Ron Jeremy's Reviews

Hey guys- I stumbled across a website which appears to be reviews of penis-enlargement methods by Ron Jeremy. Have any of you seen this? Do you think it's a gimmick or potentially useful? Here's the

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Ron Jeremy's Reviews

Hey guys- I stumbled across a website which appears to be reviews of penis-enlargement methods by Ron Jeremy. Have any of you seen this? Do you think it's a gimmick or potentially useful?

Here's the link...
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It only help blood flow. You will not get bigger by using the pill alone.
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anything associated with Ron Jeremy..is a scam..lol
the only way I know of to make your dick bigger is to excersize it:) alot
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Ron jeremy gains every time some sapp falls for these scams.pills are useless.
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The scam business is alive and well. Very often people who are or were in the adult entertainment industry find their stage names being used as endorsements and their faces as well without them in fact having endorsed anything. They then find that the actual perp is some individual in Uganda or some other dirt clod eating country.

Legal action is often impossible and this person becomes an endorser or supporter.

Anything endorsed as enlarging a penis endorsed by Ron Jeremy would very likely be bogus anyway. Ron Jeremy has only had good luck at enlarging one thing over the years and it is not his penis.
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lets not forget that the same website has been reported to be using other member's cock pics in their ad w/o their consent. Wouldn't trust em.
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As someone who personally knows Ron (not as a close friend, but on a first-name, professional basis), I can confirm the following:

1) Ron's endorsement does not give the product credibility. He will endorse any product that pays him... he is an uber capitalist (nothing wrong with that, btw). But Ron endorsing something doesn't mean a thing. Even by porn standards, he is considered a "sell-out" by many. Remember Enzyte???

2) They did not "steal" his endorsement. Trust me... Ron will gladly sign off on it.

3) NO pills work...period. However, some penis extenders have evidence that suggests they may be effective.
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Posted the same site asking the same thing not to long ago lol.
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Pills?? I'll take it to derision ..... going to the body bulding ..... you put weights on your dick ... and after one and two and you increase the weight .... and your dick will venous

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ACTUALLY penis pills does work by themselves. You have to find the right ones. PLUS i got a couple secrets to making your penis huge without doing those exercises. Here it is. There is a penis pill called MALE GAIN. Now i can get you 2-3 inches in LENGTH in 1 MONTH. NO BULLSHIT!!!

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hey edgill, im really interested in the info about the pills you posted. could you post some more in depth information about them or maybe send me a pm about them. it would be really appreciated
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