches. I didn't want to seem too eager to skinny dip so I said, "I guess that's fine."

Jeff was already in his plain boxers, of which still did little to hide his bulge. And now his bubble butt was even more exposed than normal. And really, his bubble butt was amazingly delicious to look at. Before I could even get my shirt off, Jeff was running to the pond.

__________________________________________________ _________

So, true story... what do you think so far?
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More please!!!
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omg, don't stop there... I am shivering with anticipation!
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Continue it seems interesting
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Dont stop now!
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The beans thing seems a little too "Brokeback Mountain"
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more please my legs are getting weak and my penis is hard.
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Originally Posted by Iokua View Post

.... I hang soft at 6 inches. Unfortunately I only grow to 8 inches...
__________________________________________________ _________

So, true story... what do you think so far?
True or not, the story is good so far. Please continue.

But, why is it unfortunate to grow to 8", regardless of "soft" size? Eight is great, even on LPSG and well above average even; it would make many size queens very happy. Plus 2" of growth on anyone is pretty damn nice!! (Have seen less in my experiences.) Just sayin'...

Happy w/ My 6+",

Always knew I was Bi.
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Great start..

EL 6" x EG 5.5" CUT
Happily Partnered, NO hook-ups. Friendships OK.

I agree: "Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing" (H.S.Thompson)

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A: A receding hare line...

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Keep going please
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MORE PLEASE!! This one is going to be nust buster I can already tell it! lOL
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Why get hung up on labels?
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Keep going!
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don't wanna wait too much for the rest.... please keep goin'...
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marine, neighbor, story, true

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