DIY eletrical vacuum pump

I had to try it... I just had to. As a part of my home brew electronics lab, tucked away in a corner of the bedroom, I had go get some sort of vacuum-pump so

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DIY eletrical vacuum pump

I had to try it... I just had to.

As a part of my home brew electronics lab, tucked away in a corner of the bedroom, I had go get some sort of vacuum-pump so I could handle those small SMT components. And those pumps are expensive!
Then I read about some re-engineered fish-tank air pumps, and I tried it.
It worked perfectly.
So there I sat, happy and satisfied. My new geek-toy was perfect.

-And then I started thinking....
A vacuum pump..... Hmmm... Now, what would happen if I connected the pump to my penis-pump-tube?
And so I did...

Carefully I switched it on.. Would it be to much? Or to little?
And it turns out to be perfect!
The pressure is just right to give a good swelling feeling, but not so much that the dick gets all purple and that stuff. And I turn it on and off to get it just right.

Ha ha. Now that's alternative use of electronics tools.
And now I'm thinking about building some gadget with a built in sensor to control the pump and manage the pressure electronically.
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You should Tee in a bleeder valve and gauge so you know how much vacuum your pulling.

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Pictures, or it didn't happen.
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Pictures, you say.
Very well. Here it is.

This is only a 'Proof-Of-Concept' design.
If I choose to work more on this idea, there will be digital pressure reading on a LCD display(mm/Hg, Psi, mBar), automatic bleeder valve and automated pressure adjustment and pre-set pumping programs. And it will be controlled by an advanced microprocessor.
But I'm not sure if it's worth using to much time on designing "Worlds most advanced penis pump" because if I was to sell it the price would probably be too high for most people. And I'm thinking somewhere around $450-$500.
Would you guys buy it? No way...
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The easiest and cheapest new electric vacuum pumps out there in the United States are available from a company called "Harbor Freight" on the internet. The second cheapest are commercial lab vauccum pumps sold in "war surplus" stores. I have seen decent pumps available at Harbor Freight for $89.00 with sufficient capacity to work for sucking down automotive air conditioning systems. All one needs to do is to install a bleed valve to control vacuum levels and you have something relatively decent that can be run for long periods of time with little problem. Hand pumps that are very good quality are as close as your NAPA auto parts store where multiple versions are available for several automotive purposes. These are again a great deal cheaper than those sold on the net for PE.

If one is going to do pumping the main area to invest your money is the cylinders themselves.

The one thing I have been told is that adding a pulsator from a milking machine to a PE pump increases effectiveness. I have personally never tried it simply because I have not run into a pulsator in working condition for what I was willing to pay for it to do some experimentation.

There are a number of ways to make very good pumping devices and there is a ton of information about this on the internet if you spend some serious time on Google looking for it.
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