Mr. 18 Inches????

Have you guys seen this cat? He is long and thick....exactly how long and thick??? I don't really know.....if you have seen him (the black dude that wears glasses, is rarely real hard, but is

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Mr. 18 Inches????

Have you guys seen this cat? He is long and thick....exactly how long and thick??? I don't really know.....if you have seen him (the black dude that wears glasses, is rarely real hard, but is still amazing) what do you think?
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he's kinda old and skanky actually
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I've seen the dude in a few videos. He is the real deal not really sure how huge he is but he is huge!. He has the longest and thickest real cock I have ever seen in a video,
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Well where is the video clip so we can all see..!
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More like Mr 11 Inches.

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Originally Posted by maxgirth
More like Mr 11 Inches.
I agree, he doesnt look that big, i think mandingo or what ever his name is, is bigger, or if not the same. like 12 inches or somwthing. I did see a Freaks of Nature video that had a black man who was just huge, now he was more like 18 inches!!, not this fake mahatma ghandy look-a-like, lol!!
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guys, gandhi was indian

white people are so weird sometimes
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look out for Shane Diesel
his dick is way more impressive imo

He who has many words says nothing of worth
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This is also better. Doesn't seem to update though.

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Ive got a good deal of all that Mr Tony 18" Titanic Duncan's so far done. He's not quite 18", no, but i'd say just over a foot long in scenes where he does get more properly hard, & he gets really thick too! Quite sure there's presently no-one bigger in the business. And Mandingo's not bigger. With a Viagra in him Mr 18" could really do some damage! He's done allsorts, as he drifts in & out of the porn' biz,..straight, midgets, bit of fem' dom' & bdsm, she-male,...mostly straight thought. I love his shovelling movies!
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"White people are so weird sometimes"?....

Bit general & low isn't it? Allsorts can be weird.....sometimes!

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The guy is every bit as thick as shane diesel....and as long as anyone going....

He is a bit on the ghetto side for sure....he looks like he is a full time custodian at a local middle school...lol
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Old 02-19-2006   #13 (permalink)
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Tony 18 definitely challenges Mandingo as the biggest guy working today. But it's very hard to compare them, Tony rarely achieves anything close to a full erection, while Mandingo, as many of you can attest, gets unbelievably hard for being that big. Shane Diesel is incredibly thick but doesn't compare to either one in length. Mr Biggz, or Bam to his gay fans, compares with Lexington Steele as far as size, both of them coming up short against Tony and Mandingo.
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Old 06-26-2006   #14 (permalink)

I have thousands of videos, mostly Hollywood product. For porn I specialize in Monster Cocks. Mr 18" (Tony Duncan) does not have 18" but he is definitely the BIGGEST! He looks like a college professor, fucks with his glasses on, and I don't find him sexy--but he is definitely the BIGGEST--bigger than John Holmes, etc.
Mr. 18" (Tony Duncan) obviously over-uses a vacuum pump and never gets hard, but he is definitely the BIGGEST!
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yep Tony Duncan MR18 INCH hass the biggest ,i have seen a lots of vids from this guy,sometimes it gets hard but not all the time.Mandingo is the next very huge but it stands like a 1 always hard.well guys what do you think of Jack Napier not always hard ,i like it that way,big and very thick semi hard dick and this guy is always smiling.about there measured.Tony 13 inch Mandingo 12 inch Jack Napier 11,5 inch
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