identical twin, identical penis?

Hi everyone, this question has been bugging me for quite some time now; do identical twins have exactly the same length, girth, shape etc. penises. This would then prove that penis size is genetic and

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identical twin, identical penis?

Hi everyone,
this question has been bugging me for quite some time now; do identical twins have exactly the same length, girth, shape etc. penises. This would then prove that penis size is genetic and not related to external factors, and that however hard we try we cannot influence the size of our penis.

Because sometimes one twin is taller than the other or has a slightly different facial structure.

Anyone out there a twin or had experiences with twins.
Another tidbit of information apparently if one twin is gay the other has a 60% chance of also being gay
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to answer you question there are two identical twins called the woods twins... they do photo shoots one is thicker than the other and one is longer.....

as far as the gay thinggoes i don't know but i do know two identical twins who are both gay but only j/o with one
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Here's the deal. Genetics and enviornment are not completely independent of eachother. Take height for instance. Everybody's genes give their bodies a maximum height to grow to. That does not mean that you will grow to that maximum. It just means that there is a certain height that your body probably won't grow past. If you want to get close to that maximum, you can do things like eat a healthy diet.

The same is probably true with penis size. Everybody's genes give them a basic layout for how the penis will develop. So identical twins might start out with the same penis, but because of enviornmental influences might end up with differently shaped penises. Does this help?
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Yeah diet would play alot with growth and size in twin....I mean in the US there are hormones in meats that in my opinion accelerate growth in individuals that might not be that tall so I am sure diet and environment would play a factor in the penis size too....
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No they are not the same. I happen to know these 2 guys which are twins. The older one is a shower, 8 inches while soft and only grow up to just over 9 inches when hard but very thick. The younger one however only 5 inches when soft but grow to almost 11 inches when hard but not as thick as his older brother.
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In my fraternity there were two different sets of twins. Of course they were both encouraged to measure. One set was pretty fuggin' identical down to the millimeter (believe me, I held the ruler). The other set was close, but maybe a quarter inch off.
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I have older brothers who are identical twins, and they're cocks are exactly the same size in terms of length and width (which is to say very large), but one brother's cock is distinctly veiny and has a slight curve.
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I once knew a pair of twins and they were both gay. From a trip to the gym with both of them I found that when flaccid their cocks were pretty much identical. Another friend of mine had sex with them both (not at the same time!) and told me that their cocks were not identical when erect - in terms of length and girth they were pretty similar but very different in shape - one had a very significant curve while the other had a straight erect cock... I guess it would be different for all twins... Very rarely are identical twins actually 100% identical, one normally has different hair growth or a birthmark somewhere or something...
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remeber there is no exact identical even in DNA.
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My twin and I are all but identical in the penis and most other ways. Only differences are my circ is slightly more aggressive (mine was for medical need; his cos he liked mine) and I'm slightly thicker (more wanking?) and now his pubes are blond like his hair...vanity.
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dijstra1975, are you gay? And your bro?
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D_Kirkhaus Komandohanger

I'm very good friends with an identical twin. Of course this topic came up in conversation, because I'm a perv. He said he's never really seen his brother's penis because he's never looked. Whether I believe that is another story...
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I'm an identical twin. I've never seen my brother's penis in a state other than flaccid nor compared measurements (we're close, but not that close...). Having said that, in the relaxed state our penes appear to be of identical size, shape, and overall appearance; you couldn't tell us apart just by looking at our genitalia.
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i am a twin
same size
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Wow....That is pretty interesting....Twins are quite interesting....I have fraternal twin guy friends who you can not really tell apart except one is slightly taller than the other like the Olsen sisters....They sound and act exactly alike....They use to fool and sleep with the same girls all the time....Oh yeah the only noticeable difference would be their penis size....Although both were pretty big - one was way thicker than the other one....Surprised some of the girls they hit didn't pick up on that....That is crazy to me....
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