first ejaculation what was your experience?

I have talk to several of my friends and most had their first ejaculation from masturbation.All of them say they initally had fear that they broke something my experience was very similar.I was about 13

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first ejaculation what was your experience?

I have talk to several of my friends and most had their first ejaculation from masturbation.All of them say they initally had fear that they broke something my experience was very similar.I was about 13 and had just started getting a few pubic hairs. I had saw a rated r movie of a man and women having sex.When I when to bed I imitated the guy moving his hips. I had a very intense pressure behind my nuts that just continued to grow and grow.If felt like I was going to piss but it felt to good to stop.The pressure at this point was almost unbearable and finally I felt something release inside me it was so intense that I actually stopped mid orgasm.I thought I broke something and reach down to feel something wet and sticky.i vowed never to do it again.HA! The next night I did it agian only I thrusted until the end of my orgasm. Several months later I finally figured out what was going on.Funny part was I had the most intense almost unbearable orgams my first year of masturbating.Either I got use to it or they just were as intense as they were when I was 13.
What was your first ejaculation like?Did you know what to expect.What did you think when you saw your semen?
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LOL Age 12-1/2 or 13?

I had the same bewildered thought that I might have broken it or something the first time. Damn it was intense. Pocket porn mag smuggled into the bathroom√ Door locked√ Standing in front of the vanity counter and mirror√ Stroking and getting a lot of precum √ Imagining the women in the photos being real√ Then pressure builds out of control into spasming.... blast of adreneline hot flash √ nirvana! holy fuck what was that?

Man it felt almost criminal afterward walking back into the normalcy(?) of the family to join everyone for supper. High with that rush of euphoria and yet the paranoia that everyone must notice something different.

I was in awe seeing my freshly milked ejaculate that first time! It gave me a flashback to a comment or joke I had heard at a much much earlier age, when another kid told us his big brother had two holes in his dick. One for lemonade and one for cream. It finally made sense. Sort of.

It also struck me even then that I was now virile, becoming a man. Still waiting for pubic hair but on my way.
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it's a vivid memory. i think i was 14, and one day i remember realizing how great it felt just to have an erection. these were the early years of the internet, and i had just discovered erotic stories online. so i would read these stories and then go around all day stimulating myself into a full or semi- erection. at this point either i had never come across the concept of masturbation, or else it just didn't fully register. one day i figured out that it felt fantastic to pull back on my foreskin really hard, so i started doing that all the time. a few days later, i was lying on my back in bed, pulling back really hard against my foreskin but never thrusting or jacking or anything like that, and a huge pressure started to build up and all of a sudden i had a pool of white stuff in my belly button. i think my first reactions were terror and confusion, and those probably outweighed any pleasure involved. but then a couple days later i decided to try it again in the shower, this time with a little soap for lubrication and some more vigorous manipulation. when it worked, i didn't feel terror, but i did feel a little dirty, a little shameful. (part of that shame probably had to do with what i was thinking about at the time: muscular guys with big dicks.) at that point our electric bill went up quite a bit, i'm sure, because i started taking much longer showers. it's funny, i remember in those early days, sitting in front of the computer, getting so turned on that i would break out in a cold sweat, my entire pelvic region would start quivering and twitching uncontrollably, i would get this vaguely nauseous pit in my stomach. if i wasn't careful i'd sometimes cum without even touching myself. oh, for the the intensity of the old days combined with the wisdom and grace of the new ones!
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My first ejaculation was the first time I masturbated, which I've discussed elsewhere on this forum recently. Basically I was 9 years old and I was sitting on the side of the bath. I had just started growing pubes around my cock and became suddenly intrigued by what it meant for my body. I looked up puberty and sex in an encyclopaedia and read about how ejaculation occured. I wanted to give it a go, so I stroked my cock for about 5 five minutes and shot a load all over the floor. I've been hooked ever since!
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funny u shud mention the shower....

being a girl i havent had an ejactulation - although i know some girls do - but since we're sharing i thought i'd tell u about my first orgasm (first masturbation too actually):

age 13, sat in the bath, washing my hair with the shower head, dropped the shower and the water jet hit my clit. sudden jolt of intense sensation. wasnt sure if it was pain or not, but i shifted automatically then realised i wanted it to continue. i moved the shower head back into place and sat shuddering for a minute or two. it was too intense at first and i keep shifting, so i rolled over onto my stomach and positioned the showerhead underneath me. it was absolutely incredible. my mum was downstairs and i was very conscious of making too much noise but i think that kinda helped. i really get off on that now, having to keep quiet. it didnt take very long, about three minutes, and then everything in my body started to go really weird. tense and hot and almost painful. it got worse and worse until bit of sensation all over my body just rushed towards my clit and burst out (metaphorically) and my whole body just bucked straight up. the jet was still aimed at my clit and it was too painful straight after, so i moved it away, but after laying there catching my breath for two minutes i had to do it again!! great way to masturbate. love doing it. dont have a shower now unfortunately :(

I plan to live forever. So far so good.
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I don't remember exactly how old I was but I do remember masturbating to orgasm many times before being able to produce semen. Ultimately becoming a pretty heavy shooter.

