How deep can you go?

In a pussy I can only go 8-10" depending on the girl, but when I'm pounding someones ass I make sure to go balls deep

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B_The hung one

In a pussy I can only go 8-10" depending on the girl, but when I'm pounding someones ass I make sure to go balls deep
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iv only had two girls fully deep throte im long and kina thick i had girls not want to ride just couse the size
im 9x6 id love to have a girl take it all down there throte
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My wife's fairly petite and initially struggles to take my entire length no matter how aroused she is. Then again she's a bit of the pain slut and doesn't like it when I take my time pushing in, but when things are all said and done, she can take me completely, vaginally and anally.
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My wife can only take about 7 of my 10.25 inches, and we have had to "build up" to that as it is; when we first started going out, she could only take just under half. She is a game girl and tries her best but I imagine that I will never get all of me inside of her as she is quite petite. I have always been attracted to small ladies and this has usually been the case; physically it has not seemed possible.

Sex with my wife is great but she doesn't like oral (and when she does suck me she only sucks on the head of my cock) and she refuses to even try anal - and I LOVE anal! But hey ho, we press on.

The funny thing IS... in the few dozen times I have had sex with a bloke, NONE of them have had a problem taking all of my cock in their anus (after much lube and patience, to be fair) and MOST of them have excelled in sucking my fat one. And blokes always swallow - another thing my wife will not do.

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I only had 1 girl that could not take it all.- and I did not get get satisfied.
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Account Disabled

depends on the girl. I;m bent and big...some could handle it some couldn't
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Never had much of a problem going balls deep, although I've bottomed out my ex on several instances causing her pain, and once in a while pain for myself. It really just depends on the position. However, when we used toys she was usually able to take up to about 8" before having real pain, although once in a while she could the whole thing, IIRC 10", when she was super aroused and did a little move where it slid past her cervix. I can only guess it was situated in the A-Spot. We were just working up to a massive dong, like 12"x7.75", and was almost buried a couple times (using that little move of hers) when we started having problems.
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I'm in a deep penetration mood this morning, so I'm bumping this thread.

We spent a glorious day most of yesterday nudgefucking and grinding the backstop and I'm soooo glad 7" is all it takes (and all I've got) to gnash that spot properly.

My artwork in progress:

Why a tight pussy taking a big dick and giving birth are not the same:
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the biggest I've taken is 9 1/2. practice makes perfect!
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Originally Posted by Sexychick517 View Post
how deep can you usually go? And to the girls.. how much have you taken?
Not a huge guy in my opinion, but I'm 8 inches long and generally I can't fit my whole cock inside of her. Sometimes I forget and thrust too far which usually causes us to hit the brakes for a moment. She's able to take about 5-6 inches comfortably in most positions, others she can handle a little more. It seems when she's on top she can take all of me, positions like doggy and missionary I have to limit myself.
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With my ex's i could go all the way. Provided we took it slow. Not so much when things were spontaneous. I'm not that big but it was a cause for alarm a few times.


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