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I think my first time was when I was around 12. I don't remember it, but obviously I liked it since I'm still doing it to this day!
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First conscious ejaculation aged 9 on a train (wanking in the toilet) no doubt assisted by swaying of the train and track clicks. Was surprised at how high it squirted. !% minutes later was back again trying it second time just few miles from York station.
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Originally Posted by Sergeant_Torpedo
First conscious ejaculation aged 9 on a train (wanking in the toilet) no doubt assisted by swaying of the train and track clicks. Was surprised at how high it squirted. !% minutes later was back again trying it second time just few miles from York station.
Hope you cleaned up after yourself, lol
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I was 10 when I started masturbating, but it took a while to get to orgasm since my dick was super sensitive. Ejaculation started a week or two after the first o.
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I'd learned about masturbation from a female classmate who was my initial source of sex education (parents never said ANYTHING). So, of course, I had to try it out ASAP. I was maybe twelve.

It became my regular bathtub ritual for years, and, like Shelby, it took several times before I was able to produce fluid. Since, at that point, I knew exactly what was supposed to be happening, I was thrilled to finally shoot.

I used soap too in those early days, but soon discovered that the frequency with which I practiced dried out the skin too much. OUCH!

A friend recently shared this one with me...

"Be who you are and say what you mean. Those who mind, don't matter. And those who matter, don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss

(thanks, L)

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Email Unconfirmed

when i was around 11 or 12 yrs old ...lived in a rural area of the city..
paperboy was around 15 and i liked him and his souped up bike that he delivered newpapers with... on my birthday i got a new bike and he asked me to ride with him and help him on his route... would give me $1.00. so i followed as he was like a big brother to me..
at the end of one road it became a dirt road and we went down it and he said he had to take a piss and for me to follow.. one thing lead to another and he had my pants down and then his cock up my ass...
at the time i had no idea what was going on other than his cock in my butt.. he came and shot one massive load..but took a hankie out his pocket and cleaned it off my ass.. i got my $1...went back home and went to the bathroom and was surprised at all the cum that was on the paper when i wiped.. i at first was pissed thinking this dude used a dirty hankie with snot on it and used it on me... fuck i didnt know what cum was...(i was pissed and would not see or go with him again..even though he wanted to up the price to help him).. well 3 months later while playing with my dick in the shower it shot one hell of a load.. sure i was scared also..thinking oh gosh what did i do to myself.. the next day he happened to come by to collect the money for the papers and we got to talking and i told him about what he did and what happend to me... he said you are now of age dude..and you need to meet my other buddies.. so i "joined the meating of the dickies" club with guys that were 4-6 yrs older than me..but 3/4 of them had smaller dicks than me.. i was the center of attention.. but this was not a gay thing..it was boys doing boys things.. i dated later in jr high/high school/college and married...was later in the service as a bartender that a Marine spent the night in my barracks as was too drunk and would have got thrown in the brig. i woke up in the middle of the night with him on top of me and an arm around my neck and throat..telling me to just take it easy..it wont hurt too long..enjoy..and this lasted for 3 yrs till i was transfered and he was married and i was fucking 2 gals at the sametime... sex can be hot with either sex is what i am trying to say.
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i was 12 when i had my first orgasm. i was wanking under the shower - did that for a year or so - when suddenly there was a feeling i never felt bevor. and then the white stuff came out. i felt really strange after that - though i know what happened - and when i went downstairs to my parents i'm shure i was red in my face the whole evening.

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My experinces started when I was 8ish, I had a neighbor who was 15 he had 3 younger sisters too but that another story lol...anyways he was kinda pervy and sometimes mean. Anyways he told me about wacking off and said "if you rub it that white oil would squirt out and it feel really good" needless to say it lead to many sessions of rubbing and fustratation guess I was just a horny and curious kid hehehe!!! as I always liked older girls with boobs etc... sometimes I be rubbing and get so rock hard that it hurt and wouldn't go down I'd have to hide till it did haha! Embaressing. So when I was 12 and in the 7th grade it finally happened. nothing but a clear liquid at first then after a few more times "white oil" hahaha!!! boy it felt good kinda hurt though at first I guess it was the build up of cum and the explosion of it squirtting out seemlly all at once. anyways been doing it ever since. As for the story's about his sisters you'll just have too pm me about it in the chat room

" when I was young I used to go all nite...now it takes me all nite" Everyone want's to go to heaven they just don't wanna die getting there"
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I remember I was about to turn 14 and had been messing around with my neighbors cousin. She was 13 and down for the summer and we really hit it off. Well we had been making out off and on for about aweek and everytime I would get rock solid. I'd try to hide it from her but after the second weekend we were alone in my house when she reached into my shorts and grabbed me by the shaft. I remember wanting to faint as she pulled me out of my shorts. She just said wow and started to slowly stroke me. I had jerked off before but nothing like this and I guess I was a late bloomer as I hadn't shot a load in my experimentations. Well after what seemed forever I finally started getting that "feeling" slowly start at my toes and work it's way up to my sac. I started breathing really hard and just as she said what's wrong I shot a fat streamer over her head. The second and third shot hit her on her neck with the rest running down her hand and arm. She was still stroking me and said Oh My God I'm Gonna Get Pregnant!!! Meanwhile I was jumping out of my skin but didn't want her to stop stroking me...man I was scared and being electrified all at once. She ran next door and I cleaned up. I saw her again the next day and she was still convinced that she was going to get pregnant. She just wanted to stay friends and I hardly saw her the rest of the summer. I was bummed but kept myself occupied with my new toy!
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